• James Lane

Miami Man Fed Up, Steals Boat, Ditches the US for Cuba, Brought Back to Florida, Arrested

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

Last Monday in Miami, Thirty-year-old Christian Torres Perez finally had enough. For weeks and months, he talked about how much he disliked living in the United States. Growing more distant, Perez quit his job the other week and, by Monday, had made up his mind. I’m going to steal a boat and escape from this God-awful place. I’m going home to Cuba!

Talk about a switcharoo!

Arms in the air, wind in his face, Cristian was free! He stole a 60,000-dollar fishing boat and went full speed ahead towards real freedom back home in Cuba! It’s about this time that Perez realized he didn’t make any more plans; he wondered, do I even know how to drive a boat? That question was soon answered when he was picked up just south of Key West by the US Coast Guard. His boat was broken, the emergency beacon was activated, and he was flailing about, begging for help.

A change of scenery

Ultimately, Christian Torres Perez may at least get his wish for a change of scenery. The Coast Guard brought him back to Miami, where he was promptly charged with felony grand theft and felony burglary and then locked up in jail. He was arrested on 11/07/2022 at 6:35 pm. His occupation is detailed, ironically, as a “fisherman.”

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