• James Lane

Jay Leno Suffers Third-Degree Face Burns in Gasoline Fire; Could Have Died

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

America's favorite chin, Jay Leno, is lucky to be alive. While working on his 115-year-old steam car (that apparently needs gasoline), Jay was sprayed on the face, chest, and hands with gas when a spark ignited the famed talk show host into flames. Without the quick thinking of his friend Dave, Jay Leno would be in a medically induced coma, if not dead. Instead, Jay may receive skin grafts and a few days of hospitalization.

This should be a reminder to always work safely and, if possible, with a buddy when dealing with flammable liquids and vehicle repair. Remember, without his buddy Dave, Jay could have been the next Unsolved Mysteries episode about spontaneous human combustion.

All jokes aside, we wish Jay Leno a speedy recovery and are thankful he wasn't injured further.

Hear what happened to Jay Leno as he recovers at the hospital. He spoke with ET Online, and they produced this short video:

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