• James Lane

NEW YEARS MESSAGE: We All Have a Purpose in Life and Here's How to Find it!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

by James Lane, President/Owner, American Reveille LLC

That purpose, if we wish to accept it (though finding it can be extremely tricky), takes us on what feels, at the time, like a nonsensical merry-go-round to nowhere. Endless twists and turns, heartaches, heartburns, headaches, and hurricanes. No, life is not always easy for those of us who truly live it. Looking back upon my own life, as surely you yourself may be doing right now, I can see, clear as day, the path and pattern to my life. I can see the nooks and crannies, the forks in the road, and the quests that led me home. Our scars make us teachers and mentors, but most importantly, good students. Good students of life.

Not everybody is meant to be standing in Washington D.C. on the 6th. Yet, we are the backbone of this country. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, working men and women just trying to make it in this crazy world. We are the men and women taking on the physical and psychological burden that history has thrust upon us; we stand in between our children and certain doom as we push back against the Left's ideologies. One day when this is over, we will be the keepers of this knowledge. Some among us will write books, direct films, and even create entire industries that will shape our future and our children's future.

As we head into 2021, we have to be thankful for the life we have lived this far, but we must ask ourselves, how will we live going forward? Will we strive to follow where our purpose leads us? Are you still in the process of finding your purpose?

Let me give a word of advice from one man who's lived many lives and worn many shoes: If you look at me and tell me that life is boring and that you have no path, no destiny, no purpose, then I will look back at you and ask you a simple question. What scares the hell out of you? You know exactly what I am asking you. There is something you have wanted to do; there is always something, but the internal fear paralyzes people when they try. Do you want the secret? Understand that if you don't do it, if you don't face it, if you don't walk through the fire, you will never find happiness, and you will always drag with you the rusted and barnacled anchor of regret.

Take off your shoes and step on the coals, take a step, eventually it doesn’t hurt. I swear to you.

This world is what you make of it and the events of now will become tomorrow's history. You will remember how you conducted yourself for the rest of your days. If you have wanted to get involved then get involved. On the same token if you have wanted to rebuild your relationship with your mother or father, your sister or your brother, if you have wanted to make peace with an enemy, wanted to write a script, or even wanted to learn how to make pizzas, but haven't done so as if some invisible force was pushing you away then you must leap in. That is the key to finding the path, the road starts there. It always starts there.

Everyone, these are monumental times. Unfortunately, history sometimes puts an unfair burden on one side or the other, and during this stretch of history, we, the Right, have been fighting an uphill battle. But if history teaches us anything, we humans love a good underdog story (not to mention a good fight). As Americans, this gravity, this weight, it puts a pressure on us that could ignite the seized engine on a battleship! This pressure makes us stronger, tougher, harder, and more resilient than we ever were. This burden makes us humble, reminds us of what's important, and makes us better people.

The Left will never prevail because their cause is hollow, heartless, and hearthless. It doesn’t belong to any one of them nor does it come from a place of morality, righteousness, or humanity, it comes from a place of control.

Our culture is morale, our cause is righteous, and our people are strong! We are fighters, workers, servers, engineers, technicians, writers, mechanics, retail workers, plumbers, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, patriots, and Americans. We are united in our cause and speak in one voice yet our journeys through this life have brought us all here, to this moment, bringing in the new year under the most unlikely, unexpected, and unthinkable of circumstances, and yet... we are here.

Since we are here we might as well conduct ourselves with some courage, commitment, and community.

Honor, duty, and tradition calls upon me to make a toast.

History has brought us here so I propose a toast to history.

May we all be remembered for the truth we spoke in the face of tyranny and against odds that could surely be the beginnings of our own undoing.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

We will prevail in the end.


James Lane

President/Owner, American Reveille LLC.




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