• Nitza Khon

Ideological Superorganisms

by Nitza Khon, American Reveille Contributor

Like so many people, I’ve been baffled at watching small Leftist groups or even individuals acting to advance their global cause seemingly with great coordination in the big picture, but without any visible sign of said coordination or order-giving from a “shadowy central entity.”

The presumption is that the shadow entity (whether George Soros, Barackus Rex, Bill Gates, or others) is somehow sending out orders through stealthy channels, but it suddenly dawned on me that a central controlling agency might not actually be necessary for most of what is seen from the Left.


Both scientists and laymen have been fascinated with the behaviors of groups of animals like birds, fish, and insects. How can animals, especially insects with infinitesimal brains compared to ours, exhibit such remarkable group dynamics? They all seem to be flying, swimming, or working in unison with remarkable – almost eerie – coordination. Consider this ant column raiding a wasp nest in Costa Rica:

According to this article, Small ants and their big brains, an individual ant has a brain that is roughly a million times smaller than a human:

“Human brain volume is 1.1-1.2 litres, of ant brain – an average of approx. 1 microlitre, so a million times smaller” – compared Prof. Ewa J. Godzińska. But she noted that an ant colony of more than one million individuals – and such colonies are not uncommon – would have more computing power than the human brain.

And while both fish and birds have brains much larger than ants, compared to a human brain they still come up short. Yet legions of videos exist, like the above, of “mere animals” working together in what seems like fantastic cooperation with almost preternatural communication.


It was at least a decade ago that I read an article – so I don’t have the reference – about how computer simulations with just a few simple rules created digital flocks, schools, and swarms with remarkably realistic behaviors. Going from memory these rules included:

  • Stay between X and Y distance of your neighbors

  • Avoid predators with at least Z distance

  • Progress towards a set goal (migration, feeding, defense under attack, etc.)

Again, this is from memory, so please forgive any omissions, but a set, common goal and a few simple rules produced remarkably complex group behaviors that gave the appearance of intelligent, planned, and coordinated actions.


So let me reverse-engineer the Left’s behaviors to draw a conclusion about our “friends” on the Left. Hypothesizing the rules:

  • The creation of a one-world Socialist state is the utmost & highest good possible

  • In this one-world Socialistopia hunger, war, poverty, disease, bigotry, etc. – i.e., all the ills that have plagued mankind since forever – will be swept away, thus justifying any misery or deaths that may occur along the way (e.g., here and here)

  • Any action, even individual action, that increases the chance of Socialistopia being created is a moral & actionable mandate and thus doing them makes you a good and moral and noble person

  • To realize this Brave New World all vestiges of the old world and its history need to be swept away as has been done with every great societal revamp in history

  • The more chaos and disruption the more desperate people will become, and thus they will be more primed to accept the offer of stability – Dostoyevsky was a prophet in foreseeing this – and Socialists are more than ready to promise that stability

  • Any who oppose solving these age-old ills, as Saint Marx prophesized will happen in this new world, must be for keeping them around… and are therefore irredeemably evil people to their core. And good people must fight evil and thus feel good about doing so.

Now, think of pretty much any Leftist behavior. I would contend that from Antifa to teachers teaching illegals in person but not Americans, to the destruction of border security, to spending the US into insolvency, to destroying America’s military through wokeness, or to releasing criminals and not prosecuting crimes, or sending Covid patients to infect nursing home residents to inflate the death count and damage then-President Trump, or anything else, like, say, exploiting a dementia-addled man to be the Trojan horse for taking over America, can be explained by individuals not receiving orders per se, but merely following the rules as above – to advance The Cause and feel good about themselves in their moral and intellectual superiority cocoon.


I would argue an emphatic YES.


Consider the married Muslim couple who suicide-bombed a church on Palm Sunday: Indonesia: Muslim newlyweds identified as the jihad suicide bombers who attacked the church on Palm Sunday. Marriage should be joyous and filled with the promise of tomorrow… yet these two willingly killed themselves to harm an enemy of Islam: a church and its members.

Is Islam also an Ideological Superorganism, albeit with modified motivators?

And if yes, and I would argue there is strong data in individual, sudden jihad syndrome actions across the world that it’s also an emphatic YES, then no wonder Islam and the Left are allies. They’re both Ideological Superorganisms valuing people only in their role in the collective, whose individuals are willing to put themselves into jeopardy (if not self-sacrifice) to advance the cause, they both view America and Western Civilization / Capitalism as their enemies to be taken down by any means necessary, and they’re both supremacist faiths who handle heretics and apostates similarly…

United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left

Perhaps, if my superorganism thesis is correct, we can truly start knowing our enemies which is critical to winning.

The Art of War: The New Illustrated Edition (The Art of Wisdom)

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” — Sun Tzu

A Curious Incuriosity 2

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