• Kinsley Kurtz

Indoctrination Nation: It Starts in the Schools

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Contributor

You'd be hard-pressed to find parents who know everything their children are taught in school--unless they are homeschooling their children. For centuries, parents have willingly given their children over to "professionals" charged with the task of training them up to be respectful, responsible, contributing members of society.

Our very "machine" ---our society, depends on a certain set of expectations, standards, and knowledge imparted to students K-12 and beyond in order to keep the cogs turning. You are born, you grow and attend school, you pick a career or trade and train for it, and so on and so forth. Whoever created this machine was an absolute genius. It serves the few with the efforts of many contributing to the taxation system, the banking system, and the economy in ways that fuel elitist individuals who watch the madness from afar. Few of us stop and question the repetitive nature of history, of our "liberties," and even of our dreams, as they can even seem boxed in and limiting at times. Those who dare challenge the system are ostracized, labeled as "problematic," and destined to fall upon hard times if they don't fall in line with regard to our expectations of them.

Public School Education And Media: The Perfect Combination

As if it weren't enough to be receiving propaganda via our left-wing media these days, it seems that public school education in our great country is picking up where liberal news channels leave off. From the moment our children step into a classroom, they are "encouraged" to contribute to the common good, to fall in line, and to meet expectations as set forth by the almighty state and national standards boards of education. Those who do challenge the system are swiftly dealt with--either through the avenue of special education programs or through a number of interventions and medications designed to squash the very spirit that could ingeniously lead us out of our societal coma. When did asking questions and respectfully challenging society's "norms" become dangerous?

Teachers: Aren't we a fearful bunch?

Teachers generally aren't in it for the money, we are in it to change little lives---we are inspired by the thought of promoting academic, social and emotional growth for millions of young children, and although we start with those big dreams and aspirations, many of us get bogged down by the minutiae of bureaucratic nonsense we encounter. Parent phone calls, state and federal restrictions, student law, and school board dictation are just some of the things that squash our individuality and help shape us into the worst kind of conformists…….ones that may know the truth, but we are just fearful enough for our own livelihood that we comply with the mandates coming down from above.

Educators are master manipulators-----designers-----inspirers---call it what you will; we can make lemonade out of lemons if need be. We masterfully turn that ability toward each other as well, making each other feel guilty about missing staff meetings, failing to conform with standard protocols for teaching, and following union expectations that ensure proper representation against legal actions taken. This is where our greatest downfall is as a whole; our own individuality gets squashed in favor of "group decisions," "curriculum discussions," and "educational guidelines." Who is at the top, deciding what to roll out and present to us---many of whom buy the propaganda hook, line, and sinker? How cleverly they package their presentation; those of us who may have had individual points of view and strong opinions are either asked to take a backseat or to find another profession, as "we are all moving forward for the common good." If we play the game long enough, we get a pension, retirement, and a pat on the back for a job well done. We can hang our hats in the educational hall of fame, knowing that we contributed to the progressive, ongoing movement of society that takes us further and further from the ideals that founded this country in the first place.

The latest attack? No weapons…….just curriculum

In a stunning movement over recent weeks, several states have presented their shiny new social studies curriculum standards. For those readers unaware of what social studies education is supposed to do, let us enlighten you. Proper social studies content is about promoting civic competence and responsibility, giving students the tools of accurate knowledge, intellectual processes, and plenty of discourse that inspires students to become actively engaged as public citizens who make thoughtful decisions about their local government.

In short, we should be inspiring students to make informed decisions based on current events, accurate historical facts, and social topics that affect our nation's future. Are we doing that?

A big fat NO on that one.

Listen up, dear parents!

The new social studies curriculum may vary slightly from state to state, but we are seeing an alarming movement away from actual historical events of the past and toward progressive ideas that promote socialism, systemic racism, and the disenfranchisement of certain minority groups that are now encouraged to rise and take their "true place" in society. Here's a quick snapshot of the Do's and Don'ts of social studies--for the next ten years, we might add:

Don't Teach:

· The Pledge of Allegiance

· Anything related to the American Flag



· Historical facts related to the Holocaust, including references to Nazis and Jewish communities

· Communism or Socialism

· The American Revolution

· George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

· The Civil War

· Minnesota's Iron Range role during the world wars

· State responses to global conflicts and displaced peoples since 1945

Not to worry parents, there's plenty of content to cover where we've left gaping holes in your child's education. Here are some of the topics that we are ready to indoctrinate with:

Do Teach:

· Systemic racism in our country and how it was rooted in our very founding

· How freedom and democracy has excluded certain groups throughout our known history

· A respectful awareness of concepts such as gender, identification, and discrimination

· The juvenile justice system and its poor evaluation of minority groups; how these minority groups are set up for failure from the very start of their education

· The Reconstruction period, more specifically successful efforts to disenfranchise newly freed Black Americans---connecting this period of time to ongoing persistent discrimination and inequities that must be rectified

· An in-depth analysis of the ideologies of Manifest Destiny and its relationship to whiteness, Christianity, and capitalism…….

Critics Being Silenced

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (North Carolina) is a vocal critic of the exclusive curriculum, stating:

"We need to teach our children how to think and not what to think. Unfortunately, the standards as they are currently written do not accomplish this goal. Instead, they have been crafted by those on the radical left with an explicit agenda of being divisive, promoting the left-wing ideology and indoctrinating our students within our public schools. The very point of the curriculum was to argue that America is a racist nation with systems in place designed to discriminate against minority groups. The implication? That you should hate our great nation. Unfortunately, this example is not an outlier but instead reflects the broader sentiment that is pervasive throughout the standards."

Bravo, Governor Robinson. Too bad the agenda is moving forward anyway. Despite the thousands of parents raising objections and straight-thinking government and educational officials raising objections to this lunacy, their outcries are being silenced in favor of a larger agenda-----the agenda toward shaping a hive mind incapable of independent thought, reason, or right action.

What do we do now?

Did you get all that, dear parents? Teachers, how can you in good conscience promote this abomination and stain in our educational history? If we squash the capability for independent thinking, questioning, and reasoning within our schools, we might as well sign our compliance on the government handouts we're soon to get, for we will inevitably be dependent on them at some point.

One voice may be small, fifty voices a minor irritant, but knowledge is power, and sharing the word, speaking out against this insanity, and bringing to light their attempted control and manipulation into the hands of a Socialist economy will be the only fight we have against this change. The curriculum has not been adopted; we still have time to voice our concerns as parents, educators, and citizens concerned for this country's future. Hell, if you really want to make waves….pull your kids out of the public education system and teach them on your own. That may be a growing movement that will force change upon an archaic system that needs some cross-examination. Public education was created to "serve" the masses, not to "indoctrinate" them. Be proactive, demand change, and take action to ensure that your children are properly educated. Pulling the wool over their eyes and refusing to show an accurate picture will not serve them or the country they stand to inherit; true and lasting change comes from taking a stand and speaking until we are heard.


[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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