• James Lane

In PA, John Fetterman Defeats Dr. Oz, Flips Red Seat Blue

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

Democrat candidate John Fetterman, now Senator-elect, defeated unpopular candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz with 50.8% (2,678,286) of the vote compared to 46.78% (2,466,294). Fetterman has come under scrutiny for his dedicated stance against fracking, oil, and coal while publicly denying his own past words. Fetterman is nationally known for suffering a stroke in May, returning to the campaign in August and “hiding in the basement” to avoid a public debate with Dr. Oz until the last minute.

Strategically sound, this ensured that a large portion of the early votes would be in before any medical challenges were revealed. Whether you find it slick or shift, the bottom line is that this strategy worked, and the Democrats flipped a traditionally red senate seat blue. Dr. Oz never truly connected with the unique culture of Pennsylvanians, and it’s a shame. At the end of the day, the people of Pennsylvania have voted to bring more woke-ism to Washington. You reap what you sow.

In the meantime, Republicans need to look in the mirror and find a creative way to overcome our rapidly shifting and social media-influenced culture.

Watch Senator-elect John Fetterman’s election night speech below:

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