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The Healing Power of the Second Amendment

Updated: Jun 20

#CollectYourDead Column 3, by Tino Dilullo

An Inclusive Community

Yes, you read the headline correctly, but before you judge me for such a blatant oxymoronic comment, please allow me to explain my personal experiences within the ever-growing Second Amendment (2A) community. Once you read about what I have come to realize over the past couple of months, you can then decide for yourself. This is still a free country.

I have been putting in a relatively large amount of time at the local gun range lately. While my motivations are reasonably straight forward, I quickly realized something interesting about the 2A community that may surprise you.

What's so interesting, you ask?

The 2A community is ridiculously inclusive. So inclusive that it has begun to bridge some gaps within many of our communities. People are now waking up to the truth and asking difficult questions about the various special interest groups working tirelessly to disarm working-class Americans.

Let's rewind for a minute.

A Necessary Purchase

I recently purchased three new pistols for my household—one for my wife, one for myself, and another for myself. Seeing as I haven't shot a firearm in a good while, it only made sense to find a local gun range—a good place where I could get reaccustomed with handling, maintaining, and shooting a firearm safely and correctly.

Something interesting that I quickly observed was how diverse everyone was. There were people from many different communities and backgrounds. Yet, they all had one thing in common, they were all champing at the bit to learn and exchange information about firearms and techniques. Above all else, they weren't afraid to share their personal feelings and experiences as diverse gun owners.

Despite any one individual person's political alignment, everyone was in agreement – protecting their families and property was paramount above everything else.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have openly declared war on the nuclear family. If you didn't know or don't believe me, it's okay because you can see it for yourself. This very sinister directive is listed on their socialist wishlist, the about section of their official website.

How can a group that claims to favor the future and prosperity of Black Americans be taken seriously when they are attempting to destroy the very things that bring prosperity to any American family from any socioeconomic or cultural background in the first place?

According to the many Latino-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and others that I have had the opportunity to discuss firearms with, Black Lives Matter can't be taken seriously. The reason is that the very families Black Lives Matter wants to dismantle are precisely what these people are determined to protect by any means necessary.

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Like Shakira's Hips, the Statistics Don't Lie

Here are some interesting statistics that came out recently from the National Rifle Association website that covers some of the growth within the 2A community.

Brace yourselves as this may be shocking to read if you've been watching the fake news.

As of August 2020, there are now five million first time gun owners in the United States of America. Some 58% of these purchases were African-Americans, and even more surprisingly, 40% were women. These stats are exciting, and it's nice to see a diverse group of people finding newfound community in their second amendment rights because Democrat-run state and local governments are failing to maintain even a minimum in public safety.

Despite what the leftwing media and Twitter will have you believe, most people in low-income communities don't want less law enforcement, they want more. Witnessing first-hand the corruption and hypocrisy demonstrated by democrat-elected officials, much of the middle class and low-income communities have begun arming themselves for protection. Have you tried to buy ammunition lately?

The fact that a large chunk of first-time gun owners are women tells me that mothers are tired of seeing their children abducted and/or shot in the streets. Women of many communities, both suburban and city, are simply done with being afraid of the threat of violence, rape, and murder lingering in the air over corrupt Democrat-run cities. On top of that, many African American's have entirely disavowed the narrative that paints them as victims, a trap that keeps them shackled to garner votes for the left. This can be proven by Trump's significant rise in approval from the black community.

What does this say about the bigger picture?

The New Blood

This is just my opinion, but I can almost guarantee that many of these new gun owners aren't exclusively Republican. There are now 5 million new people that have entered the fight for maintaining and preserving our gun rights, and that number continues to climb with each passing minute.

So how exactly is any of this information relevant?

Here is why. There is now a significant group of people that have entered the fight against gun control—a rather large amount of people who have woken up and taken the red-pill. The thing about the Second Amendment most don't get to witness is the insane and ongoing tug-of-war against our God-given rights. Most people don't see until they join the community and witness it themselves.

If you factor in the true racial injustices and hypocrisy being committed openly by the left with this new data from the NRA, it isn't surprising that Trump's engagement and approval from the Black community is higher then ever.

People are starting to wake up to the truth, heal, and take control of their own destiny by embracing some of the long-dormant and neglected principles of this great Country. This is a natural part of the process. Revitalized with a renewed purpose, the red-blooded, God-fearing patriots of this Country will continue to grow in strength and numbers.

Hey Commies! Come #CollectYourDead

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