• Kinsley Kurtz

Nancy Pelosi is a Crazy Old Lady!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Contributor

As if the over-the-top shenanigans of the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump weren’t enough, we now have to contend with the recent antics and epic tantrums of a certain Nancy Pelosi. For those of you who aren’t well acquainted with her devilish antics over the past few years, we have compiled a list of reasons why Nancy Pelosi should be invited to take an extended vacation…..away from politics, away from power, away from people entirely.

Her latest infraction

Just why does Pelosi hate former President Donald Trump so much? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Trump has attempted to implement policies that are pro-American, pro-economy, and pro-humanity during his time in office. Maybe it’s because he did more to uncover deep state agendas, control and manipulation and expose their dark, sinister agenda for all to see. Perhaps it’s his loyalty to his constituents, his public, his loyal following that inspired him to fight for us “little guys” working so hard to right the world once more. The battle between Pelosi and Trump has raged for the last several years, with ‘lady dragon’ doing her part to continue down the road of manipulation and control of the masses, while Donald J. did what he could to slow down the progression of the deep state agenda. While it may seem that the battle has been won---be it temporarily---the war is far from over. Let the cross-examination begin…..

Let the track records speak for themselves……

Despite her attempts at appearing pious and concerned for the welfare of millions of Americans as she stacked herself against The President, Pelosi’s actions and motives are not so innocent. Several individuals in her circle of influence have been convicted of perjury, financial crimes, and crimes involving self-serving agendas that benefit her family and friends. Her most recent “political” moves involve hefty investments in the Tesla corporation and the shift to the production of electric cars that will be fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. These investments stand to gain Pelosi and her family millions of dollars in appreciation as the sale of this technology is set to boom in the coming months. What a coincidence---that has been one of Biden’s top priorities as he takes office, ensuring that regulations are put in place to allow for the efficient production, distribution, and sale of…..you guessed it…...electric vehicles! While some would call that insider trading, Joe and Nancy considered it “a conversation among friends” that was mutually beneficial to both. This type of hand-holding, tight financial control, and suppression of information to the masses is exactly what Trump was fighting during his time in office. He continues to fight it as a private citizen now as well.

While Trump has made his fair share of mistakes in the business and real estate sectors, his term as President had him embracing a much more valiant effort to improve life for all Americans. Taking back some of our country’s resources for the good of all American citizens, improving relationships with other countries, and boosting the economy through unemployment reduction and stimulating small business were just a few of the innovations that can be credited to his administration. His only crimes? Making public leaders and politicians accountable for their actions and policies and attempting to shut down those that weren’t in the interest of millions rather than a few.

Once, twice….still no impeachment

After citing “election fraud” and “interference with foreign relationships that potentially influenced our nation’s political process,” the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump for the first time on December 18, 2019. The Senate quickly acquitted him of these charges a few short months later, right before a perfectly timed shutdown of our nation’s economy was magically constructed by a worldwide pandemic. Coincidence? We think not. Those deep state powers-that-be would have their agenda served one way or another, whether they had to host spontaneous meetings at Bohemian Grove or send messages on hidden servers that our media would most certainly not have access to. Pelosi claimed that she was “praying for wisdom and discernment,” as she had a very difficult decision to make as Speaker of The House. Truth be told, we think she was on a mission to take down the very leader that had the capability to blow the whistle on everything her Democratic party stood for. A small tantrum preceded some very big plans to pull off the biggest election scam in United States history…...so far. It’s hard to say what’s coming in light of current affairs. It’s even harder to dig for information that isn’t being censored by the six families that currently control our “free speech media.”

Now on the heels of her most recent fail---a second attempt at the impeachment of a PRIVATE CITIZEN that was quickly squashed by Senate republicans, Nancy is seen storming about, muttering incoherently to herself, and slamming her hand down on the very podium that was taken out of its reverent spot by Antifa and BLM activists posing as Trump supporters, apparently beside herself that she hasn’t been able to successfully foil the plans and spoil the truths that are coming out, one by one……..poor Nancy.

Why so sad?

Dear Nancy…..stop the madness. Realize that your days as a dark maiden in an even darker house are numbered and that there are measures in place that are working against you and your party. There is strength in numbers, and the truth will set free those who are courageous enough to hear it. As more of us become aware of these ridiculous antics being dramatized on Capitol Hill, many of us are turning to alternative sources of information and beginning to talk to one another, sharing experiences, stories, and documentation that is slowly permeating your deep state fortress. Your tantrums, your antics, your deception are starting to show signs of weakness, and a movement toward truth, light and information is coming out for all to see. Those of us who have the good sense to see the deception behind our political system are banding together, and we will not be silenced any longer. We lean on the unyielding values and traditions of faith, a brilliant Constitution, and the freedom of the human spirit as we call everyone who wants the ideals of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to reign supreme in our nation once again.


[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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