• Tino Dilullo

Joe Biden and the Apocalypse: A Blue-Collar Perspective

Updated: Jun 20

#CollectYourDead Column 1, by Tino Dilullo

The Average American is Now Our Last Line of Defense

Hello fellow Americans, this is your average, disgruntled, dad bod sporting, blue-collar family man. Just the run of the mill everyday live and let live chump next door speaking, and like most of you out there, I have been observing the culmination of events that have brought us to the precipice of ruin.

A vast majority of us have sat silent, waiting for the toothpaste that has been spilled to slowly work it's way back inside the tube. Clearly, someone or some group out there has to be capable of turning back the hands of time and restoring peace and order. Clearly, so we, the working class law-abiding American citizens, can just get back to the grind and return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of first world problems while managing our ever-elusive financial security. What if I told you that no one is coming?

The Enemy is Amongst us

What if I told you that everything we have come to know and love about our culture, our freedoms, and our way of life is on trial and the acting judge, jury, and executioners are an indoctrinated group of homegrown terrorists. They masquerade as "anti-racist" or "anti-fascist" and are winning a cerebral war of manipulation through social media and legacy media. By using the pain and struggles of African Americans, they currently push an agenda that will render our country a smoking crater, that's if their plans of a liberal utopia are allowed to flourish unchecked.

Sure, I can already tell that some dickhead is going to make some comment about how this is fear porn and that I am really just a racist that isn't allowed an opinion because I am white. First of all, I will stop you right there in that thought process. I am of Italian and Irish blood. Which outside of African American ancestry, I cannot think of two groups of people who were treated with a more considerable amount of disdain. But I digress as we are here to discuss what I feel will be the second phase of the war that is currently being waged in our country. This is the current and accelerating war on our second amendment rights.

We are Frustrated with Politics

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his plan for so-called "common sense" gun control will leave what little defense the American family has left against the onslaught of crime and unrest that I am confident will begin to plague Americans in the coming months following the radical attacks on our law enforcement officers and agencies.

So to understand my frustration in all of this, I must first come clean about how I have lived my life in regards to owning firearms and what I have personally witnessed in the past, witnessed again in the present, and what I feel strongly may happen in the future, unless of course, we stand up for our rights to defend our families and property from low life scum looking for weak prey to assert themselves upon.

A Little Background

From the time I was a kid, my mother had beaten into my head the importance of protecting that which you work hard to earn and the people to whom you care most for. I learned very quickly from a young age that what you fail to take care of today will eventually belong to someone else. So were talking basic common sense principles such as locking all doors and double-checking, removing anything valuable from plain sight, keeping good situational awareness, and knowing where you are and what your risk factors might be.

Being a Florida native, this became a way of life through most of my middle school and high school days as I did not live in what most would consider a very happy place, but I managed. When I became a young adult, I did what most young adults do and considered my future profoundly as, at the time, I was not very productive or successful financially. I left home owning nothing but a beat-up van and ninety dollars to live on until I found employment and started earning for myself.

My choice was very simple in that I could either sink or swim. There was no safety net or nest to crawl back into. This would later become a defining point in my life as I quickly secured employment with a company that I would go on to have an 11-year career with. A career in which I was able to reach various positions of management before transitioning to my current job, which I have held for almost 5 years. Since that day so many years ago, I have never gone without food, a roof over my head, or basic comforts and luxuries that I had earned myself.

The Family Man and the Second Amendment

All this time, I had never considered owning a gun despite having shot several guns and being active at ranges in both Florida and Washington. I had never felt that any possible danger would come to my doorstep that I would not be able to sidestep. Then something crazy happened; I created a family for myself, and all of a sudden, I was responsible for the safety, wellbeing, and future of others. Being a husband and soon to be father of two, watching current events unfold (COVID-19, the legacy media/social media divide, and other historical events) had me convinced that now was a good time to take a deeper plunge into the world of our Second Amendment (2A) rights.

Having witnessed what hurricanes and other natural disasters can do, I started to have flashbacks to the violence and opportunism that erupted when storms like hurricane Wilma and Andrew had made landfall back in the nineties, back in my Florida days. During those storms, there were times in which the power would be out for weeks or even months in some places. All the while, people who were seeking opportunities would come out and furtherly ravage our already decimated towns and cities.

I started to recognize the patterns of these events and how I felt. After going back and forth internally as well as months of talks with my wife, we agreed that owning firearms would become necessary as it seemed we were the only ones who would prevent our safety and the safety of our children from being compromised. So around the end of February, while everyone and their mother were out purchasing toilet paper, I was purchasing firearms and ammunition.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sigh of relief I felt concerning my family's security as 2020 continued to roll forward.

