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Just In Time for Christmas: Chicago Church Holds Drag Queen Sermon For Kids

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

If you didn't think Chicago was bad enough, your kids aren't safe anywhere! Churches in Chicago are dedicated to hosting dragqueen led sermons...and your kids get front row VIP seating! I don't just read the article, I found the video that was removed from most mainstream sites!




Audio Only - Episode 181: Joe Biden’s “Winter of Death” Has Nothing To Do With Covid-19


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Generated Transcript:

Well, Chicago believes that they can. Chicago believes they can fix it in the church by putting drag queens in the church. That's right, putting drag queens in the church, because while I'm reading you a police blotter showing a 20 minute span of murder after murder after murder just like that Demolition Man Show murder, death kill murder, death kill that seems to be the theme of Chicago. Regardless, that seems to be the theme of Chicago regardless of what area it doesn't matter. Alright, I showed you over 800 homicides in Chicago, I showed you. All right. Over 800 homicides. I showed you the live action block. I showed you what James hawthorns doing I'm telling you about this rooftop preacher explaining that the families are broken that the education systems broken that the churches are broken. But what does Chicago think What does Illinois think is going to fix it in clusion of drag queens, giving a story time from the pulpit. It says the phenomenon of men dressing up as women and reading to children is spreading across the country. Last weekend the trend made its way to St Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square in Chicago. According to a face by told you Chicago is a shithole. According to a Facebook post from the church. The man in drag was a seminarian. All right, he was seminarian Aaron Mussar. They encourage the congression to wear garments that make you feel 100% the best version of you, at the beginning of the message muster invited any children or people who would like to see a picture book, once the children made their way to the front of the room must harass them. Has anybody seen a drag queen before he asked the children that? Has anyone seen a drag queen before? All of them said they had not. So this is everybody's first time they've ever seen a drag queen? He said, Well, hello. I'm a boy most of the time. But today I'm a beautiful queen, that confuses five year olds. All right. It says this video is unavailable. I looked on YouTube, I looked everywhere. The video of the drag queen was taken down all over the mainstream, all off the mainstream video sites. But I did a lot of digging. And I found it for you on this off brand site, VID Max VM. And we're gonna now watch what takes place with the kids. All right, in Chicago, in the church, in the place of God. So with many other exhortations, John reclaimed people, the gospel of the Lord maybe see that and I'd like to invite any children who would like to see a picture book that I will be showing. He'd like to invite children. Why is that? Okay? It shouldn't be okay. I don't care what you do in your off time. You want to dress up however you want. But you shouldn't be around kids. excited to share it with you. I have a question first. Have you ever seen it? No. No Is this so? Everybody's first time I've ever seen a drag people. Hello. I am also a boy. Most of the time when I'm here today. i Okay, I can't I can't watch anymore. This is there's four minutes and 52 seconds of this. I'm not going to put you through it. You can say whatever the fuck you want to say about me? You keep that away from my fucking kids. All right. You want to look at me and say that I'm a sexist. I'm a racist. I'm not inclusive person. Because because of that you can say whatever you want, but the reality of it and what will hold up in court? Mind you. All right. The reality of it is that that is somebody that shouldn't be around children. Because that shouldn't be normalized to children who cannot understand adult concepts like drag queen. Alright, if you want to be a drag queen, go put your heels on and be a beautiful drag queen on frickin Miami Beach or wherever the hell you want to. But you shouldn't be in grade schools. This isn't something that's normalized things are sexual fetishes for a reason things are disguised lifestyles for a reason. Listen, alright, I'll keep my bedroom business to myself. You keep your bedroom business to yourself. Let's go back to that. But this isn't going to be normalized. Alright, let it let's kick it back to the states and we will let your little states have this but you know what that is? That right there? That right there to us? That's child abuse. All right. You are child abusers. All right. This is literally a man dressed as a woman. All right, which if that's his prerogative, Hey, man, Ubu but you're sitting in church, a house of God. All right, and I'm Jewish, but I respect Christians. Catholics, other religions. Listen, that's a house of God, whoever your God is that's a house of God. You have somebody in there going against what that book for that religion states and then inviting children all right towards it and normalizing this twisted behavior to children. All right, that is the issue. Take the children out of it and go do whatever you want to do. All right, but Fuck off. Fuck off away from the children playing in some have we not had enough stories of kids getting raped by these people? Have we not had enough stories of boys and skirts, raping women in freakin school rooms? Have we not had enough of these adults going into classes going into two bathrooms, boy bathrooms, girl bathrooms, cross dressing in different ways being trans sensitive in different ways and then hurting our children, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stories but nobody cares, right? Because we have to be accepting of the minor attracted person go look it up. It's called a map. All right, the Democrats, they want to sneak it into our bills and make it acceptable. All right. Make it acceptable for people to be attracted to children. No. N? Oh, no. You want to start a civil war. That's how you start a civil war. Why in God's green earth would you ever think that that's okay? It's not okay. But they take it a step further. They take it a step further. Because Illinois, preparing all right, preparing for the for the upcoming decision in June 2022 is making it even easier for kids to have abortion. So these kids, they're gonna leave this place. They're gonna go Oh, it's okay to be a boy or girl or be whatever I want to know. Sure. After you turn 18 and have adult thoughts, you can make these adult decisions. Alright, but you can't make these decisions under 18. All right, you shouldn't be allowed to make these decisions under 25 When your brain isn't fully developed yet, because trust me, we change through life, but you parents that support this, your child abusers, your child abusers and the parents that support what's coming next. Their child abusers too

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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