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Living in Parallel Worlds, Part 3: The Medicine

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

In this series of articles, we have been exploring the concept that our society is becoming bifurcated into parallel societies that operate on two different planes of existence. Parts one and two examined the areas of the media and the money, that is, the economies of each parallel ‘world.’

This portion of the series will look at the medicine, aka the health systems in each of these different societies as they exist today, as well as how they may continue in the future. Since the catalyst for the recent efforts to form a parallel society apart from what presently dominates the mostly free world has been the reaction to the COVID virus threat, it is the natural place to find the contrasts between the dominant and the newly emerging health care systems.

The COVID reaction has brought medical tyranny to the world

We need to be clear about what has brought us to this point in time and the circumstances we find ourselves in as families and individuals all around the globe. Neither the disease nor the spread of COVID-19 has caused any of our current turmoil.

It is and has always been the reaction by people of influence and authority, primarily on the Left, that is to blame for the medical tyranny of our time. The reaction was an incremental series of “requests” put forth on the recommendation of public health authorities on President Trump’s COVID task force, beginning with the famous slogan “two weeks to slow the spread” because of the widely broadcast fears that this disease might overwhelm the hospital facilities throughout America.

This slogan was a false narrative from the beginning and was simply used to prepare us for more intrusive medical authoritarianism. The two weeks passed and the next target date was Easter of 2020 when Trump declared in hopeful tones that America could reopen and no more lockdowns were going to be necessary.

I believed then, and I believe now, that President Trump was sincere in his desire to reopen the country. However, this was not the desire of the media power players or Trump’s Leftist opposition and we began to see the moving of the goalpost to another announced end, the production of a so-called ‘vaccine’ against this planned plague in order to end COVID-19.

Democratic Governors across American began implementing draconian public health emergency executive orders during the second half of 2020, restricting everything from an individual’s movement outside his house to the very air one breathed with stifling masks that did nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

Moreover, a disgusting campaign of censorship and propaganda against the use of cheap and effective treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine [HCQ] and later Ivermectin began in the latter part of 2020 and continues to this day. President Trump praised such therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of COVID and took HCQ himself back in May of 2020.

He only took the drug for a few weeks and stopped later that month. He, unfortunately, contracted COVID in October and recovered quickly with the use of another therapeutic, Regeneron.

Meanwhile, the states who had begun tyrannical policies against their residents in places like New York, New Jersey, and California were feeling the rush of power and control they exercised and to this day, almost two years later, have only increased their iron grip of tyranny pleading the impossible goal of ending the COVID scourge.

Once the vaxx came into existence and was announced “safe and effective” [a complete falsehood as I have covered in a previous piece], it gave these new tin-pot state dictators a new tool that they now wield to keep people under their totalitarian thumbs. It is a blessing that we have had various ‘red state’ governors who have decided, rightly, that they are not dictators and want to foster liberty and not the revocation of human rights in phantom strikes against a virus that is really jacked-up flu.

In November of 2020, the stolen election then paved the way for an increase in tyranny coming directly at the national level. We now have a regime in place that empowers medical tyranny with the new imposition of jab mandates on all American workers through illegal means.

Most of the health care systems in the nation are in sync with this tyranny, and for most of them, it is because they benefit financially from COVID tyranny. This began in 2020 with the inflation of COVID numbers by hospitals.

In fact, the CDC admitted as much in August of 2020.

Hospitals have been incentivized to mark deaths as COVID deaths, even in cases where it may not be the primary cause of death. Hospitals were paid $13,000 per person who was admitted as a COVID case, and another $39,000 for every patient put on a ventilator.

In other nations, medical tyranny has reached proportions of totalitarianism formerly reserved for the greatest villains and tyrants of all time. This is being particularly demonstrated in Australia, a formerly free nation that is now an island prison for many of its people.

This is but a cursory examination of the current dominant medical system in society. It has devolved from one where the liberty and privacy of individual health care decisions have been usurped to the will of public health officials and petty tyrants in governmental authority.

It also highlights what made the necessity of a parallel health care system come to the fore.

True science-based health care in the parallel world

The newly emerging parallel health care is based in the real world and committed to real and effective medical care for everyone who chooses to participate. This new entity is centered on returning health care to the foundational relationship of trust between a patient and his or her personal physician without the interference of the state.

The parallel system is made up of two different parts that both strive for the goal stated above. The first part is the prevention of interference from the state, most especially in the arena of COVID response.

This means that, in part, a parallel legal system must be in place to ward off the attacks from public health tyrants using the law as a basis of resistance.

One of the best sources to find such legal resistance is a site I mentioned in previous articles, paralleleconomies.com

On that site, you can find a page that shows various lawyers that are committed to fighting the tyrannical COVID mandates. The author of the article on that page states that,

This inability of patriotic, constitution-loving Americans, military members, first responders, pilots and others to find lawyers for vaccine mandate cases is a prime example of why we need to establish a parallel economy. It is unconscionable that in a country whose Sixth Amendment guarantees our right “to have the assistance of counsel,” that we find ourselves with so few lawyers for vaccine mandate cases when we need them so desperately. So, just like I created a list of Alternative Medical Sources for COVID Treatment Information, I decided to create a list of lawyers for vaccine mandate cases.

One of the lawyers listed is Thomas Renz, who is the preeminent attorney in America, in my opinion, engaged in this battle. Moreover, he is going beyond legal resistance and taking the legal offensive against the injustices being fostered upon Americans with COVID-induced medical tyranny.

During a presentation at the end of September of 2021, Renz spoke about his efforts. The following video of that presentation is a must-see for understanding the new parallel realm of medicine, now developing in America and worldwide.

The parallel economies site is also a wonderful information clearinghouse for inexpensive therapeutic treatments of COVID-19. These are found by going to the link given in the quote above, and it is a page well worth your time and effort to visit.

There are four great examples of how one can get resources for medications to treat and/or prevent COVID, and many of these are free such as My Free Doctor. However, there is one source, in particular, I wish to highlight because I believe it is a model for the future of parallel medicine in all areas of health care.

This source is the James Clinic, aka IvermectinCan.com. This alternative was created by Dr. Mollie James who,

had to leave her position as a critical care doctor in NYC’s ICUs last March. After leaving, she built her own telehealth website for COVID patients at IvermectinCan.com.

The article explains that this site arranges medical consultations for COVID patients for a price.

…according to Dr. James’ homepage, there is “1-day scheduling for acutely ill COVID patients via Virtual Appointments”. Now, to me, that is worth spending a few hundred bucks,…

I agree with the author wholeheartedly. Dr. James offers three types of consultations, urgent consultation for those suffering from acute symptoms of COVID; COVID prevention consultation; and Consultations for Long-Haul and Post-Shot syndromes. These are far more than simply sessions that provide medical advice.

For example, the urgent consultation,

…includes close follow up, strategies to avoid hospitalization, advice signs you should go to a hospital, personalized treatment plan and discounts on supplements.

This could easily be a blueprint for getting to a method for personalized medicine and health care that we desperately need in our time. A model for a parallel world of medicine and a better future for those who desire to opt out of the grisly reality of medical tyranny we are inflicted with today.

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Living in Parallel Worlds, Part 2: The Money

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