• Lou Cozzolino

Meme Warfare #46: Lefties, You Are Being Manipulated By False Benevolence

By Lou Cozzolino, Tactical Memesmith

Lefties, are you truly this dumb? I am starting to believe less in a local conspiracy and more in a pandemic of global cowardice and incompetence. Still, basic common sense tells you that you are wrong. No one likes being wrong. Historically, wanting to be right at all costs is a strategy with a tremendous downside. When the Democrats were forced to free their slaves they eventually developed a policy of what they called "benevolence." To Democrats, African Americans were (and are) second class citizens, and it turned out to be profitable to enslave them to Democrat assistance. Ask yourself Lefties, do you truly have the courage of your convictions? Thousands of troops have been fired over the vax, Black Americans are waking up by the thousands, and everyone with an ounce of sensibility is starting to realize the truth. In 2022, Lefties will have a choice to make. Choose wisely, consequences are uncertain these days.

Meme Warfare #45: London Bridge is Falling Down...

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