• Thomas Marlowe

Sabotage: January 6th, 2021, the real history

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

Sabotage--"deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage."

So if there's one thing the far left is good at, it's projection--the ability to take one's own undesirable and abhorrent personality traits and attribute them to someone else. In many cases, it manifests itself in the behaviors of evildoers who, to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions, accuse their enemies of that very behavior. They've become experts at psychological warfare and have for decades been able to skew information to fit whatever narrative suits their agenda at the moment via their sycophants at corporate media.

I have read a myriad of social media posts from individuals who actually attended the march on January 6th. Without exception, all of them describe the sentiment of that day the same way--the spirit of love and patriotism consumed the crowd. The mainstream media narrative has shifted that sentiment to an all-out takeover filled with hatred and disgust for our country and its institutions. They are quickly and adeptly twisting the peaceful protest in Washington DC into an all-out riot and march of insurrection against the US government. This is another example of their subversion against Americans who believe that "We the people" are still paramount in the founding framers' model of government.

Today, I just finished a phone call with my good friend, Dave, who attended the march for freedom and fair elections. The most disturbing aspect of the march, he said, is what the media has turned it into. When he arrived from his hotel early that morning with his fiancee, he was excited and proud to be part of something beautiful. Teams of people poured into Washington throughout the day to show their love for the president, but more importantly, to show their love for their country. The "tens of thousands" of individuals we've heard about on mainstream news outlets is only the first of many lies. According to Dave, there were at least a million people and beyond, since they were still arriving out past the Washington Monument as Trump gave his speech.

When Trump had finished, all was peaceful, and the energy was only positive. "We were happy and proud to be a part of something like that," he said. "It was a moment in history to show how so many people from all over this great nation care about our country, our values, our American way of life." As he and his fiancee filtered away from the stage to drift toward the capital, no one was rushing to breach the line. No one was chanting hate-filled mantras against the government or Biden or anyone else. They were there to be "present," he said. The silence of their presence was far more powerful than any words they could have spoken.

The officers and Trump marchers were peaceful, laughing and talking about their day to day and their hopes for the future of our nation, about the rule of law, and, yes, about how it had come to this--how so much evidence of malfeasance could be ignored by the court system for procedural dismissals and how legislators could drop the ball and allow state bureaucracies to control the outcome of a national election. How could relatively few individuals compare to the millions of people who voted on November 3rd be allowed to "sabotage" the true will of the American people? That was the burning question when there was talk of politics at all amongst the crowd. But even those conversations were light and hopeful. Any discontent with what has taken place over the last two months was drowned by the backdrop of more than a million souls who were there to show their love and support peacefully. They wanted the lawmakers in the people's house to know that Hawley and Cruz--along with the hundred other lawmakers who had originally planned to speak up--were not alone in their objections to the electors from the states who broke their own election laws in order to certify votes for Biden. Among the GOP and Democrat talking points from the establishment were calls to "move on," to respect "law and order." However, not one addressed the absolute hypocrisy of their impassioned pleas. Not one questioned why "law and order" went out the window during these states' elections on November 3rd. Not one.

And as the murky swamp creatures in their chamber talked about "law and order," they knew that outside, lurking beneath the spirit of hope, patriotism, and love for our nation, there was a dark agenda brewing. According to Dave and many other attendees, the DC police had escorted groups of ANTIFA members into the crowd that morning. The social media posts were warning lawmakers and others who marched to be careful as they moved about.

Dave and his fiancee began to notice some fairly strange characters posted at various locations throughout the march. As they moved toward the capitol building after Trump's speech, shadowy figures were standing about, eerily watching the crowd, dressed all in black, some backpacked with full masks, and some donned as Darth Vader and other evil characters from various pop culture mythologies. While there is no "typical" Trump supporter, Dave could not help but think these folks looked a bit out of place. Finally, shots from the capitol building startled him and others who mingle outside. Then, one of the suspicious figures was calling from the inner perimeter, "Come on, we need you in here! We're taking the capital! We're in!" Most of the troubled marchers responded, Dave said, with fear and worry, "This isn't what came here for," he said. "There's something not right about this. Those aren't our people."

As Dave and his fiancee stood and watched from the outer perimeter, some were actually moving in to keep the crowd calm and even hold some of the people back who were pushing forward toward the police line. We would find out with some video postings that some of those police had actually opened the barriers to allow people access to the steps and doors of the capitol building, which was confusing at best. In a matter of moments, it was at a fever pitch somewhere inside, and then it was over. People were left wondering what had happened. Meanwhile, a million other marchers had no idea what was going on. They were there to support their president and show love for their country peacefully.

Whatever few Trump supporters were inside the capital should absolutely NOT have been there, but they were not there to loot, pillage, destroy, or harm other Americans. And the wrong of Mrs. Babbitt, a fourteen-year veteran of the Air Force, for breaching the perimeter and the inner hallway did not deserve the death penalty. If two million patriots, military veterans and first responders, active and retired, wanted to take the capitol on January 6th, they would have.

Two days later, the hatred of Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and others in our people's hall still burns. They call for Pence to enact the 25th amendment, or for Trump's impeachment (which is now on the table), and Cruz and Hawley's removal (and comparison to Goebbels). Make no mistake, they hate us because we love our country, and we support a president who loves the country as well. They hate anything and everything related to love and unity. They hate us for praying to God instead of turning to them for our needs. They hate us for voting with our conscience and with an eye on our children's future. Some even hate us for loving our children, for they see children as parasites in the womb to be nixed in the interest of convenience and personal choice. They hate us for loving and cherishing our freedoms instead of bowing to them and affirming all their dark delusions of grandeur.

Yes, two days later, the mainstream media narrative has sabotaged the real event, which was predicated on peace and love for a country that we want to save from socialism and despotism. Now, to them, this historic event has become just another ugly smudge on the fabric of our political history here in America--one of many they will continue to try and erase or spin to serve their own evil agenda. The DC police escorted ANTIFA in for a reason. They will sabotage anything we do in order to rewrite our narrative. We must persevere through. We cannot fail. We must remain peaceful and keep love and justice in our hearts. That is what they hate and fear the most--that is what will ultimately win our country back.

God protect us all...

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