• Andrew Penn

Joe Biden's America Last Agenda

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

It took less than two weeks since the Biden Administration had been inaugurated for us to determine exactly how harmful its policies and agenda would be too hardworking American taxpayers. The Democrats and their elitist leftist woke itinerary have been unveiled as an unprecedented slew of executive orders are signed. Orders that demonstrate specifically which priorities Biden and his progressive handlers will enact and pursue….and it sure isn't an America First strategy.

First came a dozen executive orders signed immediately on inauguration day to instantly unravel and undo the Trump Administration's work. Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline contracts, which in turn immediately cut over ten thousand American jobs but, more importantly, destabilized the domestic energy sector by diminishing American energy independence. How is this destabilizing? By requiring oil and natural gas to be imported again from potentially volatile Middle Eastern and South American countries. The oil that had been safely shipped below ground in the Keystone pipeline from Canada's northwest territories and the American northern plain states will need to be transported by less safe and efficient rail and tanker methods. Ten thousand jobs gone on day one…a message to America that the woke liberal agenda and virtue signaling matter more to Biden than American families and their financial well being.

Also, in the first batch, we rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. I am told that when Trump withdrew America from the accord, our emissions decreased while other nations saw their emission rise. America rejoining the accord and paying the required "Nationally Determined Contributions" is a slap in the face of American taxpayers who, on their own and outside of the accord, reduced their consumption of fossil fuels, innovated new clean technologies and reduced their carbon emission footprint while India and China…the real and actual global polluters, saw their emissions spike. The Paris Accord executive order is Biden kissing the Chinese Communist Party's ring and spitting in the face of America First adherents. Add on to this rejoining the World Health Organization and we can see that Biden cares more about appeasing internationalists and globalists with woke gestures than he does about enabling Americans to work hard, earn a living, and care for their families.

Biden's executive orders on immigration continue to demonstrate an America Last strategy that bows down to liberal elites but hurts normal everyday Americans. Halting border wall construction, halting deportations of illegals, even those convicted of horrendous crimes, and working to give citizenship to 11 million people in the country illegally (regardless of circumstance) diminishes job prospects and safety for actual American citizens.

Another executive order reverses Trump's work to reduce insulin prices. Another ruling on gender identity essentially ends women's sports. Another eliminates the 1776 commission, which worked to teach and celebrate the ideals of our nation's founding and counter the lies and harm of the decried 1619 project. All of these moves are celebrated by the liberal intelligentsia but do actual harm to America.

With Trump having left office, Biden and far-Left Democrats feel poised to cement their power by eliminating competition. Biden's order to move against "Domestic Violent Extremists" is essentially a move to demonize and criminalize American conservatives, block them from communicating, working in government, and participating in the electoral process. Using the FBI to investigate and persecute American citizens with conservative views instead of breaking Antifa/BLM rioters and arsonists signals one thing to everyday Americans…

We hold you in disdain, and we are going to punish you for daring to believe in values that are different than ours.

Dem leadership uses language that works to ostracize and marginalize American conservatives. Pelosi says, "the enemy is in the chamber," AOC says Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to have her killed and that she is afraid of being in the same chamber as Republicans. This is all a campaign to cement a power grab built to disenfranchise American taxpayers and enrich the ruling liberal elites. They're already working to make permanent and expand mail-in voting, automatic voter registration, and lower voting age to solidify liberal progressive power.

Biden's America Last agenda is poised to enact significant damage to the American economy. More importantly, the agenda is built to disenfranchise American Conservatives by widely associating traditional Americans with far-right extremists and racists. We are hearing talk of deprogramming Trump supporters. The lies of the progressive left are thin at best and easily spotted. We have to maintain our focus and determination to retain our voice in the system. Biden and his far-left handlers need to hear from the country and the message needs to be clear…government is there to uphold the rights of the citizenry, not enact a progressive wish list that serves to virtue signal in deference to the far left.



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