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I Discovered a New Anti-Biden Rapper!

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

My good buddy Adam sent me a clip of this newly discovered ANTI-BIDEN rapper and I was so excited that I had to watch it with you! His name is Sampson and he looks like the hilarious standup comedian Theo Von. Sampson may even be his illegitimate son. These songs aren't just awesome, they're true!

Sampson - https://linktr.ee/therealsamson

Audio Only Version: American Reveille |180 | Proof That Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Elite Are Losing Control


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Generated Transcript:

I love high gas prices. I love paying more for groceries and I really love seeing taxes rise it's so good knowing that I'm giving more but receiving less than makes me feel humble but I'm gonna stop with the sarcasm right there because I swear we're living in a real jungle it's pretty simple to me though. It's way passing left to right juice use your head to common sense and think about how you've been affected in daily life is easier or harder and that's the most important question you should think of first because life is a bitch already as it is and you don't need someone that's gonna make it worse as fuck don't give me that look. Everything starts if you've gone outside if you've been in the store if you compare the prices do we hear before you drive a car have you pumped gas Don't lie to me now it sucks as you can brush it off like it's a fucking joke but the media lies numbers don't boy Well Who the fuck is it then? What jack up the prices? I want to know I spent so much of a Conoco. I don't know. I think it's insane that the leader of the country gets no blame because the whole entire time the last four years it was cheapest fuck I'm just saying now watch down in the comment section. Someone's gonna give us an economy lesson. I can't wait to hear your expert analysis on fluctuation and how expenses balance. Oh, I hate that. When people put that in the comments. Oh yeah, I forgot about the 16 cents that I saved on Hotdogs for Fourth of July. What a fucking steal to bet I spent more on gas just to get the target. And so by the time I got done buying all this shit and filling up my car, I had way less than when I started. Now I don't really call that saving my calls that losing money. It doesn't take a genius to do simple math, but apparently you can't. So who's the dummy? I'm just pissed off. This inflation's fucked up when I got to sit here and act like I love this administration with a thumbs up stupid. Everything is hell. But you act like I'm supposed to be in heaven. You know our country and doing too good. When the Waffle House start to close that aluminum. He can barely talk and don't act like I'm being overzealous. Every time the man speaks. I have no fucking clue what he's trying to tell us. Every speech is like a gag reel. Every time I see the shit. I'm like, is that real? Considering the fact that the only other option was Trump? I don't think it's such a bad deal. The fact that I want a strong leader, the strength of a man should be constantly tested, especially when you're in the most powerful position in the world. That should be not even a question. There's really not enough words that can describe the craziness we're facing. But the crazy part is still people you need to sit down and really explain this. Just watch a press conference. You'll see the job was all gone. He literally says out loud that he has a list of people he supposed to call on and even then he fucks that up. The whole thing is hella awkward. COVID-19 and his biggest enemy is the goddamn teleprompter. It feels like we don't even have a leader. It's like we're all just following blindly and each of my grandparents can run circles around him in a debate and they're almost 90. Look at him. Don't take it for me. Go listen to him. It's not a rumor. You gotta I mean the juniors is Christ. This guy sounds like old Eminem. Do you remember Eminem before he became a woke little bitch for those days? This guy's good here. Listen to me. In many ways if it was up to me, I'd rather have me tweets and cheap guests any day. I don't like Biden wound goods he done for us. I think Afghanistan pretty much sums it up. What a dumb a dog my stomach does somersaults when I think about those 13 soldiers that were killed the fucking goal. Then he goes to the service and keeps checking his watch like he has somewhere better to be a swear that disrespect doesn't stop. Take your fucking head up. Look at the women and men you killed. I don't understand how anyone can even defend you still. And if they do they either don't know what they're talking about. Or they're lying to themselves because they know damn well. You're a problem now pulling out was a good choice. Not the way you did it though. Come on, it's probably sitting there like oh my god, we did it. Yo. Speaking of her wish she'd been through all these deadly days as soon as shit erupts and hits the fan commoditise Mia it's not like she does anything anyway, so fucking useless Law and Order crisis at the border. She don't fucking do shit. Just the talking head paired up with The Walking Dead breaking absolutely every word that was promised or said every time I see their faces on TV. It's such a bummer. I feel like I'm watching the third installment of dumb and dumber and on top of all that they put another ban on ammo trying to disarm Americans. But he quit the Taliban like Rambo. You give them hundreds of 1000s of military guns with Americans just trying to protect their families of the scary ones. You put more trust in a terrorist organization and you doing your own people you don't care about this patient fuck you. That's for me. Blocked you that's from them. From everyone that's still stuck in Afghanistan. And the men and women who died for this country? Fuck you for every time you lied to cover up something you blame the how the fuck is this even his fault? You're in charge now? Not him. That's just your default. whenever something goes wrong you flip in say he did it. But whenever something goes right, you're quick to take the credit. You undid almost all of Trump's agreements by your second day. So why is this one of the only fucking things you left in place? No crosses the bear. No responsibilities, just chocolate chocolate chip to ease your mental instability and I was saying the bloods on your hands but that's a lie. You don't even know oh, oh. Oh Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, folks, that is Samson sh M S O N. He's got 90,000 subscribers on YouTube he's probably just a censored he's a little less censored than me just because that song was a lot more banging than anything I ever came up with. But folks, if you want to look them up sh m s o n. I just discovered him thought it would be some fun intro music to play with

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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