• Lou Cozzolino

Meme Warfare #24: Are You Really Better Off Now With Biden?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Lou Cozzolino, Tactical Memesmith

  • Gas by my apartment today was $4.20...

  • I spent $120 at the supermarket on half the food yesterday...it's about 3 days worth.

  • Yesterday was my wife's birthday and I could not afford to get her gifts this year.

  • I can no longer move our family out of this small apartment because there is nothing available to buy in our price range that isn't in the ghetto.

  • My neighborhood has become the ghetto (As of last month we are now listed as low income).

  • Police in my area are no longer allowed to pursue criminals or make arrests on drugs (including heroin, meth, and coke).

  • I am now wearing my gun EVERYWHERE!

  • My job is demanding I wear a mask... or else...

  • How will I feed my kids next year?

  • My wife and kids are afraid...

Am I really better off with Joe Biden????

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