• James Lane

Break the Walls Down: A New Incentive to Succeed in the United States of America

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By James Lane, Owner, American Reveille LLC

"Every time a person from lower-income society becomes a person of high influence, the elitists lose their minds… isn't that incentive enough?"

It's time we discuss the elephant in the room. It isn't pink either. It's grey, calloused, and rough-looking. It also stinks like old hay, sadness, and decades of captivity. This elephant is barely noticeable despite these qualities. One must look at the elephant at exactly the right time, angle, direction, and dimension to ever even catch a glimpse of this elusive behemoth. The elephant could also be described as a certain spectrum of financial class and power structure within the United States of America as we know it today. I say as we know it today because we have sadly forgotten about all the yesterdays.

When leftists spew the word equity (an equal starting line and finishing line for "all"), what they actually aim to do is shut the door on us indefinitely, deadbolt, door chain, security alarm, and wooden barricades, the whole shebang. They say, why do you need to struggle when WE can just provide you with what you need all the while no one asks the question. What question is it that no one asks? It's a simple one…will they be joining us in this equity? If you think that the elites will give up their wealth and power in the name of equity, you are living in outer space.

Understand something…life is hard…work is hard, marriage is hard, raising children is hard, life, in general, is a real bitch…which is why it's such a beautiful thing when one of us jumps a few classes upwards or makes it to the top out of sheer determination, hard work, and a little luck. That luck part I just mentioned is an open door, a chance meeting, an accidental inquiry that leads to Shangrila. The elites in this country have created a system for which they can skip much of the stuff we find hard and focus on their work which allows them to jump lightyears ahead of the common man or woman.

Do rich and powerful people have problems? Of course! Are those problems anything like our problems? Not at all! So why do we constantly believe that they have our best interest in mind? Why do we rely on people who have never even worked an hourly position to tell us how to live our lives?

Equity and social justice aren't about race. There was never a largescale race issue, nor does systemic racism exist in the way it's shoved down our throats. No friends, this is a class war, the rich and powerful vs. the poor and meandering commoners. The elites have pitted us against each other in an attempt to shut the door permanently and brick it over. They have come up with their master plan to cleanse their world of the average American and ensure that none of us ever break through that ceiling again. People say it's too hard to become a success story, and I say you aren't working hard enough! I say we are the white-knuckled and calloused-handed gears of this country, and we control the direction in which we spin! Every time a person from lower-income society becomes a person of high influence, the elitists lose their minds… isn't that incentive enough?

I want you to take what you've learned here, put it in your hypothetical pocket, and keep it there. When the time is right, you will want this information…when the time is right, I fear you will NEED this information. Don't waste your time focusing on brainwashed leftists or radical newscasters. Right now is a pivotal moment for us, the peasants, and we mustn't waste it. Find an opportunity and seize upon it. Look around you at the new frontier the elites have inadvertently opened up to us. As new markets and economies spring up, pay attention, your opportunity is waiting for you to grind for it. Let's build a fortification that the clueless elites can never penetrate and ensure our door to freedom stays open forever!

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