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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer: Who He is and Why He's In Danger

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz , Contributor

Who among you has recently received a National Medal of Technology and Innovation, recognized for your outstanding contributions to American's social, political, and economic benefit? While you're scratching your head trying to conjure up that memory, let us highlight one who has gone before and single-handedly connected the world with his inventions, technology renovations, and a masterful commitment to integrity that we should all aspire to.

Who is this guy, anyway?

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, otherwise known as "the world's most intelligent man," has long been known for his groundbreaking inventions in technology. Best known for his patent of the QR code, his contributions to the technology have touched companies like eBay, IBM, AOL, and Google, to name a few.

Pulitzer holds several hundred patents for technological improvements and devices across 189 countries and is an accomplished author of over 200 individual history and treasury legend books. His inventions have touched every industry, from healthcare and data analysis to virtual reality and government institutions. In addition to gracing us with his presence as a media personality on ABC, NBC, CBS, and the History Channel, he has found time to blow the whistle on what is potentially the biggest scandal in voter fraud history. How does he do it?

Let the drama unfold

In what was an absolutely unprecedented move, Pulitzer came forward on December 30th and publicly challenged the integrity of the recent Georgia election results, calling them "fraudulent and absolutely unacceptable."

While holding a press conference in front of Georgia lawmakers, he urged Americans to hold fast to the Republic, calling for individuals everywhere to stand up and take notice of how corrupt the American election process has become. Pulitzer debunked claims by Dominion CEO John Poulos that "machines were not capable of establishing an internet connection, nor was there any need for them to connect," demonstrating a live connection to an offshore server as he spoke.

"Open your eyes," Pulitzer pleaded to Georgia lawmakers and the American public in general, as he went on to volunteer his enormous IQ and energy toward the examination of hundreds of thousands of ballots, which he claimed he could evaluate with 100 percent accuracy for the following:

· How many ballots were printed by a specific machine

· What candidates were marked on all ballots

· How many ballots were scanned multiple times

· Ballots that originated from China

· The type of ink that was used to print and fill out each ballot

· Which ballots were adjudicated

· How many ballots were mailed

· How many ballots were filled out by machines

· How many ballots were duplicated

These are lofty claims by someone who has staked his entire personal and professional reputation on the results of this data. I am a skeptic by nature, but I'd be willing to put some money toward this man and his intellectual power, not to mention his abilities, in proving that this most recent election was utterly and completely fraudulent.

Where is he now?

In a stunning display of "appreciation and gratitude" for his offer to study thousands upon thousands of what appear to be fraudulent ballots for free, Pulitzer and his team now find themselves in fear for their very lives. He posted on Twitter that one of his team members had been the unfortunate victim of a drive-by attempt and that bullets were fired directly into his daughter's bedroom window. His hashtag read, #theBiasAndHateMustStop.

Who or what is behind this all-out war on integrity and transparency? What are they trying to hide? What will finally cause them to cease their evil agenda, and when has it become a crime to attempt to uncover the truth and expose control and manipulation that have seemingly had us by the throat for decades in this country? Something needs to be done.

"People shouldn't be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

But what if some of those people are infiltrators?


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