George Floyd

At the end of last May, an African American man by the name of George Floyd was brutally murdered on the streets of Minneapolis. This had, and rightfully so, sparked significant and understandable outrage within African American communities and all communities who represent empathetic and compassionate human beings. We now all know the ideological and violent opportunism that utilized Floyd's death as a catalyst for chaos as opposed to a catalyst for any kind of real change and unity.

We won't dig far into that subject as we already know where we are on that end of the free speech spectrum. Like anyone else who has been paralyzed by the cyber weapon known as "cancel culture," I had remained silent but frustrated, frustrated that I was watching the political Overton window shift at speeds never before seen in American history. Statements like "abolish the police" and "defund the police" as well as "we need to be thinking about a future without police" were being promoted and pushed by mainstream media as well as politicians.

Welcome to Gotham City

Now look, I do not think the Police are perfect, and I have met many shithead cops (no disrespect to the majority good cops) in my life, but a simple cause and effect scenario is being played out here, which will result in a much larger problem. Removing Police and cutting funding from Police will lead to more mediocre quality of policing and higher and emboldened criminal elements.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that if you remove potential consequences, those who were on the fence about becoming career criminals or committing crimes will receive their opening with these radical directives. So what is a law-abiding, tax-paying, blue-collar, and family-oriented person to do in this case?

The answer is obvious and can be verified by any gun store around the country. As of March, we have counted two million... let that sink in... two million first time gun owners in this country.

Defunding the Police Has Backfired

On the one hand, I am excited to see this subtle, yet ever so loud revolution take place in the form of our second amendment rights. But at the same time, this tells you exactly where the mindset of our average working-class population is. You know who I am talking about, the people like you and me, the people who are not activists who continue to experience racial harmony with co-workers and friends alike. These are people who know that we are all on this ship sailing together, enduring the same struggles and hardships of anyone fighting to make a living and cut out a future for their children. The people of all races, backgrounds, and religious practices who finally realize the unsettling truth. The truth that only you are capable of defending and protecting yourself and your family.

So with the Police on the outro, money being shifted from police budgets to other social experiments that have yet to be clearly defined in detail, and other ineffective avenues that taxpayers had no say in, we should all be okay because we have our God-given second amendment rights yeah?

The Senile Saboteur Strikes

According to Joe Biden's very own webpage, we may very well lose our ability to effectively utilize our Second Amendment rights. How is that possible? Isn't any infringement of those rights unconstitutional? What about the cities that have strict gun control methods in place? Clearly, criminals abide by the same rules that are forced down the throats of law-abiding gun owners, absolutely laughable (on a side note, Master Splinter would be proud of my funnies).

While I have to admit that I have not been in this fight as long as some of you, I have always followed, respected, and supported gun rights for America and opposed laws and legislation that would inhibit the ability for an individual seeking protection to have to deal with bureaucratic white noise to exercise their rights under the constitution. So what if Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in November?

Assuming Joe Biden manages to achieve even a fraction of his so-called "common sense" gun control mission statement, I believe that we will see the balance of power shift well into the favor of criminals and those who illegally obtain high-end weapons. Again, any common-sense American knows that criminals don't follow gun laws. Most of the guns they have are already illegally obtained.

This concept is nothing new to us. But what if states could be pushed into requiring you to have a license to own or buy a firearm? What if you were required under a new law to sell or go through a brutal process to register guns you have already legally obtain under the law? What if cancel culture obtains a position in which anyone with a grudge or a mission can use #MeToo style loopholes to have your guns stripped based on mere allegations alone?

The Constitution is Above us All

I believe that the constitution (and mainly, the second amendment) is not something that should be co-opted by a political party, race, gender, or religion. Your right to own and operate a gun is just that, YOUR right. But what if you no longer had that right at your disposal? What if those rights became so convoluted with red tape that it would be more painless to just let your home and family's safety be compromised in exchange for supposed peace? That sounds a bit extreme, yet a year ago, I would have never thought we would be arguing over pedophiles being labeled as a legitimate sexual orientation.

I have already put myself out there openly and honestly to all of you. I am not a veteran, I am not nor have I ever been a member of law enforcement, and I do not consider myself to be an expert on all things ordinance. I am, however, a pissed off, hard-working, and law-abiding American citizen who is sick of being silent while everything burns around us in the name of "progress" and "rage" while having my mouth sewn shut in fear of being canceled.

Going Forward

Going forward with these articles, we are going to look at several mainstream and stealth directives being put into place by rogue politicians that believe their agenda is worth more than you and your family's safety. It is my hope that we can continue to uncover and fight plots to overthrow our right to fair gun ownership and safety. So with that, I will leave you with this.

In days of old, when a major battle was won, it was considered decent to send a messenger to the losing force that they could collect their dead without fear of being attacked or killed. So in honor of those who would attempt to strip us of our rights, freedoms, and personal safety while you hide in your ivory towers surrounded by personal security, when you are exposed and defeated, as the rule of honor dictates, you can come to #CollectYourDead.

[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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