• Andrew Penn

H.R.1 Legalizes Election Fraud!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

Democrats in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, passed what they are calling H.R. 1, the "For the People Act," and President Biden has promised to sign it into law if it gets through the 50-50 Senate. The Dems describe it as a voting rights act designed to protect democracy, but the American people see through the smokescreen and can identify it for what it really is. It's a shameless and dangerous power grab designed to cement Democrat power and turn our United States of America into a totalitarian single-party controlled state.

It's a power grab, plain and simple and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really has one priority…to ensure that her party never relinquishes majority control and that the opposition is extinguished permanently.

Among the bill's major and most egregious components are automatic voter registration for anyone who uses the DMV or public assistance programs (such as food stamps or Medicaid or attending a public college or university). It actually bans voter identification requirements, stipulating that anyone at all can approach a ballot box on election day…or forty-five days earlier… and simply sign a form asserting that they are eligible to vote…no cross-checking voter registration rolls, no identification or citizenship requirements…it is literally an invitation for fraud and abuse.

H.R. 1 essentially transfers authority over elections from state legislatures (as the Founding Fathers intended) to the federal government…specifically what the framers wanted to avoid. It creates a "National Commission to Protect Democratic Institutions," a panel built by the bill to review elections and design "improvements." The panel would have ten members. Six of them would be appointed and sat by the majority…DEMOCRATS…so the findings would forever be favorable to them solely.

The bill allows convicted felons to vote…albeit not while serving a sentence. It mandates unsupervised ballot boxes, curbside voting and disgustingly permits and encourages ballot harvesting where people…for a fee…can without bipartisan supervision roam and collect ballots… "helping voters fill out their ballots."

All of these are invitations to fraud but seeing how successful the Dems were at their mail balloting and absentee voting in 2020, we can see how they want to institutionalize and normalize it.

The bill actually makes it illegal for states to cross-check voter registration rolls to determine if people are registered in multiple states. If we thought that the election of 2020 was ripe with fraud from mail-in ballots outnumbering registered voters, to dead people voting, to people voting multiple times with all of it to the benefit of the Dems, H.R. 1 would solidify and institutionalize these faulty practices into law and make them a requirement.

H.R. 1 suggests a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, the conservative group that, as we know, fights for conservative values. Perhaps most shocking is the 6-1 match provision, which states that small-dollar contributions made by civilian donors are matched by the Federal government…meaning if someone donates $100 to their local candidate for office, the federal government would then contribute $600.

The bill outlaws political anonymity, where citizens can contribute to causes privately free from fear of disclosure, retribution, and harassment as the Founders intended…remember Hamilton, Madison and Jay all signed in support of the new Constitution as anonymous signers.

We look now to the Senate to fight back and turn this monstrosity away and vote against it while the filibuster is still in place. The bill would need sixty votes in the Senate, and it is unlikely 10 GOP Senators will turn. But this is no moment for rest. We need to write our representatives, call them, fax them, email them…however you want to do it…just let them know you refute this latest shameless power grab by the power-hungry Dems. The GOP built momentum in the House in 2020 and can likely win the House and possibly the Senate and White House in 2024…especially if we act now to fight back and not let the Dems push through these sweeping electoral changes.

Fight H.R. 1!


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