• Bryan Cornitius

Infiltrated: China's Hybrid War Against the West

Updated: May 24

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

In the study of philosophy, the "Chinese room" argument states that a computer can't have human consciousness no matter how much a human-like mind could be placed in a computer to function. I find it strange that as technology looks to give computers consciousness, the Chinese government looks to remove that same quality from their citizens.

People in China, committing suicide, while others scream from their windows as a drone flies by, telling them to obey the government.

Shanghai is a dystopian nightmare. The Communist utopia strikes again. The people are snapping under the pressure of such absurd protocol and government overreach. They are left without food, proper medical treatment, and the basic dignity of being with family and friends. This is the type of Communist tyrannical control system lurking around the corner for the rest of the world.

In China, the government believes in jailing pastors, closing churches and even going as far as manipulating scriptural teachings. There is the horrific mistreatment of Uyghurs. Free speech is nonexistent. Apparently, you aren't even allowed to say phrases like "free Hong Kong" or "free Tibet." The controversy over China's child labor sweat shops are certainly a human rights issue. How is it with all these human rights abuses that China got to host the Olympics? Not to mention the Wuhan lab and the whole Covid thing…

China looks to further its influence through corrupt politicians in America. Enter CHINAGATE. America's communication technologies were given to China under the Clinton administration. Is that how they got hypersonic nukes? The Clintons have made careers out of treason and corruption and still had time to traffic drugs out of Mena airport in Arkansas, and certain people simply too afraid to be added to the Clinton body count. Not to mention that time Bill Clinton honored Jiang Zemin (responsible for Tieneman Square) at the White House with a 21 gun salute. The Chinagate betrayal shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, nor should the fact that the Clintons have gotten away with their counterfeit narrative that their actions were for the greater good.

Biden carries the torch of treason, bending a knee to China just as long as "the big guy" gets his 10%. The Hunter Biden laptop revelations of corrupt ties to China will never meet any justice. Just Washington DC, selling out the American people as usual.

There is a growing resentment towards the CCP. Here in Houston, Chinese spies had their Communist office shut down. People are noticing China buying up American farmland and meddling in US elections. Will they use North Korea as a proxy to attack the west? Is an invasion of Taiwan imminent?

Many obvious truths were echoed in this article and some hard questions were asked. Please understand that China can never replicate American greatness as hard as they try with a gold-backed Chinese Yuan. Their attempts to resemble the west have left them with ghost cities. Their leaders just don't seem to understand the power of American ingenuity, which exists because people are free to dream. People are free to be human beings. A concept they can't grasp is this freedom.

Make no mistake, we are already at war.

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