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Here's Why Donald Trump Wins in 2024 (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

It's time Democrats and everyone else recognize the very real possibility that in 2024, Donald Trump becomes the first "two non-consecutive term" US President since Grover Clevland in the 1800s. Historic!

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Watch American Reveille | 173 | The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens


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Generated Transcript:

Which leads me to our final article, it leads me to the final thing we're going to talk about before we drive the point home. And it comes from a place a surprising place. The Irish Times the Irish Times of all places. I didn't know there was Irish Times. I don't know. I don't even know. I don't think that was very Irish. That was like dying. Shrek. Look, we're not here to talk about my horrible impression. We're here to talk about the Democrats, the progressive left, the crazy, crazy elites that are trying to take over everything that had taken over everything successfully for a very long time who have been exposed, we're talking about them losing even more control even more power, the Democrats should recognize the possibility that Trump might win in 2024. And this is from the Irish Times This is coming from Ross, do that. Is it or else do you thought? I don't know. That was Scottish again, Ross do that what has gone wrong for Biden is a combination of bad luck, and bad choices. All right, just like I said before, all right, the pile of failure has become too big. The elites have exposed themselves, all right, the whole thing the floodgates are gonna be blown, wide open American citizens with different views. Alright, people that are openly socialists that openly didn't like white people before that openly stood against Trump are now standing with Trump supporters against vaccinate vaccine mandates against a tyranny against far left crazy tyranny. People are realizing that we could share some American core values while having other values that we don't necessarily believe and don't necessarily share. But the American way is that we figure stuff out we find a way to work together and make things fair across this country, we find a way to reduce government power restore states rights, we find a way for people to coexist and for cultures and belief systems to be spread to different states across this country in the way they're meant to be by people in those states deciding these things. Plain and simple. Not the federal government, not Joe Biden, not George Soros, not the great reset. Not the Tsar of Russia from from back 200 years ago. Not Chuckie cheese, not nobody. But the American people. That's how it's supposed to be so democrats need to wake up and smell the roses. They need to smell the chocolate, smell the coffee, smell the burning bag of poop, because Trump may run again in 2024. We all know he probably will and Trump will most likely win. Let's read. We just had a good week for anybody enthused about re litigating the 2020 election. First there was new evidence reported a new book about the Biden family from political writer Ben Shrek anger. We talked about that earlier in the episode. And in an insider story about the abortive Libya related influence operation. We talked about that earlier in the show as well, suggesting the famous hunter Biden emails were real and indicating how much his influence peddling dependent on proximity to his father, the Twitter and Facebook decisions to censor the new york post election season version of the hunter Biden story looked partisan and illiberal at the time and now they look even worse. Then, along with that spur to conservative frustration, there was a new revelation for Trump fears. The exposure of the entirely insane memo that conservative legal scholar john Eastman wrote, explaining how Mike Pence Mike Pence, Excuse me, could supposedly invalidate joe biden's election quote, the more pessimistic take recognizes all the places where Biden's own efforts have gone astray. This was presumably the basis for Donald Trump's futile demands that pence do exactly that. And it is understandably grist for the coup next time fears that already attend Trump's likely return to presidential politics. But sometimes looking backwards can obscure where we are right now. And that is a place where few democrats expected to be when Biden took office with his party in control of government vaccinations ramping up in hopes of economic boomlet growing. We all expected it you remember all of us here, all of us conservatives that were screaming on social media before they silenced us, of course, all of us who were saying hey, we can see it, we can see the cognitive decline. We can see the puppet strings we can see the elite Old Guard we can see Hillary Clinton in the background, with the invisibility cloak over her cackling through Kamala Harris. We can see them we can see the demons were like Constantine, we see them all around us. But the people, all right, the people on the left the people that had been brainwashed, the left wing progressive machine, nobody would listen. Nobody would listen, the courts, they'd all been in filtrated the culture had been infiltrated the people brain was stuck in their cell phones not paying attention. While things were being swept under the rug. Nobody would listen. And Biden took control. Biden took control, but we saw it. We all saw it. I want you to be validated. I want you to know that you saw it that I saw it. We all saw it. And now we're here dealing with this craziness. Now we're here dealing with this craziness. All right. They didn't expect Biden to what lose his mind. Right in the middle of enacting the psychotic globalist agenda, the crazy agenda that actually hurts minorities more than helps them the racist left wing progressive agenda, the democrat agenda. And we know where that party stood since the Civil War. The Democrats were the bad guys. They've always been the bad guys. This isn't a north and south thing. This isn't a north and south thing. It's not just that the president's approval rating is dropping towards Trump like levels and falling sharply among the minority voters who surprised liberals with the republican shift in 2020. Trump's own approval may be rising. A recent Harvard poll suggests to a point where Americans think at least as favorably of the ex president as the current one, along with any worries about Trump stealing the next presidential election, then Democrats should recognize the possibility that he might just simply win it. What has gone wrong for Biden is a combination of bad luck, bad choices and inherent weakness, weakness we all saw patriots like you and I we all saw. The bad luck is mostly about COVID-19 itself whose Delta variant surge, no president could have easily controlled that may be the most important drag on Biden's approval rating, which started to decline in earnest around the time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention restored a mask recommendation, you see that the American people don't want your mandates. They don't want to hear it. They don't. This in turn, points to the most optimistic optimistic, excuse me take on Biden's situation that his political fortunes are simply tied to the Coronavirus and will recover rapidly when death rates finally drop away. The more pessimistic take though, recognizes all the places where Biden's own efforts have gone astray. He's