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Leave Them Kids Alone! How the Left is Sexually Grooming Our Children

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control …Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone!

-Pink Floyd, Another Brick in The Wall

One of the most infuriating developments of recent years has been how much the Leftist influencers have been attempting to advance their nefarious agendas by targeting young children and pitting them against their parents. They are, in effect, usurping the parental authority in the family so those very young children will be forced to accept Leftist dogma regardless of the objections of their parents.

I find this infuriating because of a basic revulsion I hold toward bullying. In America, adults can basically act in any manner, perverse or not, and it is generally their personal business.

I may not like it or endorse it, but they are at liberty to act how they please. However, when these adults attempt to “teach” children their perverseness, it is nothing more than pushing an evil agenda through trickery and bullying those weaker than themselves.

This has come to garner much more attention during the past two years of the COVID ‘plandemic’ with the increased visibility of parents voicing their objections to everything from mandatory masking of young children in public schools to the teaching of both the racist CRT philosophy and the pushing of transgenderism upon children in pre-school and beyond. However, the indoctrination of our children in the classroom was going on long before the prescient lyrics of Pink Floyd were released on the album “The Wall” in 1979.

Decades of classroom indoctrination

The most recent alarm bells from the public school classroom have come from the revelation that sexualized education promoting transgenderism was being presented to students at the grade school level. The most responsible immediate response to this was the recent passing and signing into law of the so-called ‘Don’t say gay’ bill, which is more aptly called the ‘Anti-grooming bill’ in Florida.

That bill has gained a large amount of publicity and contrived controversy from the Left. That publicity has in itself proved very revealing, as evidenced in this clip from MSNBC:

These comments from a kindergarten teacher are a stunning revelation of how teacher-student relationships have changed, particularly in the last 50 years. As I noted in response to this video, when I was in grade school I only knew three things about my teachers. Their names, whether they were a man or woman, and if I liked them or not.

Moreover, the comments I read reacting to this video were very revealing as well. All of them were united that this person had no business sharing anything about his personal life or answering any questions remotely about sex and that he really had no business around young children at all!

However, what we see now is the huge snowball that’s been running down the moral hill since the 1960s in public schools. A lengthy article on the history of sex education chronicles it well.

In response particularly to the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s and 1970s, in which rates of premarital sexual activity, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases climbed steeply, sex educators developed what they called “sexuality education,” to distinguish their approach from the overt moralizing and narrow heterosexual focus of its predecessors. The leaders in sexuality education, such as the Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States (SIECUS, founded in 1964), believed that teaching about sexuality in a value-neutral manner would allow students to reach their own conclusions about sexual behavior and sexual morality. Sexuality education was intended to include information on BIRTH CONTROL methods, teenage pregnancy, masturbation, gender relations, and, eventually, HOMOSEXUALITY.

Today we have gone even beyond the wildest expectations of those early Leftist educators. Our society is plumbing the depths of sexual depravity and perversely passing it on to our children in the classroom.

A pagan response and a Godly response

One question that comes to mind at this point is the question of whether or not this is spreading beyond the public school arena. Many might ask if there are private schools where the children are at least shielded from this perverse behavior.

One might imagine that perhaps private schools run by churches could at least provide a refuge from sexual indoctrination. I would caution the reader against making such an assumption.

There is a ‘Leftchurch’ currently contaminating western society, and it has raised its devilish head in America with particular gusto. Allow me to provide you with one egregious example from just a couple of weeks ago.

The following is a transcript of a “Charge and Blessing” prayer offered at the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City, Iowa by their pastor/preacher who happens to be a woman on Sunday, April 3, 2022. Her name is Anna Sheetz and she announces that this prayer is to take note of the International Transgender Day of Visibility which was also prominently noted by the head of the current administration, Joe Biden:

This past Thursday, March 31st, was the International Transgender Day of Visibility. In the PCUSA, we welcome all of our transgender and queer siblings into this family and relationship with the creator god. So today, I wish to pray a prayer that was written for this incredible day. Will you pray with me?
Oh, god of pronouns, we give praise to the great one the one who was identifiable as god. “I am what I am,” you say. The great they, the incarnate he and she, the god of trans being. Impregnating Mary, fathering god. Breastfeeding god of many breasts, you shatter all stereotypes, making every single person male and female. Male and female, intersex, non-binary in your image. Exactly in your image.
Spectrum rainbow god, who put your promise for non-violence in the symbol for queer love before humanity knew, because you knew. Who had Joseph who could not sleep with a woman in a beautiful lady’s cloak, perhaps of rainbow colors, before we knew, you knew,. God of pronouns who said “You can call me he or she or they, whatever makes you feel closest to me.”
Invisible and visible god, on this day where visibility and celebration, belatedness, affirmation, and acceptance is the bare minimum, remind us that you are the god of pronouns, so you affirm and you celebrate them. Remind us that you affirm us in our full identity: name, pronoun, found family, all of it. For this we give you thanks and praise to the great I am, the great they/them. Thank you, god, and so now, in the words that our mother, our father, and our sibling god taught us to pray, and pray with us now, [recites the Lord’s Prayer].

From my experience as a pastor, I can assure you of this. Pushing the gay and transgender lifestyle will show up in any private school this church may administer should this continue in FPC of Iowa City, IA.

The fact that this occurred at a church not in California or New York but in Iowa might seem surprising until you realize that the Leftchurch knows no borders between states or nations. The sole consolation I had when I watched the video was that the sanctuary was about two-thirds empty.

However, I praise the LORD that there remain a multitude of churches faithful to Jesus and His Word in America. Some are beginning to awaken to the threat posed by the transgender agenda to our children and society by proponents and are speaking out loudly and clearly against it.

On the same day that the First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City was hearing ungodly prayers, an Apostolic Conservative church in North Carolina hosted the Lt. Governor of their state and he gave the following godly words about the transgender movement.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson correctly called out the transgender movement as a demonic manifestation. He also correctly noted that it should have no place in the classroom.

However, what he didn’t mention was that the final responsibility for the education of children belongs to the parents. This applies whether the subject is reading or sexual education, or most importantly, a relationship with the LORD.

The bottom line is that if you want your children to be provided a good and Godly education, you have to be their teacher. If you put them in the hands of the state educators, you put them at great risk unless you know all that is being taught as well as knowing who the teachers are.

Moreover, the Word of God places the teaching responsibilities directly on the shoulders of the parents especially directing them to teach the children about God. That is the best way to direct them toward God and protect them from the satanic influences of the Left in the world.

“Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children— Deuteronomy 4:9 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

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