• Thomas Marlowe

My Folks Got C19 Over Christmas, and with the Mandates, I Have a Vision for the Future of Healthcare

By Thomas C. Marlowe, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

God teaches us lessons in the most mysterious ways. My Christmas present this year was to have my folks recover from what could have been, and was almost, a dire holiday season. My dad will be eighty this year and my mom seventy-six. They’re in decent health except for dad’s degenerative arthritis in his back and neck, and a little high blood pressure. C-19, though, was engineered—as it’s now coming out in senate hearings and Project Veritas’ discovery of some Pentagon top-secret documents—to attack human lung tissue the hardest, and this can be dangerous for the elderly especially. It took me five days to circumvent my folks’ regular doctor, who takes Medicare and Medicaid, and to find a Doctor who refused to implement the death sentence of hospitalization, Remdesivir, and possible ICU killer protocols that are coming from “Science” itself—Anthony Fauci—through the state and local agencies.

Thankfully, my mom had heard a local talk show host in the area speak to a guest physician who became a victim of the Biden Unconstitutional and unconscionable mandates. She is a proven, successful Doctor who used to practice medicine for a large hospital group in Kentucky. While she is an MD who prescribes medications, she does so only when absolutely necessary. She prefers the holistic route when possible, and is one of the few doctors left who refuses to become an agent of the state in deciding the treatment protocols of her patients with C-19. My brother and I tracked her down at her home, where she is temporarily treating her patients faithfully and doing telehealth conferences for those too ill to travel while her new office is being renovated.

By the way, she’s renovating a new office and treating her patients from home because she left her career at the large medical conglomerate that imposed Big Brother’s will on its health care workers. After being refused a medical exemption post adverse reaction to an initial “you-know-what” (that she reluctantly took), she decided that, rather than risk her life and health, she would take her chances on her own, raise her kids, and open a family care office not far from her home. Her patients remain steadfast, even in the face of sacrificing their Medicaid and Medicare. Most would rather pay out of pocket for a doctor who treats her patients with care and consideration than participate in a “free market corporate healthcare system” that is actually socialistic and single payer in all but name only.

When my brother and I placed the call, we began by discussing possibilities of treatment since mom and dad were falling more and more ill as precious days passed. We decided on the Zelenko protocols of Z-pac and HCQ, along with the Ivermectin, which is now backed as effective by more than 137 scientific studies worldwide, despite Anthony Fauci’s choice to ignore it in his own protocols—likely causing organ failure in half the patients as the clinical trials of the drug have overwhelmingly shown in the past. It’s easy enough, as some scientists have pointed out, to escape the culpability of using the deadly drug by saying these MD directed deaths were caused by “C-19 complications.”

In a few days, they began feeling better, and are now recovering nicely and getting back to their old selves. And now, of course, they have acquired natural immunity to the Delta variant.

The lesson for all the healthcare workers out there—into the millions—is that maybe it’s time for Doctors and Nurses to take the knowledge and expertise they’ve shown by refusing the mandate, and apply them in their own practices outside of big government healthcare. Big Brother hardly ever pays anyway, and patients prefer more individual and tailored attention when it comes to their own health.

I know this sounds easier said than done, but right now there are millions and millions of people who would, if only to show support, get your new health care facilities off the ground by becoming new patients and paying their hard earned money to folks who remember why they got into healthcare in the first place: to care for the sick. “First, do not harm,” is but a faint echo in the minds of most of these corporate health care facilities; mandates alone are proof of that.

Maybe this is the beginning of a new era of competitive healthcare in states that value freedom and bodily autonomy over the propaganda that Big Brother spews out of its mouth under the guise of “science.”

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