• Jo Lee Irish

How Can A Doctor Write a Prescription for Ivermectin and the Pharmacist Refuse to Fill It?!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

By Jo Lee Irish, Writer/Blogger

Do you know what my biggest question of the day is? Why aren't we allowed to have Ivermectin prescriptions?

Sorry, not sorry, but if a " family member" needed Ivermectin or any other therapeutics prescribed by a doctor and some pharmacist refused, there would be major problems.

I would fight to get medicine if my loved one needed it, and so would you. Whoever stood in my way would be dealing with my stubborn self and should be warned, I have a temper.

Since when does a pharmacist think he knows better than my family doctor, or science for that matter?

After scouring the towns and internet, I did find out that small independent pharmacies will fill therapeutics prescriptions. This makes me not want to shop at Walgreens or CVS, or any major pharmacies anymore. We really shouldn't!

We all need to support the smaller independent pharmacies. That would definitely make a big impact and send a statement.

Even though my family is vaccinated, not allowing people to get therapeutics is unamerican and wrong on so many levels.

We own our bodies, so we decide! Not the Government…Come on, man!

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