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Jen Psaki's Husband is a Good Little Girly-Man Puppy Dog!

By James Lane, host, American Reveille

An entire segment of American Reveille, dedicated to kicking Jen Psaki's feminine husband in the cashews!


American Reveille LLC Transparency Report - Nov. 2021

American Reveille | 178 | Thank God I’m Not Married to Jen Psaki!


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Generated Transcript:

Alright, next time I'll get a straw. I'm trying to make as little noise as possible when I get that drink. I don't want to sit here with a dry mouth and then pretend that you guys don't notice, you know, going. Oh, wait a minute. What is this? I see that we have some breaking news here. All right, this just in folks. This Justin. Jen saqi Jen saqi has COVID-19 Oh my gosh. COVID-19 This proves this proves that even Mark Zuckerberg in a wig pretending to be the White House press secretary isn't safe from the dreaded China virus. No, no, no, no, no. Okay. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Well, kind of kidding. You know, Jen saqi. Getting COVID is not the worst thing that can happen. You know, she's got the sniffles, and we don't have to hear her talk for a few days. Isn't that great? We don't have to hear a word hopefully not come out of Mark because I mean, a sack ease mouth. She really really really does look like Mark Zuckerberg in a wig. Come on. You know, she does. Come on, man. You know, she does. All right. She's condescending. She's cold. She's an arrogant person. And you know what? I think she hates men. I really think she hates men. And there's a lot of women out there like that. Most of them are on the left. Big surprise, right? Big surprise. Can you imagine being married to her? Can you imagine coming home? To Gen saqi. Oh, God. Oh, I got the shivers. Could you imagine dinner with a Gen saqi. And the kids could you imagine the conversation like like the movie American Beauty. You remember that part where they're sitting at the table? It's I forget his name. It's the actor that didn't tell people he was gay and then started touching guys. He got canceled a long time ago. We I know his face. I can picture his face. I don't even know why I didn't write that down as a bullet point. I really should. I really should. But anyway, it's the guy from American Beauty. He's sitting across the table. All right. There's Jen Sakhi. All right, we're all well, I don't want to compare us to the guy from American Beauty. But hey, let's just imagine it's the scene not necessarily the actor. Alright. And you're past the asparagus, please. Yes, dear. I bet you. I bet you you have to ask Jen saqi permission for everything. I bet her husband has to ask her for permission for everything. I wonder like what she watches on TV. Like do you think that do you think her husband ever gets the remote? Do you think that if you were sitting with Jen Sacchi, and she was watching the new Charlie's Angels or the 2016 woke of Ghostbusters for the 700th time, or the what is it? Miss Marvel movie that woke masterpiece there? Do you think she would hand you the remote? Do you think she would let you put on I don't know, Monday Night Football? Probably not? Probably not. Could you imagine on a road trip? No radio control for you. You're not listening to the American Reveley on that road trip. Now you're probably listening to I don't know, Florence and the Machine. Do you think maybe she listens to Fleetwood Mac? I don't know. I wonder maybe Cardi B she could listen to Cardi B. Maybe that's her type of owl. You know, I can't imagine Jen Sakhi having anything close to a wasp. So cardi B's out of the picture, if anything, if anything, I would think Rage Against the Machine. Or or Eminem basically any male music artist with a very, very tiny set of testicles. So that's what I would expect Gen saqi to have. So I can't imagine Cardi B look either way, being with her must be horrible. I feel so bad for her husband. I feel bad for her husband because I used to be with somebody like I've been with a couple people that turned out to be like a Gen Sakhi before I was married to my wonderful current wife who is my forever wife. I'm saying that out loud. And I mean that wholeheartedly. I really do. I know this sounds sarcastic and jokey. But I really do love my wife 1000 times over but I'm going to say I'm going to say I wouldn't want to be married to Jen saggy, not one bit. I wouldn't want to be and I know exactly how that marriage would go. I know how it would go first. All right. I want to be clear about this. First of all, you'd have to submit To her, all right, everything that she said she'd always be right. Always, always, always. Not that not that women aren't always right anyway, cuz you are. But she would have to be really, really, really, really, really right all the time, or life would be miserable. She's never cooking dinner. All right. And I'm not saying women need to be cooking dinner all the time. I'm just saying that in a relationship in a marriage, it's a give and take. Sometimes the the wife cooks sometimes the husband cooks sometimes the wife cooks all the time. Sometimes the husband cooks all the it's really just dependent on the variable, but it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't matter if you worked 700 million hours a day. And Jen Sacchi worked one day a week you would come home, she'd be on the couch in her pajamas still be 5pm 6pm 7pm she'd still be in her pajamas, eating a bowl of cereal, asking you why the house is trashed and what you're cooking for dinner. While you're holding your bags, your tools. Your gear is covered and sweat covered in the dirt of the day. That's what kind of person Jen sack is. And I can prove it. I can prove that she's a terrible, terrible, emasculating person, because I've done some research on her husband Greggy poo Greggy. Greg, her husband, Gregory mecir. That's his name, Gregory mecir. All right. I want to take a look at this article. I'm not going to read through it. I told you, we're doing different stuff. I'm not reading articles anymore. I've highlighted some facts though in here. Alright. I've highlighted some facts. And the first thing I want to do though, I'm looking at a picture. Alright, I'm looking at this picture of Jen Sankeys husband, Jen Sankeys. Husband, Gregory mecir. The first thing I noticed, folks, the first thing I noticed is that he has a different last name than Jen. That is usually unless for business purposes, but this guy's only been in politics. She's pretty much only done politics. He has a different last name. She has a different last name. And you know what that means? That means that she wears the pants, she wouldn't take his last name because in this new world, a woman