• Kandice Cox

Kandice Analyzes 2022 Through the Lens of Christ

By Kandice Cox, Blogger/Writer

In silent wonder, I sit withdrawing from the universe. I watch from afar where my kind no longer seem to exist, too small. I watch the magnificent collisions of the meteors as they are crashing with diamond shattering force!

I sit in awe, mouth drawn into a gaping black hole. Gravity tears at my sinews as my mind is tearing, smearing, blending, oblivion, in blackness, and on death.

[I close my eyes]

This blackness is not a shade nor color. It is an entity. A carnivorous hole set to the task of 'devour.' It is science and religion. It is Everything and Nothing. It is not God, nor is it ‘gods.’ It is whatever makes evil…evil. It grows by consumption. It only serves itself. It is EVERYTHING in you and me and EVERYTHING ELSE that grows in self-serving attitudes and self-love at the cost of others! It is stubbornness, it is ignorance, it is the deadly sins and every other eroding vice within our souls and hearts, whatever they may be.

[I open my eyes]

Then, as I shut my mouth and turn my face away from the blackness - there is light. God the Father, the Son, and – thank you Jesus – the Holy Ghost, Hallelujah forever! Light and Love, Fairness and True Equality – the Equality that recognizes that ALL of GOD's Creations are unique and specifically designed with the precision of purpose by the hand of God. We are all seeking our ultimate answer within, "Am I Light, or am I Dark?" In the end, what will I, You, Him, Her, Them, and We choose?

And for those opposing me at this point, that is okay. You're exactly as okay as you feel you should be. I honestly respect your choice. Note it as your choice. Catalog it, and wait for the final results.

Statistically, I realize the odds for all of us. I'm not telling you I'm right and you're wrong. I'm telling you that, so far, my scientific-based experiments, analysis of repetitive cycles within humanity, history, and the pursuit of X factor "WHY," My greatest question is what makes the most historical narrative of ever-evolving humankind, following the same basic thoughts, science, religion-structure (not to mention the three largest religions in existence going back the same original God.)

But why would I gamble my life on devaluing tangible evidence in lieu of deep-reaching guesses on the mathematics of the potentially infinite which doesn't follow the same basic rules of numbers under finite capacities?


I am always open to learning and debating, chewing through reason and logic, even when my feeble mind fails me.

Distractions. My Lord above I drown in Distractions.

So here is my understanding and findings as of 2022

God is light incarnate, and with his illumination, we find our options expanded and the hope we can now see is Jesus, the one whose keys, born of blood, opens the gates of Hell. Literally permeating the negative darkness with sunshine [hope and forgiveness], borne from lighted-sight allowing broader visions leading toward thoughts of even beginning to understand the possibilities spread out before our simpleton minds, We are, simply and exquisitely, the most majestic and thorough design of God's plan, We are perfectly flawed; that flaw leads to our choices.

In light, it is God, it is Love, it simply IS, and YOU simply know it, even if you reject it. It is a choice. Moreover, its answers are only found either inside faith or outside such conventions that foster benevolence. How and what you do while living is totally up to you.

That is my analysis for 2022.

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