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Joe Biden’s State of Disunion Address Terrifies Average Americans!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Sarah Connor, Writer/Blogger

President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress is Full of Promises to Threaten Americans

Don’t call it a comeback or at least not a State of the Union Address. Biden’s pontification to a joint session of Congress was more like a threat than a promise, including mobile units that will be rolling into your neighborhood with poisonous experimental COVID shots and future power grid outages and failures. Thanks for the heads up, President Biden.

In a half-empty House Chamber, a sea of geriatric lawmakers sits in masks that failed to cover their liver spots or ennui.

Behind Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sits in a silk suit and matching virtue-signaling face diaper with surly, glossed-over eyes. Next to her, Kamala Harris held a semi-permanent steely gaze, or maybe that was just resting bitch face syndrome. Regardless, I rather enjoyed seeing them both muzzled for an hour or so.

Once again, I took one for the team (see my coverage of the 2021 Oscars) and watched Biden’s socialist agenda speech…..I mean address to Congress.

Let’s dive into what Mr. President really meant during his address:

A Prescription For Medical Tyranny and Vaccine Passports

Biden wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room. No, not those useless lawmakers! The COVID plandemic. He started off waxing sentimental about a story where he chatted up a worker at a vaccination clinic and quoted her as saying, “every shot is a dose of hope.” Clearly, our dear unelected leader hasn’t visited the very underreported VAERS website recently. No word on whether he got a whiff of her hair or not.

He also made sure that we all knew that there were now vaccination centers/clinics within five miles of Americans, but just in case, he has plans to roll out a mobile unit to service the disadvantaged. RUN…that’s not the ice cream man!

Biden alluded to throwing more of OUR money to Fauci’s small business venture, The National Institute of Health, all in the name of SAVING US through a program that would be able to monitor the American people for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. And by monitor, he means systems that are already waiting in the wings as implants that would talk to an app on your phone to track your basic vital signs on a daily basis and store your health records such as a………..vaccination passport.

“And our own vaccine supply as it grows, to meet our needs, and we’re meeting them we’ll become an arsenal for vaccines. There is no wall high enough to keep any virus out,” said Biden.

It might have been a Freudian slip, but arsenal and vaccines should never be used in the same sentence. And if no wall is not high enough, take off your freaking mask!

The Return of Joe the Plumber

Biden’s faked concern for the middle class nearly sent me over the edge, but I opted instead to throw pillows across the room and down a shot of tequila.

Biden went on a short tear (but long enough for me to down another shot of tequila) about the middle class and their importance to the American economy while touting raising the minimum wage to $15/hr, ensuring that these American-owned middle-class businesses will be replacing those workers with robots. I have to ask, how out-of-touch is this guy? Never mind, we already know he has no idea where he is half the time.

Another warning Biden delivered to the American people was his American Family Plan. Packed with more pork than a Southern backyard BBQ, it includes wads of cash for pre-school, more tax credits (that don’t cover the national average cost of rent beyond 2 months), community college, and even more funds being thrown at universities that only cater to one race in the name of funding and Critical Race Theory. Ummm, EVERY RACE is broke and schools are sending most students home under bullshit quarantine rules to sit at home isolated in their rooms.

And in case you were wondering, yes, he went after high-wage earners and corporations. But at this point, I didn’t have the energy to expand on that in this article.

Dropping Bombs on the American People

For those that have been awake for some time the acronym DARPA is nothing new. Still, it should concern all of the American people when it’s dropped into any press conference. For my newly-awake readers, DARPA stands for The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Nothing good comes out of anything that concerns “advanced” research of the defense of any country. It’s pure evil. Anytime a CIA director, defense secretary, and especially a US president mentions that acronym should get your attention. Do your research with trepidation and a sedative—you may want to go back to sleep. Either way, President Biden dropped it in his speech and for opprobrium reasons.

Biden went on to state the dire need to deal with all the crises of our times such as mass migration, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, cybersecurity, climate change, and pandemic(s)? That’s right, the word “pandemic” was pluralized and that wasn’t his normal slurring. I paused and rewound that section on my DVR several times. So expect more plandemics as early as this Fall.

Biden wanted to inform the American people that we would have power outages and cybersecurity issues in our future. We should not only expect them but also depend on the same government to fix them. It’s time to start buying up generators like a category 5 hurricane getting ready to hit Puerto Rico!

The Creation of Fake Enemies

The biggest threat to Americans is the CIA and the global grab of power by countries that include the United States, not a bunch of bearded nutjobs cowering in caves that ONLY CNN journalists can find.

Decades and decades of documents have proven that the CIA and NSA have had their fingers in every global pie involving or starting wars with countries and supplying the arms as well.

Biden decided to go “old school” on the whole terrorism bullshit but not without adding “white supremacy” to the list of internal threats to Americans while failing to make one mention of these brick-chucking assholes that are part of Antifa. I mean, who’s surprised, but really? White supremacists are not beating the shit out of Asians, looting the local Foot Locker, or burning down the Wendy’s.

By this point, Biden started to glitch around 9:49 PM, so I knew we were both up past our bedtimes.

The list is long but we should be prepared to fight against:

  • Forced vaccination of our children (especially our high school students)

  • Vaccine passports (whether you have been shot up 5 times or never)

  • New invented terrorism threats such as ISIS and “white terrorism suspects.”

  • Chemical trails through DARPA (DuckDuckGo that shit)

  • Gun laws (always nefarious reasons)

  • Cyber Security (get your VPN and servers ready, they want to shut down your life)

I was searching for some quick quip to end my article but I will just leave you with this brilliant quote from Rosa Luxemburg… Good night my patriots!

—“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”

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