• Bryan Cornitius

Human Trafficking and Child Sex Slavery: The Secret Currency of Elite America

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

There's a reason that people can't fathom the truly gruesome depths of evil that exist in our country. It's actually quite simple: it's beyond the realm of basic human comprehension. I'm talking about modern human slavery, child sex trafficking, happening right here, right now! Don't believe me? It's estimated globally that 24.9 million people are modern-day slaves. Of the 24.9 million, 71% of them are women and girls. So where the Hell did they all go? The recent revelations about Epstein island and the suspiciously quiet Ghislaine Maxwell trial have brought massive attention to a subject that Americans once considered a taboo conspiracy theory.

The old testament speaks of wicked deities existing in direct opposition to the Hebrew God that Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship to this day. Baal, Ashtoreth, and Molech were alternatives to God, worshiped in ancient biblical times. These deities demanded tribute in the form of human sacrifice, specifically children and babies. Why do I bring this up? In San Francisco, circa 1872, a super-secret, elite invite-only "club" of artists, writers, actors, lawyers, journalists, politicians, and rich businessmen was formed called the Bohemian Club. Why does this matter? Well, everything was fine and dandy until they were caught performing once extinct pagan rituals and burning child effigies at the stake. See below:

As seen above, the Bohemian Club performs mock human sacrifices in the name of Molech, and what for? The heinous depravity and abhorrent filth of the elite ruling class has been exposed for the American people to see.

So, who's running this country anyway? Why was Bill Clinton's name on the Epstein flight log 26 times? Why did Epstein visit the Whitehouse 17 times? It gets stranger. There's direct evidence that the Clinton Foundation may have been involved with the attempted kidnapping of 33 kids in Haiti! Then there's the bizarre Clinton connection to Pizzagate (nothing's off the table anymore at this point in history). Do the Podesta emails with the strange coded language ring a bell? So many children go missing every year because of child sex trafficking. Now, globally, The United States of America is becoming known less and less for innovation and opportunity and more and more for pedophilia and perversion. What kind of a society are we when we allow groups like NAMBLA to exist? You know, your everyday friendly North American Man/Boy Love Association, bravely standing up for the rights of Pedophiles?!

Whether it's the Franklin Cover-up or modern-day accounts of the CIA protecting pedophiles (2021), the grotesque moral bankruptcy goes straight to the top. "President" Biden, whom some have accused of allegedly being a pedophile himself, is known for his strange obsession with sniffing children. See below:

The expansion of child sex trafficking under the Biden administration makes me sick to my stomach. I am dismayed by the fact that billions of our tax dollars are being used on political pet projects instead of bringing an end to modern-day child slavery and sex trafficking. Meanwhile, the political prostitutes continue their empty rhetoric and false promises. The truth is that if we allow slavery to continue, we will eventually become enslaved ourselves. In an instant, we will go from citizen to serf without the ability to voice our objections and dissent for their blatant disregard of basic human rights.

The normalizing of pedophilia and desensitizing the American people has gone on for quite some time. The constant barrage of child molestation stories that permeate society's air is thick and plentiful—stories from across the land. Hollywood stories include monsters like Roman Polanski, a known child rapist. Or how about a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, Woody Allen, and his strange relationship with his daughter/wife? The sports world with the Penn State scandal with Paterno and Sandusky. To the music world Jerry Lee Lewis, the allegations against Michael Jackson, the conviction of R.Kelly. The pedophilia issue seems to get worse and worse.

This subject is truly important to me. I live in Houston, Texas, which leads the country in human trafficking. Houston is, unfortunately, a sanctuary city. But sanctuary to what exactly? Sanctuary to the lowest form of life imaginable. Creatures that literally sell human beings like cattle. Through their manipulation of the immigration system, the cartels are able to continue their lucrative human trafficking slave trade. Lack of concern and oversight concerning the neverending waves of children at the border is largely going unnoticed by the government, media, and the general public. No one seems to care, and for the life of me, I don't understand why.

These helpless exploited children are treated like animals in the cruelest and harshest conditions imaginable. Most people can't comprehend what these women and children go through. The anguish, torment, and misery experienced by these innocent people is a testament to a complete absence of respect toward human life and dignity in "Biden's United States of America." For the love of God, the employees of the place that is supposed to help rehabilitate underage girl victims of sex trafficking are under investigation for underage sex trafficking themselves! What the Hell is going on?!

In my opinion, the problem is the cognitive dissonance of a desensitized public who are still looking to a corrupt government seemingly riddled with pedophiles to put an end to child sex trafficking. As a Texan, I am disgusted by this behavior, especially the lack of consequences and repercussions for this depravity. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this type of predator deserves capital punishment.

How will history look at us if we continue to allow this to happen to our children?

How is history already looking at us?

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