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Hunter Biden's "Laptop From Hell" is Finally Confirmed by Mainstream Media...Accountability? [Clip]

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

The Mainstream Media finally confirms the Hunter Biden "laptop from hell" after over a year of censorship and social media blacklisting. Will we finally see accountability, or will the evidence be buried alongside all of "Big Guy" Joe Biden's blunders?

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Generated Transcript:

So folks, last year maybe even before that we heard about the hunter Biden laptop. We heard about the hard drive from Rudy Giuliani and all of the horrible things on it. And I saw crazy pictures. I saw Asian hookers. I saw what could have been Malaya Obama, I saw that picture. I know that 1000s of you saw that picture. saw the picture with his relative or nice or whatever. I think he's a disgusting person. But we saw all kinds of things that the media swept under the rug. We heard about the emails we heard from Tony, Bobby Alinsky. We heard all of these things, and we were called crazy. We were called conspiracy theorists. People told you, they told me, they told us that we were out of our minds. All right, that we were obsessed that we were in some cult that Donald Trump had hypnotized us. We were told to shut up. Lots of us were threatened to lose our jobs. Lots of us lost our jobs. People were intimidated by the general public. People were intimidated by Democrats, people were intimidated by the woke left and it just fizzled away. The news barely covered it. The New York Post was censored. They were condemned for even revealing the hunter Biden laptop story. And it all went away and then poof, guess what? It's now confirmed. It's confirmed by the main stream media. What a coincidence. Isn't it amazing how all the things they said we were crazy for all the things that they said that we were out of our minds for. They now quietly like a thief in the night with a whisper. They now silently confirm our conspiracies. Well, what do you know, the hunter Biden labtop is confirmed the New York Post is responding to the confirmation saying colourise shocked This is coming out by the New York Post editorial board. I want to read you this article. In his new book, The Biden's inside the first families 50 year rise to power. Political reporter Ben shringar says that evidence points to hunter Biden's laptop as being legit. While we appreciate the support. The truth is the posts reports always have been true. And it's only because the media wants to protect Joe Biden and they keep referring to the laptop as unsubstantiated. shredding shrieking are notes that a person who had independent access to hunter Biden's emails confirms two of the emails the posts published, including one about a potential deal with China with the line 10 held by h for the big guy. That is Joe Biden. But hunter Biden's former business partner, Tony Bobby Alinsky had already said those emails were authentic. The email

excuse me, the media just ignored him. Shrek anger ads that the emails released by the Swedish government also match emails from the laptop. Hunter had gotten into a kerfuffle when he was staying in a Swedish Embassy building. That's also been reported. Look at that right here. If you're watching, there's the famous hunter Biden smoking a cigarette in a bathtub, a fancier bathtub than you or I could most likely ever afford. For those who doubt we're reading again, that hunter would forget a laptop at a repair shop. Shrek anger notes that Biden's son abandoned another computer at the home of psychiatrists. Keith ablow fed sees that machine when they read it ablow over abuse claims. Hunter eventually got it back. Quote, I wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four year period of time hunter said, Hey, remember the other week? I mean, I think it was three, four weeks ago, maybe a month ago. I don't have a producer to remind me. Excuse me. But there was a report that hunter Biden lost another laptop and there was a video where he was complaining to a Russian hooker that he had left I think a third laptop, I believe at a Russian drug dealers house or another Russian hookers residence somewhere somehow maybe a gambling thing. The the the Russians have another hunter Biden laptop full of incriminating information. It's amazing how much electronic equipment hunter Biden carries on him. And misplaces just like I lose my keys all the time, and my wife yells at me to look in front of me and try to find them instead of asking her where everything is hunter Biden. Seems to lose laptops in the same way except he's rich enough to not get yelled at. I do not have that luxury. All of this information is out there. Yet the time still called the laptop unsubstantiated last week until it was quietly corrected. And even as Politico credited its reporter, it added. While the leak contains genuine files, it remains possible that fake material has been slipped in what part the pictures of hunters smoking crack shrieking are called the White House to check whether, as reported Joe Biden met hunter for a dinner in April 2015. That included charisma advisor, vet him, pazar ski, I should have practiced that guy's name. Before I did this, Biden's team pointed him and you can't blame me. I did the best I could. You don't have a lot of time to prepare when you're putting these things together. Biden's team pointed him to a Washington Post fact check, which noted that Biden's team had it first said there was no record of such a meeting until they finally conceded that yes, Joe did drop in on that dinner. The fact confirmed, the writer still concludes heartily, that there's less to the story than one might imagine. It's the perfect example of how democrats weaponize fact checkers to deflect criticism and enlist social media to censor articles. Nothing to see here. See the Wu Han lab theory? Oh, look, there's a picture of Tony Bob olinsky. Consider the level of skepticism brought to bear here. Biden's team lied to us but we'll take them at their word that nothing of consequence happened at this dinner. email after email picture after picture are proved authentic from the laptop. But hey, maybe some of its fake. The laptop is unsubstantiated because the media doesn't want it to be substantiated. We figure that won't change but thanks mr. Shreck anger for at least bucking the trend. So it's been amazing. After all of this after everything you just heard me read has been reported. Biden, his son may still get away with everything. Biden Jr, their little Hunter. He's making ridiculously disgustingly stupid looking art paintings that look like the rainbow fan on my computer. All right, the rainbow led fan if you don't know what that is, Google it. You'll see what it looks like.

RGB rainbow led fan. He literally makes these idiotic paintings. They're like finger paintings. All right. And he's making $500,000 just Lottie Dodd doing what he wants to do, showing more and more how the elites Get Away with Murder. How we're divided. All right, we've been divided by this horrible woke culture, this progressive left agenda. All right. Regardless of what people believe in this country, we've always been able to find a way to look past that we have a 50 state system, because people from California don't always get along with people from Nebraska and people from Nebraska don't always fit in with people from New York and people from New York don't always fit in with people from Florida. Unless you're in Broward, Miami Dade County, then they might be the same exact thing. But the reason we have states the reason our government set up the way that it's set up is because we have a huge amount of land. And we have different cultures across the land. We're not supposed to be one giant culture, we're a mixing pot, we share the American culture. But to tell you the God's honest truth, different people have different ways that let that they live their life in different geographic locations in different parts of this country. Different parts of the city are different. Different parts of the country are different, different parts of the regions across the country are different. It's different everywhere. It's just like some places say it's Cola, some places say it's pop some place that says soda. It's soda to me, because I'm from Florida. But what I'm getting at is that people are different, everywhere. And the true folks that want to keep us divided. The true folks that want to destroy our ideology that keeps our different cultures loosely tied together in unity, are the elites the hunter Biden's the joe biden's the Nancy Pelosi is the folks that pull the puppet strings and the folks above them that pull their puppet strings that are destroying the fabric of this country for their own gain and the gain of their long term. Basic agenda to destroy our way of life. Folks, you have to look past you have to see what is going on and as time goes forward, more and more will be revealed.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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