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I Will Pray for Madonna to Find Peace and Humility (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

It's now a sin to be a gifted child in New York City! Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided that all smart kids, including Asian-Americans, are suffering from White privilege and need to be knocked down a peg. What's he do? He cancels the gifted program for kids across the entire city. Shame on him and his Socialist supporters!

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Generated Transcript:

They tell you that it's racist and wrong to be you. They tell you that you're privileged, regardless of your color, they call you privileged because of your frame of mind and belief system, not because of your ethnicity. Your kids are taught that religion is evil, that religion is racist, that history is racist that the entire American system is racist, and that if they aren't completely suffering and dependent upon the government, they're privileged. It doesn't stop there. They're taught that because their privilege, they owe a debt to society, they owe a debt to the planet and to the universe. They're taught that in order to make the world a better place, we all You, me, your kids, everyone, all of us, we must be forced to change if we won't go willingly to the elites, and the brainwashed God has died, and he's been replaced by social media, if God has killed by social media, and progressive elites, and American Sodom and Gomorrah is a small price to pay for a generation, or two or three or 10 of eternal power and wealth off the backs of the broken and brainwashed Ladies and gentlemen, as our children's eyes are replaced by cartoon swirls and some of our friends and family members disappear into the cornfield out of touch celebrities warship vanity and attention as God and Savior. Take a look at this. Oh my god, Becky, look at that moolah. If you're listening, if you're listening, and you're not watching, there's a picture on the screen of Madonna's 63 year old rear end and I think I'm going to be sick guys from Breitbart. All right, from Breitbart written by Alanna maskin jello All right, I hope I said that right? masteron jello. All right, sorry, a lot of I didn't Madonna 63 grinds on tonight show desk flashes butt cheeks while plugging in documentary. I don't think they should keep butt cheeks and plugging in the same sentence. But hey, why not? It's Breitbart pop star. Madonna was roasted by the tonight show viewers after she crawled across Jimmy Fallon's desk. During Thursday's show. She flashed her buttocks to the audience before returning to her seat while Fallon freaked the EFF out. The 63 year old singer was promoting her new documentary Madame x during an appearance on The Tonight Show where she channeled late writer James Baldwin stating artists are here to disturb the peace. These people are out of their mind they live in a frickin fantasy world quote. And so I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon, but people's peace while they watch the show. I mean, that in the best way Madonna added to which Fallon responded by stating, yeah, you get in good trouble. Good trouble, Madonna repeated before lunging forward and salaciously climbing onto the late night hosts desk pushing aside his coffee mug and showing off her figure as she lived there for a moment. While the crowd cheered. They cheered it's disgusting. All right. No, no, no. Why would you Madonna Madonna Stop Stop Stop it. Fallon proclaimed before taking off his suit jacket and attempting to cover up the pop star was, which was to no avail. Madonna then got off Fallon's desk, and reassured the hosts that no one's going to see anything. My God, the Grammy winner added as she turned her back towards the audience to return to her seat and lifted up her dress to expose her rear. And clad in cheeky black underwear for all to see. And this is what they show our kids. This is what our kids get to see what what why. Why is that empowering for a 63 year old woman to do that? She didn't do anything classy. She just acted like a Whoa, I said it and it's the truth. She acted like a 63 year old Whoa, begging, begging for attention. All right. Do you think it's smelled up there on stage? I'm not saying listen, look older people. All right. Some people especially when they're going to fancy events when they're older, right? They use a lot of baby powder. They use a lot of cornstarch. Alright, certain people kind of have that mothball smell. And I wonder I wonder if when she jumped on the desk and flashed her butt cheeks? If Jimmy Fallon got a big whiff of that 63 year old math ball sent him. Oh god. Oh god, what are you doing? All right. Look, these people worship, they worship vanity. They worship their cell phones, what people think of them on social media. They worship the tech know, God. Plain and simple. All right. I just don't find that to be appropriate for a 63 year old anybody, man or woman. All right. I just don't viewers. Watching and jumped on social media and called Madonna stunted train wreck. And apparently, everybody else thinks that she shouldn't have done it either. Fallon. He then proceeded to behave in a frazzled manner before Madonna said, life is not just about interviewing kiddies, okay? Don't you want to talk to an adult? Let's have an adult conversation. Are you talking to an adult right now? Fallon asked to which the singer said, I'm not sure. I feel like you're in some kind of conflict right now. Madonna told Fallon before asking. Have you been to a therapist? I went once or twice the host answered. It just wasn't my thing. Fallon then asked Madonna if she goes to therapy to which the pop star said she doesn't, adding that she writes and she finds the practice therapeutic. Over the summer, Madonna made a surprise appearance at a pride party in Manhattan, where she was seen lying on a bar caressing her leg before standing up and singing one of her hits hung up in another video, the songstress could be seen grinding on an unidentified and identifiable object, excuse me, while the crowd cheered on folks, I bet you, I bet you that Madonna is one of the saddest people. All right, the saddest, most depressed, unhappy people you could ever meet on the planet. And I think we should all just pray for her, we should pray for her sanity, and we should pray that she finds a little bit of humility. All right, a little bit of humility and selflessness in her later years, you know, a lot of people see what Madonna did is either a publicity stunt, or a sad cry for attention. But I see the bigger picture, I see the pattern. I think when you're super rich and famous for a very long time, you tend to lose touch with the streets and the struggle. That's right, the streets and the struggle, if you ever were in touch with them to begin with that is, I told my wife the other day that if I ever became super rich and started to lose touch with reality that she needs to tell me. So I can cut myself off and put myself in a one bedroom in a low income neighborhood for like six months. That way I could get hard and humble again, I'm coming up with these one liners all day right streets and struggle hard and humble. But that's how you have to be folks. You have to be hard and humble to maintain and manage that success. These Hollywood elites and brainwashed liberals, they cry for rights, but they have no idea what they're actually crying out for. They say let trans women and women spas, what's the worst thing that could happen? And then little girls are harassed by predators. These trans women, they flash their peepees at these little girls that happens to happen in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. They say put trans women in women's prisons, what's the worst thing that could happen? What could happen? Then we have to pay for as taxpayers we have to pay for an epidemic, an epidemic of AIDS and pregnancy. in women's prisons. What you know, they say that little girls and boys they shouldn't have genders. They shouldn't have rules. They shouldn't have families, at least families as we know it. these teachings have consequences Ladies and gentlemen, major consequences. Remember pole dancing. First there was pole dancing and strip clubs. Then the liberals said that pole dancing only in a strip club was sexist. And that pole dancing could also be considered as cardio. Okay, it's it to me, you know if it's non sexual, do aerobics on a pole, non sexually ended non sexual attire and you know what? Fine, I'm okay with that. You're an adult. Do it. It's fine. Aha, though. But there's a catch. There's a catch. There's always a catch with the libs. According to the woke ideology. I'm not allowed to consider any attire a woman wears as sexual without her first proclaiming that it is sexual. So therefore, I cannot consider pole dancing or pole aerobics, sexual in any way whatsoever. No matter what the woman is wearing. By the way. She's not required at all to proclaim if it's sexual or not even saying she is a she is considered wrong in their crazy bass ackwards ideology, it's complete bullcrap. It's complete bullcrap. Because it's assuming all right, that she prefers to be a she, without her, telling me which makes no sense whatsoever. Alright, she's not required to tell me. So no matter what I do, I'm screwed. All right. So what's that tell us it tells us that their ideology is complete bs it's nonsense because they've created a completely non disputable system, right? It's not disputable. If you cannot question the system, then it's not a system at all. You know what it is? It's a religion and to the woke their teachings are God

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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