• James Lane

Las Vegas Man with Five DUIs Runs Over Pregnant Woman and Unborn Baby

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

37-year-old Oscar Pena was arrested on November 9th for running over and killing Nina Fauble, 22, on E. Harmon Ave, just north of S. Nellis Blvd in Las Vegas. Nina, pregnant, was crossing outside of the pedestrian walkway when Oscar, drunk, slammed into her. Nina was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries, where she and her unborn baby both passed away. Pena immediately fled the scene.

A coward by trade, Pena admitted to fleeing the scene out of fear because of his five previous DUIs. Only the most self-serving wastes of life try and justify their crimes with petty excuses. If Pena had followed the law in the first place, none of this would ever happen. Or would it?

This is a man with five DUIs in twelve years.

Why was he driving? Why is it now something's being done? Why did someone who didn't have to die perish needlessly with her unborn child? Is anything actually being done, or is this business as usual for the city?


John Howard Scott, 26, Alabama, Charged with First-Degree Child Rape!

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