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Living in Parallel Worlds, Part 1: The Media

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

One of the more interesting themes of recent science-fiction and fantasy films is the postulation of the “multiverse.” Probably the most famous example of this is found in the Marvel “Avengers: Infinity Wars” series.

The core concept in the films was that there is more than one universe in existence, in fact, perhaps an infinite number that all exist parallel to each other and roughly in sequence with each other. DIfferences in historical development and society between these universes exist, but these universes, in general, have the same beings occupying their space and living similar lives.

A lesser-known movie titled “The One” also uses a multiverse premise but with a different spin. In this film (starring Jason Statham and Jet Li), each universe progresses historically and culturally in the same way, however, the people in each parallel universe, though similar in appearance, are living distinctly different lives.

There is emerging in our modern society a real phenomenon analogous to the fictional idea of parallel universes. It is a phenomenon that resembles features of both of the parallel universes in the films mentioned above.

We are beginning to see the nascent development of parallel societies and that means we could be heading toward a future of living in parallel worlds. Though the seeds of this were planted and have been growing for some time, it has been the unprecedented 2020 election and the COVID ‘pandemic panic’ that has brought it to the foreground.

The 2020 election and the ‘pandemic panic’ has fueled the development of parallel media

The development of a parallel world on a micro-scale began significantly in the social media realm about a decade ago. These alternate social media outlets didn’t begin as full-fledged competitors to giants like Facebook and Twitter.

However, they grew steadily, albeit somewhat slowly, as the novelty of FB, Twitter, and YouTube began to wane. Then came the extraordinary year of 2020, when the use of fear-mongering and fascist behavior on the mainstream platforms became routine and severe.

The ensuing bans from the corporate social media issued to any who would question either the so-called ‘results’ of the 2020 presidential election or say anything negative about panic lockdowns, arbitrary ‘social distancing,’ masks, or now the jabs resulted in an explosion of growth on sites such as MeWe (an alternative to FB), Gab (a Twitter alternative), and Rumble that is the largest video competitor to YouTube.

These bans, in turn, motivated many to simply leave these platforms or just stop using them altogether. The movement away from corporate social media has been followed by the eruption of alternate traditional news media such as One America News and Newsmax that have also boomed since 2020.

This surge in popularity of such parallel media has not escaped the attention nor the criticism of the leftist ‘mainstream’ media, whether social or otherwise. Most often they decry these developments with shrieks that these free-speech havens are harbors for ‘hate speech’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ and the dreaded catch-all of ‘misinformation’ that are sure to infest the ranks of society with a deadly poison of unapproved voices.

However, the true effect of this phenomenon is what happens whenever free speech is given a chance to combat the established narrative, truth is able to tumble into view and rational people can then weigh the claims put forth by all available sources. As has been the case in almost every societal arena, it is the claims of the Left put forth and the news withheld by their media minions that fail the test of truth.

Some relevant examples of this are shared in an October 28,2021 video interview between Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo and Jason Miller (notify me if you find the video), the founder of the newest free speech parallel social media platform, GETTR. GETTR sprung onto the scene this past summer and has become a rapidly-growing social media powerhouse and rival to Twitter.

The media outlets that I have already mentioned are but a small portion of the expanding media arena that is open to true diversity of opinion. The media platforms dealing primarily with written material include sites such as Telegram, Minds, and the renewed Parler that are being rapidly populated with people dissatisfied with the false narratives of the Left promulgated by the corporate media at large.

Media platforms that are primarily of the parallel free-speech philosophy include BitChute, Odysee, Brand New Tube, Brighteon, and Frank Speech, in addition to the aforementioned Rumble. Moreover, they will soon be joined by another internet media outlet TRUTH Social under the auspices of President Trump.

I should also credit the hundreds of content creators and publishers who post and share articles from outside contributors such as the American Reveille, a renewed site with a beautiful layout, video podcast, and great contributors of which I am privileged to be among.

One complaint from the leftists in the media is that all of this creates a media echo chamber where only conservative voices are allowed. However, this ignores the fact that none of these sites disallows any leftist from participation, if they dare to do so.

The reason most don’t is not because they aren’t allowed; it is because their ideology and truth claims fail to persuade the rational mind because they are fundamentally flawed and deceptive. Therefore, it is only those who have retained the ability to think clearly and evaluate narratives for the truth that prosper in such media arenas.

Thus we have seen the emergence of two parallel media worlds. One where the narrative is more important than logic and truth, and the other where truth and logic reign in the discourse.

However, this is only one part, though perhaps the most visible part, of living in parallel worlds today. We will explore another large and important part of this phenomenon in part two when we examine the parallel worlds of economics in modern society.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. John 17:17 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

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