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Loudoun County Superintendent Apologises...Accidently Exposes the Entire Rape Cover-Up [Clip]

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

The Loudoun County superintendent responsible for the arrest of Scott Smith (whose 15-year-old daughter was raped by a trans student) apologized in a statement the other day. What he didn't realize was that the county said he wasn't informed of the Rape. By apologizing, he actually exposed the lie and proved the coverup. Take a look and see for yourself.

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[Video] American Reveille | 176 | The Loudoun County Coverup, Why This Is Happening, and How to Stop It


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Generated Transcript:

From the daily wire. Loudoun County Superintendent apologizes following daily wire investigation claims he misunderstood question about bathroom sex acts. The Loudoun County Public School Superintendent held a press conference Friday, where he apologized for the district's shortcomings with regard to reporting sexual assault. He shifted blame for an incident the daily wire reported on earlier this week, and appeared to blame the federal government and implicitly the Trump administration for confusion on Title Nine procedures. Ziglar began his address by expressing empathy for the students involved in the case made public by the daily wire this week in a report which suggests that lcps concealed evidence of an alleged sexual assault at one of the high schools a decision which led to a second alleged sexual assault, that's the second one we've been talking about. So listen, folks, listen to this twisted, insincere, alright non sincere garbage statement from the Super intest intendant. All right, this is the one that lied to dad. All right, he's full of crap. I just want you to hear this. It says, My heart aches for you. And I'm so sorry, that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming and affirming environment that we all aspire to provide. We acknowledge and share in your pain will continue to offer support to help you and your families through this trauma. It's trauma that you caused for all of our students. Our school based unified mental health teams are available to anyone who needs care. All right. This is such a weasel thing to say. It's so insincere. It's such nonsense. All right, it doesn't mean a thing. He doesn't mean it. Look what else he said. It's important to know, all right, he's blaming, he's blaming things here. Listen, he's blaming Title Nine. First, it's important to know that title nine directs how schools must investigate allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and provide equal protection for both victims and the alleged perpetrators. Throughout these recent events, the Loudoun County Public Schools complied with our obligations under Title Nine. However, we found the process outlined under Title Nine by the US Department of Education to be insufficient in addressing issues at K through 12. We believe the process could be strengthened with some reforms. Alright, you know what they're talking about, right? They don't believe it covers the rights. All right, the rights of the rapist, the transgender rapist, that's what he's talking about. He says moving forward, it's essential that we're consistent in our practices across the country. We're taking positive steps in that direction. This lack of oversight that existed prior to my tenure also contributed to errors in our state reporting regarding disciplinary incidents in schools, the division inadvertently omitted some information in the past and that's extremely concerning. It was the guy before me folks guy before me forgot That's crazy. I can't believe he did that I'm on your side. That's literally as literally doublespeak. All right. That's what he just said. That's what what he just said means Alright, it was the guy before me. None of this is my fault. Believe me, I'm with you guys. That's literally psychological. subliminal program nonsense. He's literally trying to hypnotize you into thinking he's a good guy with that statement, and it's not working on any of us. It's not working on any of us. Alright, says we're taking steps to make sure that the processes are improved. I'll say that I have no reason to believe at this time that any missing reports were due to an intent to hide any information from the Virginia Department of Education. In the future. We'll report these events in real time and make corrections. So in the future, there won't be delays even though I don't believe there were any delays. You know, this guy is a babbling moron. He's really a babbling, moron. We can see right through this insincere nonsense. We really, really, really can. It says that this new real time system will help ensure more accuracy and our Department of Education reports. So Wow, they want reforms across the country. Hmm. That'll fix it. socialized reforms. big government fixes everything, huh? These Marxists they're all the same. They're all cut from the same cloth. He's blaming Title Nine. The department of education. He's blaming the local processes. He's blaming everybody but himself. But we all know the truth. We all know the truth. The reason that nothing happened is because nobody cared. No one cared about a traumatized and raped 15 year old, more than they cared about covering for their agenda and covering their own butts. And for that every single teacher, administrator, school cop mascot, anybody, anybody janitor, I don't care anybody with knowledge of this that didn't do anything about it, that sat on their hands at the orders of the superintendent and anybody else because the ideology would have failed because they wouldn't have passed their bathroom policy. They should all be fired and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. And the most insulting part of the statement designers excuse for what happened when dad brought up the rape case to the school board back in June. His excuse, his excuses, confusion, yet, I call it evil. I call it incompetence. Quote, board member Bart's asked a question about discipline incidents in the bathrooms that I wrongly interpreted as incidents involving transgender and gender fluid students. I did this because I was viewing the question in light of the general questions and debate around policy 8040 that was occurring at the time, multiple board members asked questions about the processes the experiences of the students, and plans for transgender students in bathroom use during the discussion. My mindset was just in line with that subject. at another point in that conversation chair shared and asked a question specifically about incidents involving transgender students and I responded in the same manner. I regret. I regret that my comments were misleading and and I apologize for the distress for the distress that that error caused the families. I should have asked board member Bart's clarifying questions to get the root of her question. Right. I should have asked those qualifying questions rather than assuming what she meant. I will do better in the future. I'll do better in the future. His answer? His literal, his literal answer is, oops, I was confused. I am sorry, I forgot. I'm sorry. I didn't care that your daughter got raped. I'm so sorry. Put, hey, I use proper pronouns, right? all's forgiven, right? Wrong. You're not forgiven. None of you are forgiven. This is the real world. This is real truth in consequence. And when children are being raped in the name of equity, that's called insanity. That's called sexual child abuse. That's a cause for war. You don't get to change the facts of reality. Call it your truth, and then expect everyone to conform to it because feelings are more important than facts according to you. Not anymore. You don't. Again, why do we care about their feelings? Why do we placate them? Why do we play nice with insane people? Why do we play insane games with insane people, the government and all governing bodies, including the school boards, derive their power from the people. You'll realize how powerful you actually are when you come together as a group, and you stand for something real. You stand for something real. The parents of Loudon County are standing together and as of right now, one of the school board members Beth Bartz has already resigned from her position. Just imagine what we could accomplish. If parents from all backgrounds, all colors, all shapes, all sizes, stood together shoulder to shoulder across the entire United States.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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