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Leftist Deviance Deified at Christmas

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

Perhaps one of the most predictable actions from the Left in recent decades has been the attacks on Christianity, especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons. It is as if the foes of the faith seek to find newer and more degraded ways to top their debasement of Christmas from the year before.

These attacks on Christianity take various forms, from legal challenges of Nativity displays in public or even in some private venues, to literal physical attacks with a vehicle against people in a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.

If there is a doubt lingering that the attack on the Christmas parade in Waukesha should also be considered an attack on Christianity, I believe asking one question would dispel that doubt. What if this had happened to people at a parade celebrating Ramadan?

Do you think that wouldn’t be immediately characterized as an attack on Islam through the media and in the government at all levels? Yet, as horrible as the Waukesha attack was, there was another attack on the Christian faith more direct and obvious committed in recent days.

This attack was not a danger to the body, because it wasn’t aimed at the body. This attack was aimed at the mind and ultimately the soul of the believer and it was carried out by a group of people supposedly engaged in comedic refrain, namely the cast of Saturday Night Live.

SNL’s deified Christmas deviance

Saturday Night Live began its enterprise 5 decades ago as a sort of counter-cultural comedy and it was genuinely funny with a brilliant cast. It has since morphed into an establishment Leftist enterprise that is focused on the mockery of anything that opposes Leftist culture and politics.

Of course, this includes Christianity and its adherents as targets. One example comes from the Easter season of 2016. In that skit,

The production features a baker who is sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, alluding to the real-life case in which Colorado baker Jack Phillips was found guilty of discrimination. After being pressured by an aggressive, Jewish ACLU attorney to declare “God is gay,” the fictional baker, Beth, must prove to the courtroom – and by extension, the nation – that God is heterosexual. …The final clip of the trailer shows Beth standing before the judge and triumphantly exclaiming, “God is A BOOB MAN!!!!” That is just one of the sketch’s mockery-laden moments. Halfway through it, an elementary school teacher is shown standing in front of a chalkboard from which hangs a huge poster of a seductive, half-naked depiction of God with a rainbow necklace around his neck and only a cloud concealing his genitals. Written on the board are the irreverent words, “Things God Loves: Gaga, Brunch, Drama.” The next frame features a Methodist church’s sign, which reads, “Today’s Sermon: Yasss Kween!”

One of the telling marks of Leftist identity culture is that it is hyper-focused on sexuality. This is prominently displayed by SNL almost without exception when the subject of the mocking is Christianity or God or, as in the latest Christmas skit, Jesus Himself.

SNL this weekend ran a “hip-hop nativity” skit with a twerking “baby Jesus” – Mary as a stripper – and “baby daddy” Joseph learning how to “pimp walk.”…The first part of the nativity pageant rehearsal has Joseph, referred to as a “baby daddy,” being taught how to walk like a “pimp” (woman abuser and sex trafficker). Later on in the rehearsal, “baby Jesus” is told to “focus on his twerking.” As “Jesus” is twerking, the teachers encourage “Mary” to dance on a candy cane stripper pole.

The context of the skit was a school nativity play that had been done pretty much the traditional way in the years past. However, for this year, the “teachers” decide that the traditional story is much too boring and they must change it to reflect the “hip-hop culture” and thus make it both more entertaining and culturally relevant.

This is nothing more than deviance elevated to divinity. The SNL cast merely reflects a core belief of the established Left; that sexual degeneracy and deviance should be celebrated, even when children are involved, rather than being decried and punished in society and by the justice system.

Christians object to this degeneracy and are therefore the enemies of Leftist immorality. Since we object on the basis of God’s Word, the Left seeks to both trivialize that objection and elevate human deviance to the level of Divine approval.

Deviance deified is demonic destruction aimed at the innocent

The Christmas desecration of today is the result of demonic influence within those who despise God and, in particular, despise Christ and His insistence upon sexual morals. It is also an expression of the satanic desire to corrupt, damage, and destroy the lives of children and those who would defend them.

We have seen some of this exposed in recent weeks. One example is the recent revelation that a former producer at CNN had engaged in sexual encounters with children as young as nine!

Fired CNN producer John Griffin allegedly led a perverted double life in recent months involving the “adoptive” mother of a 9-year-old girl in Henderson, Nevada, who was part of a sordid BDSM ring that included the child, according to court and police documents.

Then there is the ongoing trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the female ‘pimp’ for the late Jeffery Epstein, the notorious pedophile who ‘entertained’ many of the rich and powerful on his pedophile’s paradise island. Of course, an objection might be that these are simply disgusting exceptions to the rule and this is not part of Leftist behavior.

However, the policies and societal changes the Left champions show that going after the children with the pretense of honoring sexual liberty and identity is their standard operating procedure. The longest lasting of these has been the pro-abortion stance of the Left.

The child in the womb is the first targeted in the name of sexual ‘choice.’ However, the campaign against the children continues in the name of sexual identity with the worldwide “transgender rights” movement which seeks to make toddlers doubt their own biological sex and then to later poison and mutilate them in a futile attempt to make imaginary identity into self-induced biological reality.

Moreover, if you asked any of the SNL crew involved in this latest skit celebrating sexual abandon, it is safe to say that all of them would be “pro-choice” and “pro-transgender rights,” even if they might state they do not approve of pedophilia.

Yet there is much hammering by the Left to break down the barrier against pedophilia in recent years, as evidenced by the efforts of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, of NAMBLA. NAMBLA has been active in the promotion of homosexual pedophilia for many decades.

The North American Man and Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has been active in the States since 1978, advocating for the decriminalization of homosexual pedophilia. They believe that the age limit should be abolished, thus allowing, e.g., a nine-year-old boy to freely engage in a sexual relationship with a 50-year-old man.

In recent years mainstream Leftist academics have been calling for the renaming of pedophiles to “minor attracted persons,” as a way of removing the stigma from pedophilia. The most recent example comes from a ‘transgender’ professor at Old Dominion University.

Allyn Walker, an assistant professor at Old Dominion University who uses the nonsensical pronouns “they/them” …has advocated for pedophilia to be “destigmatized,” calling for pedophiles to instead be referred to with the insultingly euphemistic term “minor attracted persons.” Walker is the author of the book “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit Of Dignity,

The destruction these kinds of actions reap upon our children is nothing short of demonically inspired. Satan has fed the lie that as human beings we can “be like gods” and thus free from any moral restraints. This original deception has fueled this evil campaign to victimize the vulnerable and, most of all, the children in our society.

It is both sad and disgusting that at Christmas there are adults who seek to deify such deviance and make it culturally acceptable to visit sexual abuse on children. As adults who honor decency and especially as followers of Christ, we must object to anything, whether a Nativity skit or a professor’s pronouncement that sanctions such abuse.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

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