• James Lane

If Matrix Resurrections is Woke, We Riot!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By James Lane, CEO and head Jew, American Reveille LLC.

For the last few years we've had to put up with a litany of feature film and television tainted with the disgusting underpinnings of wokeism. Movies and shows that seemed promising but turned out to be propaganda pinatas, just waiting to explode in our faces.

He-Man on Netflix and the Batwoman TV series are disgustingly woke, Turner Classic Movies is being crucified, and many of the Marvel movies stink of social justice nonsense. It's like they made Guardians of the Galaxy as a gateway drug. Everything old is apparently white and racist. Even if it was done by black people, if it doesn't fit the woke narrative, it's white and racist. If you're a guy, you're doomed. Being a white male has become a crime in all these new movies and TV shows. Being a heterosexual is a sin, and if you're a Jew or a Christian, forget about it, you're doomed.

I don't have to create a listing for you to know exactly what I'm talking about. For a good chunk of years now, every form of entertainment we consume has become consistently more woke. We have no choice but to absorb critical race theory and social justice hysterics everywhere we go, and everywhere we look. It doesn't seem we have a choice. Every time I get excited about a movie or show, I am let down. It's so irritating.

Some people love the Matrix and some people hate it. I personally love it. I saw it in a movie theater with my mom in 1999 when I was a teen, so it has some personal significance for me. More than a mental monument, the Matrix represented an untouchable historical marker. Why do I say this? Because the movie already had sequels. Years ago, mediocre sequels were released, which I came to appreciate when I got older. Since the Matrix was done, I slept easy at night knowing that Neo was dead and he wouldn't be explaining his triggers to Neil Patrick Harris.

So, I saw the trailer for Matrix Resurrections the other day and got extremely excited. I felt a keen sense of Nostalgia and anticipation, which was immediately cut out by nauseating dread. The trailer was full of hair-dyed pixie-bob haircuts, keywords like "triggered," and thick-rimmed leftie glasses (you know exactly what I am talking about). Oh yeah, the director of the film believes he is a female, so the film may be jam-packed with overtones of body and personality mix matches.

Look, there is plenty of material to make an amazing Matrix movie after all these years. AI, social media, big tech, people's attention spans, and a laundry list of other techno plagues and techno miracles are available and willing candidates. The last thing we need is for this movie to be ruined by woke social justice garbage. Personally, I don't care what you do with your life as long as you don't infringe upon my personal liberty, so stop shoving this woke nonsense down my throat!

I feel like they are assaulting everything I love and miss about the '90s. The woke mob are like Langoleers, consuming the past, except they are worse; they destroy the past and replace it with a distorted reality, a lie. This social justice, critical race, woke bullshit, is a lie. Like President Trump says, if you're woke, it means you are a loser. So, pretty f'n please, with a cherry on top, don't make Matrix Resurrections a loser.

This is the last straw, we are tired of the woke nonsense, if The Matrix Resurrections is woke, we riot!

Here's the trailer. Let me know what you think.

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