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Joe Biden Pours Gasoline on the US Constitution and Lights a Match!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By MG, Blogger, Constitutional Party of the United States

America may have the weakest government ever at this moment in our nation's existence. We appear to be a nation half divided. There is no denial of the incompetence of both the VP and President of the United States, but because America has weak leadership do not think she is weak by any means. America's strength comes from within America herself, and her people are her foundation of existence in this world. If our people continue to drift apart as we are today, we will lose our country forever. A nation divided is a nation doomed to be conquered! Our forefathers knew this simple principle of nature, that is why they placed value in uniting, not just to win independence from the crown or to win a war, but to set forth a concrete foundation for us to remain a republic as long as we ensure the Constitution is upheld. Our Constitution, values, and liberties are being drowned out by the diversity, political correctness, and invasion of foreign peoples from across the globe. America's own culture is being consumed by the invasion of foreign peoples that do not understand her values, her pride, or her people.

America is not a communist or socialist country. Still, we are being handled by our government just as Britain handled our forefathers. We as a people must unite to preserve America and protect our people, our liberties, and our values. The government before us today is not that of one who is a representative of "We the people." In fact, the government before us is "the one" every forefather told us to avoid. We, Americans, have been lost from the hearts and minds of these representatives for over 40 years. Our country was founded on the idea that we are born free, a given right by God and nature. We have natural-born rights as citizens in our country, and our overly large government has somehow forgotten that.

They have caged us in with laws that violate the basic principles of the American liberties bestowed upon us by our birth in this great nation. This government has forgotten to gain the consent of "We the people" before stripping us of our natural rights as citizens. Our government has bestowed more protections and power in corporations, institutions, and branches of governments with authoritarian characteristics than that of our people. They have forgotten the crown's wealthy corporations that enslaved the colonists and violated their civil liberties and natural rights. The crown taxed them to death while England's shipping corporations, The Church of England, and the crown's taxmen did their taking of the people's rights. America's government has become so large and overpowering it even directs our justice entities against us. They inform us, the people, that it is for our safety and wellbeing to have these entities perform these tasks.

In these corrupt times, America's justice is no longer blind; for now, she sees all colors, new sexes, and political affiliation as her dealer of justice for our people. These leaders, state and federal, across all branches of government have violated the rights, liberties, and principles the founders put forth in the US Constitution. They granted themselves more power over the people than British rule did 245 years ago. The people must take that power back and restore it to the people. This is not just the responsibility of one man or woman but also of every citizen in this nation.

The Constitution represents every individual born or assimilated by citizenship in our country. Benjamin Franklin once said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."When our forefathers thought to form our government, they wondered "if we were good enough to be a free people." I am starting to wonder that same question when I see how we treat each other in our country. Many of our forefathers studied ancient civil societies, including Thomas Pain and John Adams. They studied and concluded that proven through historical documentation, free men with no principles have proven to produce failed civil societies.

All of them struggled with the thought of a free society. For that reason, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson helped include basic principles that assured that if the people adhered to them, they would remain good in heart and spirit. Thomas Jefferson instilled these basic principles into the written Constitution. Today's government despises and seeks to destroy our Constitution because we are no longer a free people without it. It places the power back on the people, the states, and the counties. The actions of our branches of government have proven over the past 40 years that it is time for "We the People" to represent ourselves and demand our rights back, demand smaller government, demand principles and accountability be restored to our government. Refuse to accept illegal migrants as if the flood gates have been opened in your community! The rights of others should never impede the rights of an American citizen.

American citizens should never lose their rights or values to their country, but we have abandoned leadership accountability in this government. They flood our country with foreign cowards that would rather flee their lands than fight for them, as our people have for 245 years. They let them flood our land because they know it is the only way to overpower the American people. These people coming are not people of immense value to our society. Many of them are first in line for handouts while they get everything else fee too. We work for what is handed to them. Americans suffer and do without, so rejects, cowards, and criminals flood our communities across the nation.

I have watched minority neighborhoods across my state turn into smaller versions of the South American cultures. I have witnessed Muslim takeovers of land in more impoverished communities. They push the minorities and poorer white families out of their communities by increasing the rent on the properties they get from our government at less than reasonable prices. They affect our jobs because what skilled white or black Americans will do for better pay, an illegal will work for less than half of it at a day labor facility. The DACA children receive free college assistance in certain states. The majority line up for social justice and social services to help other illegals work the system generation after generation. Go to any welfare office in America, and most of the workers are of Hispanic nationality. They will work for less than that of a natural-born American, plus they got a free degree, housing, food assistance, medical care, and every charity will be lining up at the holidays to give to the poor the migrants. What about our poor Americans?

We must unite, all of us as the UNITED STATES, or we forever lose our liberty. Get involved locally, in your state and your federal elections, do more than type, educate those who do not know the rights they have lost due to the knowledge they lack.



[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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