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Make Elections Great Again!

Updated: Jun 20

By Dessica Leigh, Contributor

Ensuring the Integrity of This and Future Elections

In this brutal 2020 presidential election cycle, we, the American people, are hearing a lot about fraud. What we’re hearing, however, depends entirely on who we’re listening to. For those who get their information from the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, Politifact…even Fox News), the narrative is that President Donald Trump is a sore loser, a tyrant, someone who refuses to concede and accept defeat in the face of indisputable fact. “We’ve called the election!” the media elites tell us, “Trump has lost. Biden has won! Let’s come together and heal the nation.” This would be altogether good and well in a free and fair election, but that is not what appears to have occurred.

An unprecedented number of precincts in the most heavily contested cities, cities where President Trump was leading by much larger margins than expected, shut down counting of ballots on election night. Whistleblowers and eyewitnesses claim to have seen truckloads of ballots show up in the middle of the night. Of these ballots, a statistically impossible 100% went for Biden, swinging the margins and flipping the “win.” Republican poll watchers were denied entry in many cases, and when allowed in to observe vote counts, were forced away from the counting, making it impossible to see what was happening.

In at least one Michigan precinct, 6000 Trump votes were switched to Biden due to a “glitch.” Unfortunately, this glitch affected a whopping 1/3 of the votes in that particular county. This software, Dominion, has been found to have been used in 47 Michigan counties and 30 states, including the 5 most highly contested.

Our President is a fighter. He fights for himself, and he fights for the American people. Citizen journalists and those Conservative voices and pundits who have been forced from the juggernaut that is the mainstream media are our main sources of this information, as is the President himself. Unfortunately, these widespread accounts of targeted voter fraud are being suppressed by Big Tech in the form of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The censorship and suppression have prompted a mass exodus of conservatives, both the big-name voices and the average citizens who are just looking for the truth. As I write, this election is far from over. Hundreds and even thousands of sworn affidavits are being collected by the President’s legal team.

We don’t yet know what the outcome of the 2020 election will be, no matter what the talking heads on MSNBC and CBS might tell us. Nothing has been certified. Electoral votes are still up for grabs, but I’m not sharing anything that those who are paying attention aren’t already aware of.

The question is, where do we go from here? How do we ensure the integrity of our elections moving forward?

Most Americans question how we can trust the process when those who have sworn to protect it have proven themselves untrustworthy. We aren’t a third world country or a banana republic. At least we aren’t yet. So, how do we, as a nation, move forward from this? Here is my three-step proposal toward, if not fully eliminating voter fraud, making it a much more difficult prospect.

First, we need a standardized system for elections that affect the entire country. Currently, each state legislature has the authority to choose the system by which votes are cast, received, and tabulated. Some might say that it is a state’s right’s issue, but when it comes to federal elections, we need a system to which checks and balances can easily be applied across the board. If colleges and universities require a specific standardized test as an entrance requirement, the United States government can require a standardized voting system in Presidential elections.


Secondly, we need a national voter ID requirement. Currently, only 34 states require a voter to show identification when they arrive at the polls and receive their ballot. Interestingly enough, several of the contested states in the 2020 election have no, or lax, voter ID laws (including Nevada and Pennsylvania), and the states that “always” go for Democrats (such as California, Washington, New York, and New Jersey) require no identification at all. This is ridiculous! How, in the year 2020, are we not requiring voters in every single precinct to prove who they are? In the state of Florida, where I reside, when a person goes to the polls to vote, there is a 2-step process to get their ballot. The voter enters the polling place, checks in with a poll worker by handing over his or her photo identification. A state-issued card, such as a driver’s license, is swiped and scanned for authenticity. The voter then signs an electronic signature pad, which shows up on the poll worker’s screen. They compare the signature on the identification to that on the screen and then print up a receipt that the voter takes to a second poll worker. The second poll worker hands the voter the corresponding ballot type that is printed on their receipt. The voter then takes the ballot to a booth, fills in their votes, and moves on to a tabulation machine.

Now in this scenario, everything is perfectly legitimate and aboveboard in the process. The only questionable point might be the tabulation machine (Dominion, anyone?), but we know that everyone voting in person is qualified and registered to do so. Currently, the accepted forms of photo ID range from a state-issued identification card or driver license, military ID, student ID, and passport. I propose we streamline that even more.

This is my second proposal. If American citizens plan to vote in federal elections, each registered voter should be issued a national voter ID in place of a state voter registration card. The cost could be subsidized for those under a certain income level, but each legitimate voter would have a standardized photo ID specifically for voting. It would need the voter’s photograph, physical address, and signature, much like a driver’s license. Every American citizen has a social security card. We’re told not to carry it with us, that we should have a safe place for it so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen. The same should go for the national voter ID card. You don’t need it all of the time. Store it in a safe place, and only take it out when you go to the polls.

The third step would be a fingerprint requirement. I have been an educator in both the public and private sectors for 15 years and have lost track of how many times I have had my fingerprints taken for background checks. Every fingerprint appointment over the past two decades has been electronic. The fingerprints are scanned, uploaded, and sent to the proper certifying body, be it state law enforcement or federal. Typical turnaround is 3-5 business days for a background check, but it should be instantaneous if the fingerprints are stored in a voter database. If Apple can use a thumbprint to open my iPhone and Disney World can link a thumb or fingerprint to my Magic Band for seamless re-entry, then when I show up to the polls, hand over my ID, and verify my signature, they should be able to take an electronic thumbprint that is linked to my voter profile.

The benefit of this is two-fold. Though it might seem like overkill for in-person voting, it would be a reliable indicator that anyone voting absentee or by mail is the correct person. 20 years ago, while in college, I worked at the great state of Florida’s favorite grocery store, Publix. On Fridays, when we would receive our paychecks, we had the option to cash them in person at customer service. To do so, we had to show identification so that the driver’s license number could be registered, and then we had to stamp the check with a thumbprint. The thumbprint was an added safeguard because we processed and cashed a large number of paychecks. Fridays often had a long line of construction workers, road crew, and landscape workers waiting to cash their checks. The thumbprint meant that if any of those checks ended up being fraudulent or returned for insufficient funds, the person who cashed it could, theoretically, be found. The safeguard was required for everyone, even Publix employees known to customer service for cashing checks from the company because it was a universal, standardized procedure.

Ultimately, to keep our system of governance, which is not a Direct Democracy but rather a Constitutional, Federal Republic, we have to make sure that “we the people” are represented. We cannot do that if we can’t trust that our votes are being fairly and accurately cast, tabulated, and reported. The Federal Election process needs to be audited and reconfigured to ensure that every single legal American vote is counted and every single American voice is heard.


[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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