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Living in Parallel Worlds, Part 2: The Money

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

In part one of this series, we took a cursory glance at the idea that society, particularly in America, is diverging into parallel worlds. As an example of that, the division of the media, both social and network, along ideological lines was briefly examined.

Here I must correct a glaring omission and include another organization of newer Conservative media, Project Veritas. Project Veritas has become the ideal of real investigative journalism through its cadre of undercover journalists that expose the Leftist agenda in both government agencies and giant corporate interests throughout the nation. These heroic efforts are led by James O’Keefe. Project Veritas is a crucial piece of the parallel media that conservatives should support.

That brings us to the subject of the parallel worlds in terms of economies. One of the phrases often used as advice whenever one desires to find the motive of a notorious event or act is to “follow the money.”

The idea is that if one does follow the trail of money in a major scandal, for example, that trail will ultimately lead to those most responsible for the scandal. However, this could also be applied to praiseworthy actions, such as a charitable effort to feed the hungry in a particular place.

However, I would like us to examine the idea that we are witnessing the creation of parallel economies in society based on ideological belief. Let us “follow the money” by following the development of what could ultimately be two different economic systems serving parallel worlds of people.

Reasons for Developing a Parallel Economy

The development of a parallel media in society is perhaps the oldest of this whole emergence of distinct and parallel worlds among us. That phenomenon has been ongoing for most of the 21st century with significant acceleration during the Trump administration and the COVID plandemic.

In contrast, the idea that a second economy existing parallel to the Leftist notions of socialistic economics currently dominating the picture is the newest feature of life being explored in the conservative world. It is the newest because it is being forced upon us by a combination of Leftist woke idiocy, socialist economic policies, and powerful COVID control freaks in both private and public arenas.

It is that portion of the world that has shuttered businesses and prevented goods from being delivered via a created ‘supply chain’ crisis. It is the Left who are demanding that racist indoctrination of workers, children, and the military.

It is the Left whose economic policies are bringing hyper-inflation to reality in America bent on devaluing the dollar and making everyone dependent on the government. These are the kind of things that have made the development of a parallel economy necessary for liberty-loving Conservatives.

We should also understand that these pieces comprising each part of the parallel worlds in our society, in general, will support each other. Hard lines are being drawn on each side and we should expect that Leftist notions, no matter how bizarre or harmful, i.e., transgenderism or critical race theory or COVID mandates, will be supported by the Leftmedia lapdogs at every level.

Pieces of the new parallel economy

I first heard the words “parallel economy” put forth by conservative podcaster, radio host, and television personality Dan Bongino. His plea rang with authenticity because of his determination to “put his money where his mouth is,” as the old saying goes.

His goal is stated on a website called Parallel Economies,

I’ve been committed to putting my money where my mouth is for a long time and building a parallel economy for you where you can escape leftist censorship.

Bongino has demonstrated this commitment by having a financial interest in the largest competitor to YouTube, Rumble, as well as supporting alternate social media platforms such as Gab and GETTR. Another noteworthy conservative voice who has loudly called for the creation of a parallel economy is Conservative Review podcaster, Daniel Horowitz.

Many of the pieces of a new parallel economy are already in place on both the local and global levels. They serve as alternatives to the largely corporate interests that dominate economies around the world.

This means that the way toward a fully functioning parallel economy is already paved; it only needs more people to begin traveling on that economic road. Of course, this will mean that we must leave the brisk and crowded super-highway and turn onto a frontage road.

As anyone who has ever done that has observed, the frontage road, though parallel to the highway, is both smaller and traversed at a slower speed. This is where the particularly American vise of convenience must be shed, and it will cost at least a little to do so.

Pieces of the parallel economy on a local level include the community banks and credit unions. The cost of joining those is moving one’s money from the national and worldwide banking system.

The same is true of where one procures their basic goods such as retail stores. The corporate chains are today slaves of the national authorities and woke activists, let alone their greed for the products of slave labor in Communist China.

Therefore, if a parallel economy is needed, it is also necessary to make it functional by switching economic loyalties to supply our goods. But the economy also includes the realm of services, such as the banking services noted above.

However, many other services that reach each of us are also being replicated and fitted to a conservative, alternative, parallel economy. These include such things as cell phone services.

Many national and global carriers are wedded to Leftist ideology all the way up to the corporate boardrooms, as well as being financed by global elitists. Companies like Pure Talk USA and Patriot Mobile are fast becoming attractive alternatives to service a parallel economy.

A final important piece of a parallel economy on a large scale involves what we use as currency, especially in the wake of the reckless spending the current unduly selected administration is advocating and implementing. It is apparent that we can no longer count on the dollar being a viable currency in the future.

There are alternatives in place, but it will take perhaps the most courage to begin a transition from dollars to these, promising though they may be. This is not the idea of moving from a paper to a digital currency, as we have almost moved into that now, at least so far as a credit or debit card is already the dominant form of payment over most of the globe.

The trepidation is found in moving from paper assets to ‘hard’ assets such as precious metals, as well as a move being trumpeted with more frequency, a move to secure cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The popularity of crypto is increasing as can be evidenced by the fact that Visa is promoting cards that offer Bitcoin rewards!

A parallel economy has the pieces in place to be viable and perhaps the economic salvation of many conservatives being shut out of the traditional economic avenues controlled by the Left. The decision to be made for each of us is whether or not we will begin to join and bolster this effort by putting our money where our mouths are.

It should be noted that we must also be careful about our individual economic aspirations and needs, especially in a nation like America. As Conservatives, and more importantly as Christians, we must understand that this is about survival and not convenience or comfort.

We have been spoiled for many years in America by the quality and, moreover, the speed with which we can get both necessities and luxuries in our society. We cannot afford to be spoiled any longer and must be wary of the evil that can result from unchecked greed and consumption.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. I Timothy 6:10 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

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