• Thomas Marlowe

Medical Manipulation: Using Covid-19 to Fundamentally Change the United States of America

By Thomas Marlowe, Writer/Blogger

The argument inferred in these mandates and human-rights infringing decrees is that in times of a pandemic, or another state of emergency, certain individual rights protected by the Laws of Nature and God—respected and iterated in the Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution—must be suspended out of necessity for the common good.

Where is the 9th Amendment, which bars the construing of any other rights to “deny or disparage others retained by the people?” Out the window? It is high time we put this insanity to bed. Who are these self appointed “Science gods” who pick and choose what to heed and ignore when handing down their recommendations and edicts? Is only select data empirical evidence? Is “science” no longer objective?

Since when do highly respected medical journals like Lancet make up peer reviewed articles with fake data? Since COVID. Since when do we ignore the better efficacy of natural immunity? Since COVID. Since when do we ignore millions of data points from all over the world that tell us a vaccine is, in fact, ineffective? Since COVID!

When Pope Fauci tells us we should gather only if we’re vaccinated, what does he do with the statistics coming out of Israel via the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that shows the largest infection spikes in the world in a mostly vaccinated population? How do DeBlasio and Newsom square their decrees of “vaccinated only” patronage allowed in businesses with the number of fully vaccinated in the UK, Australia, and many parts of the US (like Barnstable, Massachusetts, LA, south Florida, West Virginia, etc.) who are ending up infected and hospitalized with severe symptoms of COVID? If this is truly a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” why is even one vaccinated person sick or in the hospital, let alone tens of thousands?

Furthermore, why are we only paying attention to the Doctors and scientists recommending the vaccines and negating those scientists and doctors who are risking their reputations and very livelihoods? These doctors are putting everything on the line to paint a more cautionary and, often, dire picture of what these novel vaccines might be doing to our organs and our cellular DNA—Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Elizabeth Parks, Dr. Pierre Kory, and thousands of doctors and PhDs are suddenly, after lifelong, respectable careers and thousands of peer reviewed studies, now labeled conspiracy theorists.

How do we ignore the thousands who have died, and the tens of thousands who have become severely ill from the injections alone? That millions have taken the vaccine with no remarkable side effects is beside the point. We have no longitudinal studies on its efficacy or its long term effects, and the choice not to participate in the experiment and opt for other safe and effective therapies—therapies that, at least according to many scientific, peer reviewed studies, really work—become significantly more legitimate with each passing day, and each new “breakthrough” infection. We do know that less than one percent of both the vaccinated AND unvaccinated are hospitalized from COVID.

I try to leave the struggle to make sense of all this nonsense as often as I can, but it’s difficult. So many whistleblowers and investigative journalists give us reports of the mendacity of these Big Pharma “scientists.” The mendacity of mainstream media is just part of the problem. Between James O’ Keefe, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and a legion of other researchers and scientists, I am left, like millions of other Americans, utterly befuddled by the whole mess of insanity. Is this just a distraction to keep us so enraged that we ignore the 2500 page Congressional Communist Manifesto that is now being debated in DC, with only two moderates standing in the way of a piece of legislation that goes against the very grain of what our founding framers intended?

While AOC dons a “tax the rich” dress that only the rich could afford, at a party only attended by the vaccinated, illegal immigrants pour over our southern border and are given the option to take a pass on the vaccine. At the same time, the border patrol, our only line of defense, is forced to take the shot or lose their jobs. After all the sermons about equality by the far left and woke progressives, it comes down to “jab or job,” without exemptions.

The “unclean” must sit outside and eat in New York and LA, while the “clean” have air conditioning and ambiance. In spite of their equal risk of infection and transmission to others, the vaccinated are dubbed “holy” by the great Pharma god, our new pagan idol. We have regressed, in all our progressive sanctimony, to the dark ages of persecution by superstition.

With a little mainstream media collusion and sleight of hand by the federal agencies in how they standardize their diagnoses and data collection, etc., the dark powers that have been vying for position for centuries have once again gained the upper hand through fear and manipulation. The witch hunt has turned from Trump to the unvaxed and the growing number of concerned parents in America who have been newly categorized as domestic terrorists.

We have come to the end of liberty, my compadres. Where do we go from here? Perhaps we should reread the founding documents and start all over again…from there.

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government…” -Jefferson

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