done popular things in competent. The retreat from Afghanistan was overdue. It was popular it had the public support. But the administration's manifest unpreparedness for the Taliban sweeping the power meant that Biden ceded any political effort, any political benefit, excuse me, he might have gained from pushing the withdrawal through. He has also let liberal confidence lead him somewhat astray on key issues. And we could do a whole other podcasts on Biden's incompetence in Afghanistan, including the deaths of those brave servicemen and women. But we have to continue quote, it would be really helpful. By the way, by the way, just just really quick. I thought it was awesome. How Trump the rally and Perry that he had the other day, how we had 13 seats set open for the service members who lost their lives and Afghanistan under that corrupt tyrant. Under his orders. Under joe biden's orders. They had to die for nothing. And if Trump was president, they wouldn't had to die. But Trump had the foresight, Trump knew what to do in Afghanistan, and they just didn't listen. The left Biden they just didn't follow the plan. They had their own idea. And then people had to die. So at least Trump, God bless them, kept those seats there showed the respect and paid courtesy paid respect paid. The the dues paid forward to dues that those folks deserve for sacrificing their life unnecessarily. unnecessarily. Maybe we never forget them. But Joe Biden, he has nothing for the remember he was checking his watch. He was checking the time while they were supposed to be respecting respecting the coffin. The families of those service members hate Joe Biden. They hate Joe Biden. Alright, plain and simple. Quote, it would be really helpful if Biden had a vice president who balanced his weakness and reaffirmed his strengths. His big initial economic stimulus has turned out to be little more than inflationary and a less little less stimulative than many of his champions expected raising stagflation spec trays that were definitely not in the democratic game plan. specters excuse me, it's not spectras but I was reading doing the best I can, and his beleaguered See that's a bigger word than specters his beleaguered border policy has demonstrated. Just promising to be more humane than Trump is inadequate to the constant challenge of migration waves. And as many of you saw my orcas, alright, the borders are, he has already admitted that over 10,000, maybe 12,000, maybe maybe even more than 15,000 Haitian migrants have already been released into our population across the United States. And he won't do a thing about it. And his excuses that that's not the policy of Joe Biden, and we follow the rules, laws and policies put in place by the government. Basically, he's thrown his hand in the air and say, just doing my job man, just doing my job man. And while he's passed one key test of governing document getting Republican votes for his infrastructure bill. He's failed several others, letting his administration's COVID-19 messaging dissolve into dissonance and watching his own party's internal negotiations get snarled by squad vs. cinna Mansion disputes. In general, Biden seems to do best on issues that require neither spine or simple glad handling, folding firm excuse me holding firm against the generals who wanted to stay indefinitely in Kaboul keeping republicans at the table for an infrastructure bill, or deal. But worse, the more that success depends on a mastery of strategy or minute detail, or a careful negotiation between hostile factions, which should not be surprising, since Biden's inherent weakness is that he is an old man suffering from some manifest deficits relative to his vice presidential self in a job that devours younger politicians. It's a very nice way of saying that he has dementia and he's losing his mind. That makes a change of luck seem like the best hope for recovering his presidency. That's all he could pray for a change of luck, because it requires the least of him. If COVID-19 diminishes or vanishes, inflation becomes contained or temporarily temporary. Once economic normalcy returns is somewhat becomes contained. The immigration wave ebbs for cyclical reasons, Democrats maybe get their act together legislatively or don't, but it's a political wash. It's a s Show, either way. Whereas what should worry democrats most are scenarios that require a lot from this precedent. adaptability, finesse, a skillful use of the bully pulpit, Biden can definitely float back up, but I'm less sure that he can claw his way back as Bill Clinton did after his early presidency stumbles. Here it would be really helpful if Biden had a vice president to balanced his weakness and reaffirmed his strengths, who seemed more energetically engaged with policy and congressional pot licking or politicking. I don't know why I said pot licking while others extending his normalcy and moderation brand should be required to inherit it. There should be accountability. I'll leave it to the reader to decide whether that describes the Kamala Harris, vice presidency to date, or whether Harris offers more reasons for Democrats looking towards 2024. to fear, not just chaos, but defeat. And they do they have ultimate defeat to fear, they have ultimate defeat to fear. And here is why because at the end of the day, when you do this a lot like I do when you read the news all the time, when you watch the news all the time, when you deep dive when you study this stuff, when you read the laws, when you read the legislation, you start to see the patterns, you start to see where the chess pieces are being moved, basically. And you see through the articles that we've talked about through the different things that we've gone through, that the elites are being exposed. Right, that Joe Biden's losing his mind that hunter Biden is an out of control, drug addicted madman who likes to launder money, we can see all of these things, we can see that there are Republicans trying to save their own tail, we can see that some of those republicans masquerade as Trump supporters. Right, we can see that there are groups that don't see eye to eye with what we agree with, with maga with America first. But maybe they agree with a little bit of what we believe in maybe there are ways to put some of our differences aside. Maybe there are ways that the people of this country can settle their own differences, instead of relying on an elite run progressive left dominated, radical, tyrannical government. All right, maybe just maybe, instead of looking at each other, we need to stand next to each other and look at the elites in the eye and say, we're not going to take this. We're done. We're restoring this country back to the way it needs to be. And you can either stand with us, you can stand against us, or you can step out of the way. But we the people of all colors all Creed's all that all backgrounds, all beliefs. We run this country we run this government. We have different states, different cultures, different regions, different beliefs for a reason. We are different. And there's something beautiful about being different and being able to find and maintain a balance. Nobody gets to destroy this country. Nobody gets to take over this country. We own this country and the elites. It's time that they step back. It's time that they are exposed, and it's time that they are held accountable, plain and simple. It's time that they are held accountable and 2022 than 2024 is only just the beginning.

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