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It's Going to Take GIANTS to Unite the United States of America

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By MG, Blogger, Constitutional Party of the United States

America once had giants that walked the lands. No, I'm not talking about the Nephilim of ancient days. I'm talking about the men who were true patriots to the country they believed in founding, real freemen of old days and old ways. They were educated in many languages and spoke many tongues. The real pioneers that proved fear could not tie down the spirit of mankind. They proved that fear only encourages us to conquer it.

Fear often forces the weak to become fierce, and once defeated, fear liberates us to be whole as our forefathers displayed in their actions. Our forefathers knew their faith would prevail against all evil and fears. They abandoned their homeland to claim their liberties and establish America. The day they signed the Declaration of Independence, they knew they might as well have signed it in their own blood. They signed it knowing it would be their families hanged, burned, and scattered about the lands for their treason to the crown.

These great men had so much faith in the liberties of freemen they were willing to sacrifice their own lives and families for the lands we ALL call home today. They did this knowing they would be held accountable as traitors, and by claiming independence, they all had just signed their death warrants. Some of the men that returned home did find their families murdered or not found at all taken and torched, never to be found and never to be known. Our forefathers really set a high bar for the standards of a patriot, hence why I refer to them as the giants of men. They yearned for knowledge and brought forth the greatest nation on earth with their findings, and they left some mighty big shoes to fill.

America's condition and the path we are set on call for the giants of men to rise once again and help restore the balance to our republic. To help reclaim the people's laws and instill the principles that made the world's youngest nation the greatest the world has ever seen. Our forefathers changed the world when they declared their freedoms. The sons and daughters of these giants are here, and they walk among us, "We the People" of America, are the sleeping giants in which the bible speaks.

We need to declare our freedoms once more. We bleed red, white, and blue, we serve our people, and our people need to call on each other to stand once again united as our forefathers once did to preserve the nation's future generations. These are the men and now women, thanks to our own fight for independence decades later, that will stand their ground not just for themselves but for our people, our liberties, and our lands we call home.

Americans standing on the far edges of tyranny and anarchy may disappear right out of the gates of chaos. The descendants of these giants must stand for those that are still our fellow Americans, the weaker but still valued to our people. While they are weak, they are still productive members of our society and may offer great value to our nation.

As we watch American civilians being pulled from vehicles In Portland, Oregon by the mob mentally anarchists, we should think if that would have happened to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or any of the other forefathers, then we would not have the country we have today. The difference is the principles that were instilled and taught to the people. The value of each other, their value in their own communities and livelihoods depended on connection with one other.

Just look at our youth, ignorance on full display for the world to see just how far off the founding principles that kept a balance between tyranny and anarchy we have fallen from. How many BLM leaders and those like Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson and Luis Farrakhan ALL teach, preach, and villainize the forefathers for the years black Americans were kept in slavery. All these leaders have done is lay the foundation for victimhood in the minds of the next generations. As preachers, they should have taught love, forgiveness, and brotherhoods amongst communities. They blame someone else for their cultural history in these lands.

Let me lay a little fact out for the reverends and for the rest of the world. While the world points the finger at the evils America has done, might I remind you all that Thomas Jefferson had a plan to free the slaves within one generation so that America would be an absolutely free people as a whole. Many of the forefathers were on board, but not all. The great state of CT and others in the original colonies refused to go along with Jefferson's plan. As the states had and still have more power than the government, Jefferson had to scrap the plan for Black American freedom at that time. Many refuse to admit it, but in all facts represented today, had the Black Americans been freed by Thomas Jefferson's plan, my opinion is that they all would have been slaughtered, just like the Indians.

Back then, the mindset of many early colonists was based upon fear and unknowing. Colonial mindsets were that Black Americans were savages no different than the Indians because they beat on drums, sang songs they never heard from faraway lands, and healed with herbs just like the "savages" in this new land they had been brought to. There is no doubt that freed Black Americans would have been led to the slaughter like the lambs. If you need proof, look no further than 1921 Tulsa's Black wall street, and that was after the slaves were freed. Imagine if they had been a free people like the Indians in those days, what may have happened.

These so-called preachers of faith should have taught that God has a time and place for everything. They also could have taught that God has a time, purpose, and season for everything and everyone. It took the Anglo Saxon almost 600 years to claim back a small portion of their freedoms, it took Black Americans less than 200 years to have freedoms and rights. Another point I like to add is if America was so racist even back then, why could a Black American Man vote almost 100 years before white women? We all have stories of oppression in America however, through trials, sufferings, and sacrifices, we all have liberated ourselves. Now is not the time to start going backwards as we see our societies clashing, pushing further toward another civil war based on false teachings.

Our government, global organizations and profitable charities are set on dividing the strongest people in the world, the American People. They know that the only way we will ever be conquered is to be divided. When our people discover the truth of our birthing and liberation as a nation, and the actions and sacrifices of real heroes that changed the world. At that time, our people will be the giants of the world once again and become unstoppable once more.

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