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Hunters' Red October: Will Joe Biden Claim Dementia to Stay out of Jail?

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

Where are the Arrests Already!?

I know how you feel.

Everything that is happening is absolutely ridiculous, unexpected, and unsettling, and if all of it is true, why the hell hasn't anyone been arrested yet?

Think about it.

If everything we are hearing about is factual, then how is it that Joe Biden is even allowed to continue his desperate bid for the presidency?

I hear many people on the Left crying to the heavens.

They are saying, "what does Hunter have to do with Joe anyway? This is exploitation!" The truth of the matter is simpler than you think.

Joe Biden is corrupt, and his son Hunter is a dimwitted drug addict.

Here's what happened, truthfully.

Hunter Biden's Wet and Dirty Laptop

On a strange day in Delaware back in April 2019, Hunter Biden stumbled into a local computer repair shop. Laptop in hand, he explained that it had been damaged by water and needed to be repaired.

After some time, the repair shop owner realized just whose laptop he had, and after Hunter never returned to claim the property, he decided to look inside. By Delaware law, this is legal after a certain amount of time.

What he found was disturbing.

Worried for his safety and the safety of others, the repair shop owner immediately handed over the hard drive to the FBI, but not before making an additional copy.

Keep in mind the FBI received this information in late 2019. This raises questions of collusion between FBI director Christopher Wray and the Biden camp. With the FBI not taking this information seriously, the repair shop owner gave his copy Rudy Giuliani and his lawyer Robert Costello, the former federal prosecutor.

The Left assumed Giuliani's hiring of lawyers back in 2019 was related to the Donald Trump impeachment scandal, yet the timing lines up with the acquisition of this damning information.

Also, if you still don't believe me, then who signed this receipt and why did Hunter later try and recover the data?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

Bluntly, the laptop that Hunter forgot contained thousands of photographs, thousands of emails, and possibly hundreds of videos implicating the Bidens in international criminal behavior.

The emails contain damning information linking Joe Biden to Hunter's criminal enterprises. Dozens of emails detailing possible meetings between the Bidens and foreign nationals, talk of hundreds of millions of dollars in payoffs and word of a "Big Guy" who demands half of their salaries.

Already many of the recipients of these emails have been confirmed and have verified their authenticity.

As this scandal grows, Joe Biden stays silent. He has NOT denied the authenticity of this information. Don't you think that if he was innocent, he would have immediately denied the allegations?

The Trump Campaign had this to say:

"Joe Biden can no longer ignore this massive and growing scandal and the news media can no longer avoid asking him about it. This is verification that Hunter Biden's emails are authentic and that Hunter was cashing in by selling Chinese businessmen access to his father. This also confirms that payment for Joe Biden himself was discussed as part of compensation being arranged through a Chinese energy company. Joe Biden, a candidate for President of the United States, appears to be compromised by the Chinese."

President Trump has called this information "the real deal" numerous times since its authenticity was verified by multiple sources.


National Security Risk

If we still operated in reality, then the above would be more than enough to implicate Joe Biden and his son for corruption and treason.

Biden selling out to China? Hunter and Burisma? Joe's brother developing housing in Iraq? None of these people having any experience? This should be enough to consider Joe a national security risk, right?

We have seen the photos of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth by now. We are all putting the timeline together, and yet selling out this country's national security to the highest bidder doesn't seem to be considered a problem?

It is a problem.

When the possible future president of the united states is experiencing bouts of dementia and his son is the drug addict middleman for foreign adversaries, I'd like to think that constitutes a national security threat.

If you think that more is coming, you're right.

October Surprise

It seems that crack, corruption, and hookers are just the beginning of the story.

According to multiple sources, disturbing images and video of Hunter Biden committing illicit and even violent sex acts towards children may surface in the coming days. If this evidence is proven to be true, people need to go to jail immediately.

In order to reveal the truth to the American people, the evidence will most likely be slowly leaked to the public over the next week or two, culminating just 10 days before the election when Rudy Guiliani plans on revealing the nail in the coffin for the entire Biden crime family.

What This Means to Us

In my professional opinion, one of the biggest scandals in American history is about to unravel right before our very eyes.

When a giant falls, it shakes the Earth; make no mistake, these are corrupt political giants.

God watch over Rudy Guilliani.

At the very least, this means that Joe Biden and his family are shiesty people who profited from politics, a big ethical no-no. At the very worst, Joe and company are part of a larger scandal, one involving international sex crimes and domestic treason. Even more horrifying to think about, children may be involved.

An Escape Route for Joe?

At the end of the day, most of us can agree on one thing, Joe Biden is screwed no matter which direction he turns.

His son idiotically damned the entire family after he dumped a laptop at the repair shop and forgot about it on the way to rehab (the timeline seems to match up).

So how does Joe recover?

The short answer is simple, he doesn't.

Yes, big tech is protecting him, yet when Twitter censored the New York Post, they revealed themselves to the world, and more specifically, the people of the United States. It isn't long before they will pay a dear price for their crimes, losing their powers, and legally breaking apart.

What we are witnessing now, what we feel, what we are seeing is the disintegration of what's left of this campaign, yet how can Joe Biden avoid prison?

I believe Joe Biden may use dementia as a scapegoat. Think about it. So many documented instances of Joe having moments of confusion, so many claims against him. How could a judge deny it?

Joe will most likely avoid prison (though we hope not).

Hunter won't be so lucky.




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