• Kandice Cox

How Much More Damage Can One Administration Possibly Do?

By Kandice Cox, Blogger/Writer

Fatigue. Tired. Bored. Unintrigued. Over It, Blah.

Is this possibly by design? Or, maybe not by design, but just a symptom of a bloated society. Regardless, as a nation, we are bored and depressed. And we’re leaving even less hope for our kids. If you’re one of the lucky late developers, you’re blissfully ignorant and haven’t realized the painful journey that’s ahead, at least not yet.

Harsh? Well, what’s Left? Except for Pelosi and Biden, of course. Cynical humor is fun, but I’m bored with that too. I’m ready for action. Here’s what I woke up to this morning, Trump emails encouraging me that, as of this morning, we’re exactly 100 days away from mid-term elections! Oh, Joy! And Fox news reiterated this sentiment as well. And that’s all good, but 100 more days of this type of destruction? How much more damage can one administration possibly do?

I heard a rumble that Biden is considering shutting down another pipeline, this time in Michigan. I doubt that’ll take 100 days to get done. What else… How many days does it take to start World War 3? Sounds crazy, I know, but crazier still is this; can you believe it is November already? Maybe it’s just me and my little life, but honestly, I swear it should actually be March… not NOVEMBER! But I digress.

Biden still wants to “Build a 21st Century Care Infrastructure” and “Strengthen the Federal Reserve’s Focus on Racial Economic Gaps.” These are just two bullet points taken from his page. There are many more. All just as vague, just as open to small or wide measures resulting in nothing more than virtue signaling ranging to total governmental evolution of systems. It can be all or nothing. We’re gambling with our freedom.

As of today, it has been 292 days since Biden took office.

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