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Massive Employee Discrimination Discovered as Federal Judge Cancels Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Mayo Clinic Employees Scream In Protest Against Vaccination Mandate

With nearly 73,000 employees across the country, the Mayo Hospital and Clinics are ranked the number one hospital in the United States. It has held this prestigious title for nearly thirty years, having a stellar reputation for innovative and lifesaving medical practices.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mayo has taken a giant step backward in the fight for human rights and freedoms. Ironic, isn't it? This institution, known for innovation in almost every other aspect of medical treatment, is now declaring to the world that it will require all employees to be vaccinated or face termination.

In a stunning display of what can only be termed "discrimination," an internal memo went out to all employees that were "unvaccinated," stating that they would face termination if they didn't roll up their sleeves by January 3 of next year.

Though the statement can be referred to as a mandate, no official mandates have been passed down from the Biden administration. By law, this mandate has no other power than that of a social contract, so the 8000 employees that the memo went to have some legal prowess to stand on.

Mayo staff joins worldwide vaccine protests

Since June, at least 36 organizations have announced pushback against employer vaccine mandates, with public outcry growing by the day. Unfortunately, this pushback is currently resulting in employee termination, an act rendered by employees that is "unlawful and unconstitutional." Mayo staff and residents of Rochester, Minnesota, took to the streets on October 25, passionately citing the injustices of such an act and asking for more support for Mayo clinic employees and their families.

Personal stories...now are you listening?

I dug up some gold on this story, as at first, it seemed a little too fantastic to be believable. With so much sewage slurrying around in the media these days, first-hand information is much appreciated, and it needs to be shared. A good friend contacted me this week regarding the experience that her sister is going through as an employee of the Mayo Hospital in Rochester. For the purposes of privacy and protection, let's call her Jan (name changed for her protection). My friend connected me with Jan, who confirmed that these dastardly deeds were taking place at Mayo and across the country.

Jan also cited instances of bullying, discrimination, and threats levied from hospital administration against unvaccinated employees. Administrative officials evaded questions from employees, refusing to follow protocol regarding disclosing federal and state "guidelines" surrounding vaccines. Jan passionately stated, "What people aren't stopping to realize is that these guidelines are just that........very strongly worded suggestions sent down by a bully at the top who is following orders from the Draconian agenda that started this whole plandemic."

As we talked, I went through the entire gamut of emotions with Jan as she told me her story. Anger, fear, resentment, loyalty to family and friends, someone who was facing the loss of her job over the issued mandate. She recounted how the mandate had created such a vast divide among employees that colleagues she'd known and worked with for years now refused to associate with her. A particularly snarky group of vaccinated individuals even went so far as to make and post signs in common areas "reserving space" for vaccinated to the exclusion of other employees.

We finished our session, and I hung up the phone, tears streaming down my cheeks. As much as I would love to offer a viable solution to this growing dissension in our country, I sense that we have some rough waters ahead before enough of us rise in protest to reclaim our human rights.

What rights, you ask? How about:

  • The right to equality

  • The right to freedom from torture and degrading treatment

  • The right to life, liberty, and personal security

  • The right to freedom of belief and religion

  • The right to freedom of opinion and information

  • The right of peaceful assembly and association

  • The right to desirable work

  • The right to freedom from state or personal interference in the above rights

How many of these have been violated by "vaccine mandates?" How many have been violated by the COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns we've been subject to for months? When will enough be enough?

Count your blessings....and prepare to stand for your own truth

If you are lucky enough to have a job, a home, a family and access to adequate medical care, count your blessings. If you haven't been bullied, harassed, or discriminated against for your personal beliefs, you are truly blessed. If you think we are out of the woods yet, you are mistaken. These outrageous mandates will continue to affect us in droves until enough of us stand up and refuse to participate in the drama.

We need to remember that there is power in numbers and that sometimes the only way to effect change is to take a stand and speak out together. There is power in numbers, and we must remember that we are the majority. Sharing this information with others is the best way to make this happen.

In the meantime, a federal appeals court literally just ruled against the vaccine mandates on Saturday, effectively halting it for possible "grave statutory and constitutional issues." This was done under federal order. Now we will have our day in court. It is to be seen how companies like the one Jan works for react now that a path to ending these illegal mandates truly exists. One thing's for certain, more confusion is coming.

Until next time, pray.


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