• Danelle Siegel

Marijuana As an Effective Alternative Medicine

Updated: Nov 11

By Danelle Siegel, contributor

Dead beat, pothead, stoner, loser, addict, druggie, dopehead, etc. This is what I grew up believing about anyone that toked. What I didn't realize at the time was how this belief was shaped for me by others. As I grew up I found that everyone from lawyers, to EMTs, and even the homeless partake at different times in their lives. It isn't really the "gateway drug" many are made to believe it is.

So, I did what I do best. I researched it!

Currently, we are in a major war on drugs. While the focus on street drugs is important, some of the focus should be diverted to prescription drugs. Many moons ago some big wig decided that he could make more money synthesizing chemicals and selling it as cures instead of people being able to use natural easy-to-access products. But this wasn't enough! The world needed to believe that his intentions were virtuous, so the smear campaign began and still goes on. Just this morning I heard a commercial for a synthesized chemical to help with sleep and the lady said, "it leaves me feeling better than melatonin.” I've also encountered individuals that have pushed chemicals over melatonin stating things from "it'll stunt your growth" to "5mg is way too much melatonin.. here take 30mg of Ambien.”

Logically thought out, it makes no sense. A plant like Marijuana has so many healing properties and little to no side effects if taken properly. Chemicals not only come with side effects but also opened the door to chemically synthesizing elements to create deadly street drugs. It also opened up these compounds to the black market. Once a drug hits the black market, God only knows what is mixed with it.

Marijuana has a positive effect on:

· Insomnia


· Anxiety

· Cancer

· Pain management

· Weight loss

· And so much more...

In my humble opinion, looking into the benefits of natural medicine, while not lucrative, is extremely helpful to patients and should be further explored.

Woman's rights?

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