• James Lane

Great Drinks and Bad Conversations at 30,000 Feet

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

As I fly from one “shithole” Liberal city (Seattle) to another (Chicago) on urgent business, I sip my Bloody Mary and unintentionally eavesdrop on multiple passenger’s conversations. Normally, I wouldn’t care enough about these people to pay any mind, but I took this flight for a reason. Allow me to give you a little backstory.

A man like me faces many obstacles and challenges in life. One of those challenges happens to be legal battles. Due to respect for this particular case and the law, I cannot divulge the juicy details of my circumstances, but I promise you, it will make for a fantastic book about 15 years from now. I digress. I was supposed to leave for O’Hare this morning but Alaska Airlines canceled my flight and rebooked me for the redeye. While on hold with Alaska Airlines customer service my redeye was canceled. I was told this was due to staffing issues (i.e.: lack of flight crew due to vaccination status). So how am I on an airplane typing this right now?

The Left likes to throw the word “privilege” around as they do their best to destroy all semblance of customer service in this country under the guise of equity, but the truth is that we all have the right to these supposed” privileges.” Any race, color, class, or creed can call up their airlines after multiple flights were canceled and complain. Any race, color, class, or creed can request that their airlines purchase another ticket for them, even if it's from another airline, and even if it's more expensive. I called the airline, requested this service, and I ended up on my very first… first-class flight. This explains how I got a Tito's Bloody Mary (or two) on a domestic flight.

So anyway, I am sipping my Bloody Mary as I begin hearing conversations relating to race relations and their differences in regional locations across the United States. The person behind me is making a claim that churches across the south are secretly segregated. She states she grew up in the south and she thanks God that she lives in Chicago because though she morally is Conservative, people need to be allowed to exercise their free will and choice, even if they are criminals. This was the most insane thing I heard all day. She stated, “I do not have to agree with you but I would love to hear where you are coming from.” The funniest part of this conversation is that she actually believes the angry ignorant want to debate.

This isn’t a debate, this is a hostile takeover. Here sits a 45-year-old woman (or an extremely haggard 22-year-old), complaining about what her circle of friends claimed in high school. She now bases her entire view on race relations based upon a narrow-minded experience, decades ago, which according to her, has made her an atheist. Her direct quote, as we fly towards the highest gangland and murder-ridden cesspool in this country was simple: “I don’t have to understand Black Lives Matter the organization, I just have to respect them.” These are people wholly disconnected from the reality facing this country. Let me explain by first telling you about some first-class and main cabin differences.

I am on my third Bloody Mary and the person behind me is still talking. Now it's about how she’s a “gay man trapped in a cis-gendered White woman’s body” as we dine on a delicious meal served in first-class. Glasses made of real glass, ceramic plates and cups, silverware, personal waiter service, and all the while people are still talking about how we need to respect the non-binary community. I heard someone yell about masks in coach and yet here we are in first class and I haven’t put my mask on in 10 minutes. This is American Airlines. No masks, no problems, and yet some of these well-off individuals are pontificating about how we have to respect the rights of the people burning down our cities and infiltrating our public schools and universities. Why should we respect fanatical socialists and radicals? Why should we support the mentally unstable manipulated morons acting as human cancer cells, malignantly attacking this country's once healthy internal organs? Then it donned on me…these people are brainwashed. Here’s how it happens.

Think about big tech. Think about social media. Think about your cell phone. How many times do you think about something and then receive an ad for it moments later? How many times have you thought we would be better off without some of these technologies? How many times have you thought “if only our government had the balls to break up big tech.” These companies use artificial intelligence to manipulate groups of people and pit them against each other. The news and advertisements, even the Google searches we get back are all manipulated based upon the AI’s determination of what we want or need to hear. This can be used to manipulate people into buying more BMWs and Tito’s vodka, to brainwashing entire tax brackets to believe in hocus pocus and nonsense.

The woman behind me having this conversation mentioned multiple times that she holds an engineering and computer science degree. She is speaking louder than everyone else. While typing this just now she mentioned again, the seventh time now in thirty minutes, “I am a computer programmer with boomer parents.” Well, I hold a history degree, and history tells me that you lady, are a complete idiot. This is someone whose iPhone programmed them to feel this way, whose university training set them up to be susceptible for such manipulation and persuasion. This sickness is pervasive and everywhere. It changes based upon class affiliation and its main intention is to keep us divided and at each other’s throats.

In the original Matrix, before the writer/director became a mutant, they wrote in a scene where Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) explains to Neo (Keanu Reeves) that most people are so helplessly enslaved and addicted to the Matrix that they will fight for it, even die for it before ever believing the truth. I, unfortunately, don’t see how the “real world” of 2022, is any different from the “dream world” of the Matrix. And while we are busy hating each other and tearing the foundational documents of this great nation into a million pieces, China, Russia, and North Korea are busy successfully testing hypersonic weapons that have the capability of destroying this country before we can activate our M.A.D. nuclear response system. The United States has NOT successfully tested a hypersonic weapon.

What happens if we are at each other’s throats and the bombs drop? What happens then…

Wake up.

Sorry, she mentioned it an eighth time as I typed the above last words. “I am a full-on software engineer…net level going on senior level, I’m a big deal.” EIGHT TIMES!? Maybe if people weren’t so concerned with being a big deal, they would find some humility. I am going to put these earphones on so my head doesn't explode.

See you all in Chicago, friends.

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