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I Believe Omicron is Saving Lives

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

I talk about the Omicron variant and how it may actually end up saving lives. In fact, the Wall Street Journal seems to agree with me.



Audio Only - Episode 183: Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!


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Generated Transcript:

But Omicron Omicron itself may be a blessing in disguise. And I want to end this podcast with this last article. All right, I want to go through this narrative and end it with this last article because this is truly what I believe this is how I believe COVID ends, I believe COVID ends with the Omicron variant. Alright, I've been saying this for a while now. Alright, and there was a Wall Street Journal opinion article that came out that said Omicron variant may end up saving lives. And I truly believe it will, because the Omicron variant itself could be the true vaccine to COVID-19. And then when we win in 2022, and we take the White House in 2024, we can hold China and all of these fuck faces accountable for releasing this dirty fear bomb on the entire planet. This is by Rob Arnett. Omicron variant may end up saving lives. Should I try to catch the Omicron variant of COVID to advance the cause of herd immunity? Should i i read COVID and recovered had the Regeneron monoclonal antibody in fusion. I had the double jab vaccine. My antibodies are off the charts with triple protection. I probably won't catch Omicron yet, yet it's spreading like wildfire. Many people with ample antibodies are catching this variant. Importantly, it seldom leads to hospitalization or death. The prudent response to Omicron might be to encourage vaccinated people and even unvaccinated young adults to catch it, while protecting the at risk population. One measure of a pathogens lethality is the case fatality rate to the ratio of the death toll to the known cases. The 28 day average case fatality rate in South Africa, the likely origin of the Omicron variant tumbled in the past six weeks from 8% to 0.2%. Barely higher than the flu ladies and gentlemen Omicron will assuredly confer new complementary antibodies on its victims providing an additional measure of immunity to more lethal COVID variants Omicron takes lives but so does the flu. If antibodies to the Omicron variant or even 50% effective in reducing the risk of death from more lethal variants, those antibodies could save far more lives than the virus costs. From a personal perspective, which is more likely dying if I catch the Omicron variant or dying from another more lethal variant of COVID because I lacked the Omicron antibodies. The answer isn't as simple as our policy elite might suggest. No politician will do this sort of cost benefit analysis. Europe and Latin American Latin America are in various stages of renewed lockdowns as usual they begin long after cases were already soaring. Sometimes as in the Netherlands last week, the lockdowns were initiated after daily case and death counts were already climbing. Alright, they were already Oh, excuse me not climbing, I lost my spot. They were already receding for the European Union, the US and Latin America, the latest case fatality rate is 0.5 0.4 and 0.3% respectively, down from a high of four to 7% during the delta wave in June. If we add in the legions of asymptomatic mild and untested cases, the true Omicron mortality rate is likely around 0.2 roughly in line with the seasonal flu, the thing we've been living with our entire lives. bureaucrats in Europe, Latin America, and some US states seem to be saying, let's wait for cases to soar then wait a little bit longer until the crisis is subsiding. And then let's blow up the economy after it's too late to save any lives. lockdowns though also cost lives. This is the underreported collateral damage from COVID. And this is very important. So listen up. All right, pay close attention my friend in an October study. For the Reason Foundation my colleagues and I found in the US excess deaths from Homicide suicide, overdose and accident had amounted to 82,000 Between March 2020 and August 2021. During that period, the murder rate roughly doubled, and overdose deaths rose more than 50%. accidental deaths are also elevated after all more fatal accidents happen at home than in the office. Meanwhile, supply chain disruptions you've seen those store shelves, fear of hospitals and delayed diagnosis collectively led to an additional 80 6000 excess deaths from cancer, heart and lung disease and stroke. All right, those are people that can't get in the hospital because they say, oh, we can't do your heart surgery COVID in 15 weeks through December 18, these excess deaths and none from COVID have risen by another 56,000. Every death is a tragedy, yet we will all die eventually. So is it sensible to examine death from a cost benefit perspective? We keep hearing the mantra follow the science and true scientific method involves airing opinions and vetting hypotheses not stifling debate beyond the hard science, it's also involves asking tough cost benefit questions while anticipating unintended consequences. So let's explore unconventional answers. And this protracted nightmare. I'm not trying to catch on micron, but I'm not afraid. Catching it may very well reduce not increase my risk from dying from some future COVID variant. And that's the truth. That's the truth ladies and gentlemen. That's the truth, my friends, it may be better just to catch a cron variant and reach the actual immunity. Find the actual cure. Instead of lining the pockets for all these bureaucrats either way your personal health choices are yours to make and yours alone. But I really wanted to do due diligence during this episode.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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