• Jo Lee Irish

Jo Lee Irish: "I Can't Support People Who Don't Love Our Country"

By Jo Lee Irish, Writer/Blogger

I'm hearing fellow Patriots say, "we're not voting," and I can't help but wonder why?

Think about it, isn't that is what the Democrat elites want? My gut feeling is that we shouldn't give up, because if we do, America will be lost. We can't lose Faith! We must vote in giant numbers, and we must do what our founding fathers would have done to save our America.

I believe in freedom, the right to gather, the right to bear arms, and freedom of speech. These Mandates? They are unethical! I chose to get the vaccine and that was my choice, but to make people get a vaccine through mandates? That is simply un-American. I see the big tech censorship of Conservatives who are just speaking the truth while terrorists are allowed to spread misinformation on social media, intentionally putting down and undermining America.

I used to be a Democrat in my early years, but that was a long time ago. I decided to become a Conservative because the Democrats no longer stand for the values I believe in. I am Pro-Life, and I can't support people who want to murder a baby.

I can't support people who don't love our country. If you don't love our country, you can always leave.

Sorry, not sorry.

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