shouldn't have to take a man's last name, huh, man? Well, what about women that want to take a man's last name? Well, they hurt the cause for what seemed nobody gets what they want. Alright, it's always somebody. Somebody is way or the highway, Jen sack. He wears the pants in this family. I'm looking at this guy's face. And he looks so feminine. He literally looks like well, he's not that feminine, because he looks like the the Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary in mid transition. Right? That's what he looks like. He looks like that Levine character. He looks like a half man, half woman somewhere lost in transition, which is very, very different than the movie lost in translation. Very different. Hi, Rachel. Hi. Just curious how long your hair is. Now. You're still a man. Listen. This guy can't even grow a beard. He has no life experience besides politics. He does. Look, she's trained him so well. She's trained him so well. Just like she would do to you just like she would do to me or she sits there on her ivory tower. She sits there looking down. Like she knows more than you looking down her nose. Arrogant, egotistical, better than you cracking the whip and lecturing those around her on race, gender equality. And her husband's no different. He definitely is the submissive, the beta in the relationship, the cook of the house. This is what she had to say about him. He's so comfortable in his own skin with who he is. He could be in a room with five year olds, he could be in a room with billionaires. She could be in a room on a factory floor and he would be comfortable everywhere and he would have a conversation everywhere. are good Blaine good Greggy Greg is a good dog. Good to do good doggy. Greggy go licked the five year old good to good Greggy go play with the billion he is such a good little lap dog. He is this this thing goes on to talk about how Jen Sakhi met her husband. And I don't care. I don't care about that. I'm gonna turn the page on that because that would be the worst television show. Ever. Could you imagine watching the Gen saqi Greggy mecir? You know, mystery our How did they meet? When will they fall in love? Will Greggy get up the confidence To kiss Jen, and while she punched him in the face for trying and then accused him of rape and call the police find out next time on when Jenny met Greggy you know, terrible, terrible, horrible, horrible idea, but she is worth 2 million bucks. This is a lady who's been in politics, her maximum salaries have been like 180 Something married to a guy only in politics worth $2 million. I'm in the wrong business. I'm in the wrong business. I work in aerospace. I do a lot of electronic repairs. I do a lot of things for military application. I don't make anywhere near what Gen saqi had. I don't have a 2 million I don't have a million. I don't have 500k I don't have 10k Gen set sack he's walking around with $2 million. What? In Lord's name? Lordy, lordy, lordy, I I don't envy Greg whatsoever. God there's more pictures of him here. I'm looking at him standing on the White House lawn. He looks even more feminine in this picture. Oh my gosh, what a what a poor beat down puppy dog. I maybe or maybe he's brain or maybe he's out of his mind. I haven't done much much research on Greg outside of this segment. I just wanted to have a chance to use him to make Jen look even worse because she is a horrible human being she is a classic controlling narcissist. This lady does not refer to her own children, as he and she she refers to her children. As humans under five little humans, little uh, you know what, let's try it. Like I've always wanted to do one of these little humans under five. That whole clapping. We're getting mad thing little humans under thought. That's what she calls her kids. God forbid, God forbid you talk about gender in front of Jen saqi. She's a Marxist. She's a robot. She's a runaway freight train, just looking for a target just looking to smash into anything she can and destroy it. Make no mistake about it. Jen Sakhi wants this country to burn. no mistake about it, folks. None at all. And speaking, speaking of trains, and by the way, just to add and like I said, when we do this for a couple more weeks, we get our timing better. You see, I didn't plan out times on this first episode. Even though it's Episode 178, I didn't plan out times, what I did was I wrote all this stuff, I put it all together, I put the bullet points out, I planned it, I did the producers job, which is me. And then I doing the talents job, which is me, right? That's what I did. But down the road, we're going to tighten things up, things are going to have certain time limits on them, we're going to be able to call a break, we're going to be able to say right here at this moment, 15 minutes in 30 minutes and 45 minutes and however many minutes. And I think probably if I'm timing this right in my head while I'm talking, we're probably at 3334 minutes, something like that. But if we were at 30, I'd be able to say this is where the breaks going to be, I'd be able to hit a button, hit buffer music while we're going live, transmit this through the equipment that I'm going to be putting a purchasing to am stations to FM stations to stations across the country, allowing us to go national, alright, we can do that. But we're going to have to work together. We're going to have to practice in any, any, any endeavor, especially your creative endeavor. It's repetition, repetition, repetition. So I need you to repeat listening to me and I'm going to repeat doing this until it becomes great. And we're going to do that together, folks. We're going to do that together. But speaking of runaway freight trains, speaking of runaway freight trains, I have invented a segment. All right, it's a segment that I want to do on certain episodes. Maybe I'll keep doing it depending on whether you guys like it or not. But I'm calling it worldwide degeneration, planes, trains and automobiles. That's right, folks, segment two worldwide to generation Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If you're watching you see me going through all these papers, who's different articles that I've read already different things I went through, this is just for this show today. dozens of articles, notes in them different things like that. That's the work it's going to take to bring you guys a quality show. And I know I'm breaking kind of like that, that fourth wall or whatever by really talking to you about the show and telling you what I'm going to do. And I want to be open with you. I want you to be a part of this. It's you and me. And as we go through the next couple weeks, the next couple months we're really We're going to fine tune this

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