• James Lane

It's No Conspiracy: The Biolabs in Ukraine are Real!

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

It's no secret. You heard me right. It's no secret, and there's no conspiracy. Literally, the US government tests deadly viruses worldwide, and it's not a secret, even if you are just hearing about it. I'm glad you've woken up. Make no mistake, I don't support such testing. Word through the grapevine says that certain "impressionable" people are getting swept away in creating a larger conspiracy surrounding the release of Covid-19. Allow me to wake you up. I'm not saying that the CCP didn't release the Chinavirus. I'm just saying that we have no proof that it has anything to do with Russia. The only proof we have is the intelligence showing Putin delayed his invasion at the request of Xi Jinping. So when we find out there are Biolabs in Ukraine, that does not mean that Putin invaded Ukraine to expose the globalists. That is Russian propaganda. They are using the Left's tactics against you, the public.

Moral Obligation

In my previous article comparing the Ukrainian and Russian militaries by size and strength, I mentioned multiple times that things are just not so simple. There is no perfect country or leader. Those Biolabs are not how I want my taxpayer dollars spent, but until someone shows me direct proof, I have no credible information linking Russia to the greater Covid-19 conspiracy. At the same time, you can feel however you want about Putin, he's killing civilians, and murdering children is enough for me. Things aren't simple. Just because the Left and Right slightly agree, don't let the Left manipulate you to turn on your moral values and obligation just because you don't agree with them ideologically. We can easily dispose of Putin without starting World War 3. All we need to do is return to American energy independence. Use your head. If we only depend on ourselves for oil, it doesn't affect us on American soil, no matter what's happening globally. It is our moral obligation to open the flood gates on American energy. Anyone in the Biden administration saying otherwise is a liar. They don't want you thinking about American energy, they want you confused by propaganda.

Biolabs in Ukraine and Around the World

Do I have your attention yet? Yes, there are 26 Biolabs in Ukraine. It's no secret. These labs, along with hundreds of others (yes, I said hundreds), operate quietly around the world and are funded under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). This is all under the umbrella of a 2.1 billion dollar military program known as the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP). Doesn't that sound inclusive? I'm digging up articles on these labs going back fifteen years, only now are people beginning to pay attention. Pay attention to this map of Biolabs. Hint: Ukraine is on the top left.

According to USA Today back in 2015:

"It's impossible to obtain a full accounting of lab accidents or lab-acquired infections because there is no universal, mandatory requirement for reporting them and no system to analyze trends to assess emerging biosafety risks and disseminate lessons learned on a regular basis. From 2006 through 2013, labs notified federal regulators of about 1,500 incidents with select agent pathogens and, in more than 800 cases, workers received medical treatment or evaluation, limited public data in program annual reports show."


Just because there are Biolabs in Ukraine doesn't mean that Vladimir Putin is some knockoff Soviet Batman coming to free the country from the evils of the Covid Kabal. There just so happen to be hundreds of Biolabs studying deadly viruses around the world at the behest of Fauci and the United States. These labs span Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and more. They're all over the darn place! There's no mandatory reporting system for accidents?! They study viruses that could make you bleed to death from your butthole, and there's no mandatory reporting system for accidents?! Remember what I said, the world isn't so simple.

The truth is that the United States is currently doing many good things while simultaneously doing many bad things. That's what happens when incompetency and bureaucracy run the government. Simply put, Putin is killing women and children (including young Russian boys on "training missions"). This must obviously be stopped, but how? The Left now tear at their clothing in the streets and cry for war while sensible Americans agree that American energy independence leads to a future that avoids World War 3. I say keep your eyes on the people behind the curtain but remain grounded in reality. The reality is that every country around the world and every person in those countries, good or bad, old or young, has always had and always will have blood on their hands in the eyes of the elites.

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