• James Lane

Has Half the Population Been Replaced By Demons and Pod People?

Updated: Jan 14

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

Would it really be so hard to believe? Look around you. Go ahead, take a look. Tell me what you see… There are some people I don't even recognize anymore. So would it really be so hard to believe if we found out that half the population had, at some point, been replaced by pod people? Look, I'm not saying I believe this. I'm just saying that It wouldn't surprise me. So, like Roddy Piper in the '80s cult classic "They Live," let's put on our magic sunglasses and take a quick look around.

While the Left tries to take away all of our rights, liberties, and freedoms, I look around and ponder the possibility of Mass Formation Psychosis. The patent-holding inventor of mRNA vaccine technology (Dr. Robert Malone) was on Rogan and mentioned this plausible theory, quite convincingly. Still, the thought that half the population and our frail, cowardly leaders are hypnotized by irrational Covid fear just isn't as sexy as evil creatures inhabiting the meat suits that were once our neighbors, friends, and families.

I mean, do you really think that everyone is just affixed to one small point and because of that, parents are locking their kids in trunks, professors are dehumanizing students while wearing spacesuits, and entire cities are building satanic monuments? It's certainly possible. I mean, everything is a movie now in this clown world, so let's play pretend. Isn't it just as plausible that at some point during the Obama administration, an alien fleet of worm-like liberal space slugs crashed throughout the world and made their way up and in the differing bodily orifices of half the population? I mean, that would at least explain Obamacare.

Look, I'm not kidding. A teacher was arrested on January 3rd for locking her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car, citing Covid quarantine as the apparently "logical" explanation. She did not want to catch Covid from her son, so this seemed normal for her. The lack of human emotion exhibited by these intergalactic slugs is very telling. It tells me that I may be onto something. But don't take my word for it. Gaze into the eyes of this subhuman slug, a professor at Ferris State University recently placed on administrative leave. He wants you to know that you're a disease spreading lower lifeform than his personal majesty. Don't question the tenured professor.

Notice a pattern here? They all seem to be teaching our kids! Anywho, why stop at body-snatching intergalactic space slugs when you can go full speed on the highway to Hell? The gateway to Hell (Illinois) has once again been ripped open, and demons pour from its interdimensional rift. We're done with space slugs and have moved on. Think, "Constantine" with Keanu Reeves.

In Moline, Illinois, elementary school children have been invited to a very special club just three hours from Chicago. You and your special friends can dance, sing, play, and worship Satan at this all-inclusive after-school club. And no, there are no Kazoos at this party. Five separate meeting dates have been posted and seem to be in demand as the Satanic Temple uses an elementary school as a recruiting ground. The school superintendent seems to think that it shouldn't matter because the flyers were for the school lobby. Here is the actual flyer. You tell me what you think.

Some parents speak up, while many continue to vote for policies that allow this behavior to occur. Why do so many people seem complacent with the destruction of our children's innocence? Whatever happened to being parents and guardians? Maybe, just maybe, the more sensible conclusion, is that demons have exploded through a rift in spacetime through the Illinois Hellgate, located in Springfield. It was opened because an antichrist nativity scene was put in place. These demons have infiltrated various neighbors, friends, and family through an orifice and now control their actions. I mean, this is the only logical explanation, isn't it? If not space slugs, it must be demonic possession! Oh, I wasn't kidding about the Satanic nativity scene.

Do I believe that slugs or demons have possessed half the population? Of course not! Mass Formation Psychosis is the most plausible explanation. But just because half the country has been hypnotized into such disgusting and despicable action as to cause irreparable damage to society doesn't mean they aren't accountable for their actions. Just because you are sick in bed, it doesn't give you the right to be an asshole to your wife. Just because you are sick in the head, doesn't give you the right to dictate other people's lives. Whatever has happened to people is quite disturbing. Don't be alarmed if slugs start falling out of people's noses as we move towards 2022 and 2024.

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