• Sarah Connor

New COVID-19 Variants, Same Old Tyranny…

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Sarah Connor, Writer/Blogger

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

Just as some states had the nerve to return to a semi-normal state, the tyrants have decided to greek out on a supposed new variant of COVID-19 aptly named the Delta variant. Oooooo, scary!!!

And like COVID-19, it's a virus so deadly that you have to get tested to know if you have it. I mean, not even the vaccinated are safe but just in case, go ahead and get vaccinated.

It should come as no surprise that California will be one of the first blue states to turn red coat on its citizens. The Golden State's "golden boy," aka Governor Newsome, will soon be returning to his old playbook of psychological experiments to keep his constituents enslaved.

And speaking of constituents… shouldn't he be preoccupied with being de-throned from his reign of terror?

Naturally, the Alpha variant is leading the fear porn charge touted by the MSM. The introduction of fear into society is meant to accomplish two things: 1. Reign us back in so that we understand that our freedoms are granted to us by officials. 2. Push people that are still on the fence to get the vaccine. I mean, the risk of Bell's Palsy and Myocarditis is a small price to pay to escape the death of a COVID variant.

Speaking of the death jab, California canvassers have taken to the streets in Gestapo style to knock on the doors of the unvaccinated. Well, the unvaccinated in poorer communities of color. For some asinine reason, they think that these people who have opted out of an experimental shot have no idea where to get one. One article on MSN.com claimed that these canvassers succeeded in convincing some 400,000 holdouts that they got bad information about "vaccine" side effects and set up appointments for them to get the jab.

The recent fear narrative will play well for those that live in terror of dying daily from a virus even though humans are fallible to death every day due to mishaps such as crossing the street, getting behind the wheel of a car, climbing ladders and stairs OR…vaccine side effects.

While California is considered the darling of COVID-19 tyrannical protocols, Florida is the red-headed stepchild, which makes The Sunshine State a target for inflating COVID-19 numbers. Meanwhile, the MSM loses its ever-loving mind over the fact that Florida continues to ignore positive tests. Florida responded to the Delta variant "cases" by reporting weekly updates instead of daily updates. That-a-boy DeSantis!

One Florida "health official" was quoted as saying, "Now that it has a foothold in Florida, it's just a matter of time before it becomes dominant. So it's very concerning." Seriously, I've been in Florida for the last month, and I haven't seen or even heard someone sneeze, never mind fart.

I'm thankful to be in a state where I can walk into a store and not get accosted for not covering my mouth and nose and thankful that I don't have to deal with the second lockdowns coming to blue states.

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